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Leading Actor
Ben Platt on Netflix#51
Posted: 5/30/20 at 9:59am

I don't share the enthusiasm for his performance, but he seems to have a fiercely loyal fan base. I think the key to the appeal of a lot of artists is that they are able to establish a connection, either calculated or through good fortune, with a segment of the audience that is desperately seeking an emotional connection with a performer. This explains  the commercial success of some of the marginally talented performers from the American Idol franchise. In Platt's case, he portrayed a character that resonated with a lot of people who were forced to go through adolescence as observers rather than participants, and those folks appear to be coming out in droves to see him. Personally, I think he projects a sense of entitlement that is quite off putting, and I find it hard to get past that. Some performers have voices that are so thrilling that you can look past any annoying quirks in their personality and just enjoy their talent. In my opinion, Platt's vocal ability doesn't rise to that level. He seems to have found his audience, so good for him. I just don't happen to be among them.