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Best Songs of the Decade- Page 2

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Best Songs of the Decade#26
Posted: 1/4/20 at 3:16pm

special recognition for the the entire cast recordings of Hamilton, DEH, BOM, and Kinky Boots

top 10

1) My Shot  was magical. My Shot is what i wake up to most mornings

2) Waving thru a Window  DEH-again so well crafted

3) I Believe   BOM-literally every song-a musical comedy masterpiece  BELIEVE!

4) Soul of a Man Kinky Boots for anyone with father issues-this one strikes home and Starks performance of this was freakin amazing....Not my Fathers Son also stunning

5) Here Right Now  Ghost  mixed results as a show-this song just soars and rises above

6) Steal Your Rock & Roll  Memphis  this was one of the best finales of the decade, reminds me of Hairsprays You Cant Stop the Beat

7) Room Where it Happens Hamilton love love love this song, leslie crushed it here. 5 other hamilton songs sb in my top ten: satisfied, one last time, youll be back, hamilton

Best Songs of the Decade Hasa Dega Eebowai  "no worries for the rest of my life?  Kind-of".... remember OBC's smiling faces while giving God the finger,,, You and Me from BOM  also needs a top 10 slot but no room....

9) Crazier than You    Addams Family score really grew on me, musical book did not, Krysta Rodriguez was fantastic on this and her other songs  

10) Me and the Sky   Come From Away-one of the best musicals of this or any decade. Jenn ripped this song a new one

very close to top ten:

When i Grow Up           Mathilda

Watch What Happens   Newsies

Way Down Hadestown  Hadestown

A Musical     Something Rotten

Live in Living Color   Catch me if You Can

Welcome to the Rock  Come From Away

Sincerely Me  DEH

The History of Wrong Guys  Kinky Boots

Go Back Home  Scottsboro Boys-Audras version is wow

Ring of Keys      Fun Home


Updated On: 1/4/20 at 03:16 PM