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Rate the 2019 Tony Performances

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Rate the 2019 Tony Performances#26
Posted: 6/11/19 at 3:43am

1. Beetlejuice - Made me want to see the show, which is a 180 from where I was before Tony night. And the altered lyric of "I want money, I want art, I want Glenda Jackson's part" was legitimately one of the highlights of my night.

2. Hadestown - The beauty of this production could not be understated, but I would have preferred them to do one of the peppier numbers from the show and/or highlighted more than Reeve Carney.

3. The Prom - As another poster said, it was a great medley which is not easy to do at all. Still not my favorite entry this season, but better than I expected.

4. Oklahoma  - Waffled between this and ATP, but Ali Stroker's part tips it into fourth for me. The title number still made me want to see the show at the end of the month, but it didn't work in the Tonys context.

5. Choir Boy - I didn't expect the music to be as interesting as it was, and I thought it did a good job of highlighting what the play was about above and beyond the musical number itself.

6. Ain't Too Proud - I just felt very meh about it, but the choreography was gorgeous. Think it's just not my favored type of music.

7. Kiss Me, Kate - I like that they highlighted the ensemble, but I was hoping for a medley that showed off Kelli, Will, and Stephanie's talents as well as the ensemble and Corbin Bleu. In particular, I wanted a little "Tom, Dick, and Harry" or "Always True to You."

8. The Cher Show - They went for spectacle and it fell flat despite Stephanie J. Block's (IMO) powerhouse vocals. I get trying to show off the Tony-winning costumes, but it just felt like a knockoff of the final scene of Kinky Boots to me.

9. Tootsie - Dull, dull, dull. They did it for the change from Michael to Dorothy, but the music was unmemorable even compared to some other moments from the score. If I didn't know the book was funny, I would have been totally turned off by this performance.

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Rate the 2019 Tony Performances#27
Posted: 6/11/19 at 4:14am
I just checked on the CBS Youtube Page and I think it’s interesting, that at the time of posting this comment, Hadestown and Beetlejuice are the two most watched performances and have pretty close to the same amount of views. Hadestown as 160,000 and Beetlejuice has 150,000. All of the other shows (except Oklahoma) are below 100,000
Rate the 2019 Tony Performances#28
Posted: 6/11/19 at 1:02pm

I don't live in NYC, and I am familiar with these shows but have not seen any of them, so this is really just based on the performances I saw last night. 

-Hadestown and Oklahoma were my personal favorites. As much as I would have loved to see more from the other cast members in Hadestown, I found the performance extremely affecting. And the Oklahoma performance made me actually want to see Oklahoma, which is saying a lot as that has never been a favorite of mine. 

-Choir Boy was very close behind my top two. Of all the shows that performed I definitely knew the least about this one as I don't follow plays that closely, but this performance made me really wish I had seen the show. 

-Ain't Too Proud was enjoyable to watch. I personally loved the choreography, and while jukebox musicals aren't my thing, I still had fun watching this one.

-The Prom and Kiss Me Kate were both solid enough performances. Neither made me feel like I needed to see the show, but they were still good.

-Beetlejuice actually didn't really do much for me. A lot of the lyric changes actually didn't really work for me for some reason but I couldn't really say why. However, I had a lot of trouble placing this one on my list because while it wasn't my thing, I admired how much effort they seemed to put into it. I debated putting this one between Choir Boy and Ain't Too Proud just for that reason, but I decided to just base it off of my pure enjoyment. Still, I commend the effort that was put forth here.

-Tootsie and The Cher Show were by far my least favorites of the night. Tootsie was incredibly boring and embarrassingly predictable. I understand that The Cher Show wanted to highlight the costumes and I understand why but it just didn't work.

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Rate the 2019 Tony Performances#29
Posted: 6/11/19 at 2:13pm

1. Oklahoma: A. Despite *hating* this production, I thought this performance was fantastic. Although that's partially because everyone besides Rebecca Naomi Jones seemed to sing the title song completely differently than they do in the show. 

2. Hadestown: A-. I think this was the wrong number to choose, but it was still gorgeous. I wish they had gone with Way Down Hadestown instead and given more spotlight to Amber.

3. Choir Boy: A-. Really beautiful and I loved it, but I don't feel like I learned much about what the show is. It makes me really sad I missed it. 

4. The Prom: B+. Solid performance with the medley working really well. 

5. Kiss Me Kate: B. Beautiful dancing and showcased the best part of the show, but didn't make me want to run and buy tickets.

6. Beetlejuice: B-. I enjoyed this waaaaaaay more than I expected and I think this did exactly what it needed to do, but I couldn't stand Brightman's Beetlejuice. I never enjoyed the movie either, so I think this just isn't for me. 

7. Ain't Too Proud: C. Enjoyable and bland. This didn't make me want to see the show at all and the projection design was distracting and annoying. 

8. Tootsie: C-. Wow I loved Tootsie, but this was the wrong number and fell completely flat. Why not give any tease to the humor that's the whole reason to see this show?

9. Cher Show: F. Hot mess. 

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Leading Actor
Rate the 2019 Tony Performances#30
Posted: 6/11/19 at 2:23pm
Regarding Hadestown, I'm one of the seemingly few people who saw the show and wasn't a big fan of it (beautifully staged, but the show itself didn't do much for me). But I was watching the Tonys with multiple people who weren't super interested in seeing Hadestown, but as soon as the number ended both said they were mesmerized and couldn't wait to see it. So while I'm still not a fan personally, clearly their performance worked, I guess.
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Rate the 2019 Tony Performances#31
Posted: 6/11/19 at 8:55pm

I haven't seen Oklahoma! (this week, I hope) but i thought this performance was by far the most intriguing- it was a bit confusing (theyre all so angry) but to a catchy tune that sounded incredible. Thats sorta how you sell tickets (also, i thought Damon and Rebecca had a palpable raw chemistry just in their 20 seconds together). Yes Ali did a phenomenal job but I've seen her do that phenomenal job before- the revelation for me was how fun/intense the rest of the cast came off (and how good they sounded!) And the camera work spinning to each them having their own reaction/moment? Thought it was pretty brilliant. 


I also thought The Prom did a great job: we're funny, we dance alot, we have heart and our lesbians kiss. I mean that sincerely- they sold the show, and did it well. The material remains weaker than I would like, but I thought this came off well. I'm sure many of the teenagers who hate-watched because BMC was left out saw this and maybe realized there is life outside the bathroom...


Choir Boy and Tootsie also did a nice job- Choir Boy had no tickets to sell, and the performance made little sense out of context, but it was performed nearly perfectly. And Fontana performed an OK song beautifully, and the quick costume change is the money maker there. 


More disappointing: Hadestown. I love Wait For Me (and think it makes more sense to highlight a good song with a non-nominated actor than force a nominee's song) and i love the set/staging, but none of this came off well on TV. If Carney performs strangely in the context of the show, I think he came off even stranger in this snippet (wandering around, searching for...something) and having Noblezada hold up two silver coins in front of her face was particularly perplexing. Sounded great but dont think it would make me run out and buy tickets- and the Wait For Me reprise in Act 2 at least gives a bit more context, and features Grey's and Noblezada's vocals.... seemed like an odd choice. 


Hats off to brilliant choreography and the dancers doing it, but Kiss Me Kate bored me terribly. Whats it about? Who are these people? Just watching them dance doesnt do much for me, as impressive as it was. 


The rest was pretty abysmal. Leslie Kritzer and crew sounded INCREDIBLE opening with Day-O, and i liked the staging backstage there, but the rest of that number was horrible. I kept thinking "Oh, these are clever lyrics specifically for this one-night only event that dont appear in the show..." And Brightman got irritating after 20 seconds regardless. I havent seen Beetlejuice, and i take all the rage here for this show with a grain of salt, but, oof.  


Not sure what I can say about Aint Too Proud and Cher Show. Baskin's lines and delivery were painful; sure they all sound good but I was bored- and this was the first out the gate for the night, so I was ready to love it. Nope. And Cher Show! What in hell was that? I havent seen it and I know Block is incredibly talented, but I, along with i assume millions of americans, saw this ridiculous performance minutes before Block won a Tony for it? It sounded auto-tuned, and the impersonations were campy. Do people see plays solely for costumes? If not, I have no idea what they were thinking.

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Rate the 2019 Tony Performances#32
Posted: 6/12/19 at 8:43am

"The Cher Show was HORRENDOUS.  It was embarrassing. SJB came off like a bad Cher impersonator."

I agree and it made me shake my head when she won for Best Actress. 

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Rate the 2019 Tony Performances#33
Posted: 6/12/19 at 9:10am

1. Oklahoma!

2. Kiss Me, Kate

3. Hadestown

4. The Prom

5. Beetlejuice

6. Choir Boy

7. Ain't Too Proud

8. Tootsie

9. The Cher Show

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Rate the 2019 Tony Performances#34
Posted: 6/12/19 at 12:08pm

1. Oklahoma! -- made me want to see it a third time.

2. Choir Boy -- made me glad I caught it (although I think the time would have been better spent giving out more awards on camera).

3. The Prom --  for that kiss alone!

4. Kiss Me Kate -- "Too Darn Hot" is the one time the production truly comes alive in the theater, but the TV director undermined the impact of the number with too much editing.

The rest of the musicals I haven't yet seen in the theater, but

5. Hadestown -- didn't make me more or less eager to see it

6. Ain't Too Proud (looked tired) and Cher Show (what a mess) -- made me less eager to see them

7. Beetlejuice -- no way


Rate the 2019 Tony Performances#35
Posted: 6/12/19 at 1:29pm
I thought all the numbers were impressive. All that talent, all that energy. I keep reading negative comments and also news about low ratings and I become concerned that CBS will say “meh, nobody wants this anymore.”

Sometimes out of context a number might not make as much sense (Hadestown confused some of my friends). Or the telecast will have a technical aspect go wrong (sound problems during Choir Boy). But despite these problems I really enjoyed the show.

Anyway my ranking of the numbers:
Hadestown—gorgeous song, definitely different.
Kiss Me Kate—I know this wasn’t a revolutionary approach but come on, those dancers danced the hell out of this
The Prom—aww I love this show and cast.
Ain’t Too Proud—wow, those moves and voices.
Oklahoma!—Ali was great.
Choir Boy—hope to see this someday.
Tootsie—I really like this show and Santino. Not amazing but fun
Beetlejuice—very funny and Brightman, wow. I have it down a little lower because I cannot remember the song.
The Cher Show—love Block but something seemed a little off. It felt like a super talented cover band doing a decent rendition of a pop song that is more thin than you remember. The dancers were trying their best but nothing felt organic. Still, I wish I had half their singing talent and energy.
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Chorus Member
Rate the 2019 Tony Performances#36
Posted: 6/17/19 at 5:16pm

The grosses for last week are out, so, for all the talk of which performances did and didn't sell tickets, now we can see the actual numbers.


Those who claimed Beetlejuice's performance didn't sell any tickets were wrong, and those who said it did were right--the show was up $140,000 over the previous week and had its highest grossing week yet (although still far from where it should be).

Ain't Too Proud had its highest gross to date.

Cher Show and The Prom were down.

Updated On: 6/17/19 at 05:16 PM
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Rate the 2019 Tony Performances#37
Posted: 6/18/19 at 12:38am

Its very possible that Beetlejuice's performance sold tickets, but the $40,000 bump as schools close and we head into summer, doesn't really indicate one way or the other to me. The purpose of the Tony awards performances is to sell tickets to people across America so they can book tickets for their next trip. Only a minority of viewers are able to/going to buy tickets for an immediate performance.

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Rate the 2019 Tony Performances#38
Posted: 6/18/19 at 9:25pm

I'm planning a trip to NY July 4th weekend, and usually do a matinee on Saturday or Sunday. Of all the musicals, I have to say "Ain't Too Proud" and "Bettlejuice" really caught my attention - if I can catch a good price on tickets, I may do both. 


I really wanted to like 'The Cher Show' but it was one big mess. Yes, SJB looked like a drag queen doing a bad Cher impression at a karaoke bar. Completely turned me off from buying a ticket. 

Thought of seeing 'Tootsie' as well - sorry, this just came across as trying too hard to be good.

The others - ehhh.