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Nathan Lane’s Greatest Performance- Page 2

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Nathan Lane’s Greatest Performance#26
Posted: 1/11/21 at 10:39pm

brian1973 said: "He is always very good. But he’s always the same too."

I’ve heard this opinion a lot, so I won’t categorically dismiss it, but I’ve only seen Nathan Lane in two roles on Broadway - in The Nance and Angels in America - and I struggle to think of two more disparate performances from one actor.

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Nathan Lane’s Greatest Performance#27
Posted: 1/11/21 at 11:31pm
I sadly missed his iconic musical roles (I think the only musical I’ve seen him in is The Addams Family).

My favorite performance of his that I’ve seen is The Nance. I’m glad this performance was recognized by the Drama League as he was exceptional. I wish it translated to a Tony Award. I think he deserved it. If only he weren’t up against a Pulitzer Prize winner playing George in ...Virginia Woolf; it was an irresistible vote.

For the record, I loved Gary and I loved him in it.
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Nathan Lane’s Greatest Performance#28
Posted: 1/13/21 at 6:19pm

If we're combining all of his work ever, it's absolutely The Birdcage. But if we're talking stage performances, for me it'll always be Forum. That show really plays to his strengths, and his chewing the scenery was delicious.