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Jordan Peele’s Us

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US is nothing more than a jump scare film#26
Posted: 4/12/19 at 1:02am

I thought it was a well made movie with a lot of details and Easter Eggs hidden and if I must be very honest: I kinda like it more than Get Out. At least I didn't get the point/message right away and had to think about the film afterwards.

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US is nothing more than a jump scare film#27
Posted: 8/19/19 at 3:12pm
I watched this over the weekend and overall I enjoyed it but there are so many plot holes that could have easily been avoided.

Besides them all having the same pairs of scissors they all had the same red jumpsuit on and gloves on.... To resemble Michael Jackson lol at least that will be a popular Halloween outfit this year.

Like mentioned above I wish they stuck to just this family. If it was just their "shadows" coming to try to steal their lives it would have been a lot more interesting to me.

I get what he was going for with the class metaphor and what people will do to survive or work their way up the ladder in life but having a clone of every single person in the country underground was so ridiculous, especially cause I thought they said something like this experiment had stopped years ago so there shouldn't have been one for every person in the country to begin with.

Overall it was a fun thriller though, that scene with the cloned family standing in the driveway was a great image. Poor Gabe just wanted to enjoy his vacation and all this nonsense had to happen instead lol