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Let it out! Biggest theater pet peeves- Page 2

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Let it out! Biggest theater pet peeves#26
Posted: 1/5/21 at 11:20pm

Echoing everyone but people who scream instead of clapping. Just shut up. 

“6 AM. The sky glows. Somewhere a bird chirps. I want to shoot it.” ~ Jonathan Larson, Tick...Tick..BOOM
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 8/13/09
Let it out! Biggest theater pet peeves#27
Posted: 1/6/21 at 12:17am
windowwaving said: " But it might just be because Wicked is more of a tourist show. I probably wouldn't have tried it on a smaller show."

It's not necessarily the show that would affect it, but the theatre the show is in. Many of the older Broadway houses have very small lobbies, so space is at a premium. The Gershwin being significantly newer than the majority was built with much more front of house space in mind.

Did you know that every day Mexican gays cross our borders and unplug our brain-dead ladies?
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Let it out! Biggest theater pet peeves#28
Posted: 1/7/21 at 1:46pm
Beetlejuice fans.

Your show closed. It’s not Hugh Jackmans fault. It’s the combination of many factors, chief among them-terrible, horrible timing.

One of my favorite shows closed last year. Yes, I admit I posted on social media about missing it, but I wasn’t demanding that it come back, or saying that Six pushed it out ( I know-different scenarios). Its enough. Move on. Focus on things happening that you can control, instead of a show closing which shouldn’t be your top concern right now. Obviously people want theater back, but give new shows a chance darn it!!! People are always complaining that there needs to be new things on Broadway-give it a chance, and there will be!