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Little Shop
Posted by Mr Roxy 2003-09-22 17:57:44

Saw it yesterday & it was great. I never saw the original only the movie. Occasionally it was over amplified but that was my only problem. The orchestra, which I believe is only 10 , sounds like more. The cast was great. Sills turn as the dentist will get him a Tony nod if there is any justice. Reidel was right about the ending. It is boffo. The puppets have taken over broadway . First Lion King, than Avenue Q & now Little Shop. On the souvenir side the TeeShirts are a big letdown. No Audrey 2 just Little Shop Of Horrors, Virginia Theater NYC & that's it

re: Little Shop
Posted by robactorguy 2003-09-22 18:02:46

how were hunter and kerry?

re: Little Shop
Posted by MasterLcZ 2003-09-22 18:03:03

Sorry to hear about the over-amplifying. That is a very big problem with MAMMA MIA!, MOVIN' OUT and now this.

I had to sit with my fingers in my ears during MM - I thought my eardrums would bleed.

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Posted by broadwayguy2 2003-09-22 18:08:37

I had no problem with eth sound design at Mamma Mia. Yes, it was loud, but for a show such as Mamma Mia, Movin Out, or Rent, that fits the type of show so I have no issue with it.

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Posted by robactorguy 2003-09-22 18:09:01

i loved RENT loud! it was so much better!

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Posted by erniesgirl96 2003-09-22 18:09:36

I also saw LS a couple of weeks ago and I loved it, especailly the ending. I agree with you and think Douglas should get an Tony as the dentist. It's really a fun show and I loved it.

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Posted by SueleenGay 2003-09-22 18:09:48

I agree with you, Master. Over-amplification is a huge problem for all, not just you, Mr. Roxy.

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Posted by broadwayguy2 2003-09-22 18:11:45

If the loud volume is not appropriate to teh style/mood of teh show, then it is a problem

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Posted by robactorguy 2003-09-22 18:12:26

rock musicals do tend to be loud, but i prefer that!

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Posted by Mr Roxy 2003-09-22 18:32:30

Both Kerry & Hunter are very good. Rob Bartlett, who plays Mushnick, looks like Zero Mostel.He would be a very good Max Bialstock in The Producers if people were not so hung up on name performers. The large Audrey 2 could have the Avenue Q puppets for Breakfast & the Lion Kings for dinner

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Posted by robactorguy 2003-09-22 18:36:28

thanks for the info!

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Posted by Mr Roxy 2003-09-22 18:37:54

In Florida, how big was the last incarnation of Audrey 2 & what was the ending? Just curious.

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Posted by Menken Fan 2003-09-22 19:05:42

In Florida, the Audrey II was just as big (maybe the same one). However, on Broadway it comes out over the audience and didn't in Florida. This was because it needs a lot of counterbalance to perform that stunt, and the Florida stage couldn't handle it.

The ending was the same, except they used masks of the cast in the plant in Florida. They now have the actors doing it themselves.

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Posted by BwayTheatre11 2003-09-22 19:26:11

Is Audrey II bigger than in the pics I have seen? How big is it? Is the one is the pics a practice plant?

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Posted by JAZ94 2003-09-22 19:41:21

awwwww should have added that your reply is "a spoiler".

I saw LS last night and loved everything about it. I was in the 1st row of the mezz., to the right, and I didn't think the sound was overbearing. Not having seen the original, only the movie, I found the ending to be totally unexpected, scary and fascinating! An excellent and perfect way to end the day! (I was at the Flea Market ALL day - spent a bit (?) more than I...uh...never mind.)
After the show, where I had bought a poster, I waited patiently for the cast to sign it (A LOT CHEAPER than the Flea Market - lol!) As they came out, they were inudated with requests and did take the time to sign everything. Everyone, that is, except Hunter. VERY disappointing! He and his wife ran off without so much as a hello. Even Matthew Morrison, who was at the show, stopped and chatted and even signed an autograph or two. I feel that is rather rude of any completely ignore fans! Even if they don't have the time, they should at least make a small effort to acknowledge those that just gave him accolades at a show.
Sorry to ramble on about this, but I think it is part of an actor's job to at least, even minimally, acknowledge the fans.

To get back to the original post: I loved the show and will be happy to share the fun with my friends and make a return visit (or two)!

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Posted by The8re phan 2003-09-22 20:18:00

Sorry that you were upset with Hunter after the show, but you all must keep in mind that STARS HAVE LIFES TOO. The poor guy was at the flea market all day, then performed on stage for 2 hours. Don't just jump the gun and call him rude for not hanging out with you after the show. Perhaps he had a family emergency, or had another urgent matter to attend to. I've met him on several occasions, and he is a really nice guy......far from rude. The price of your ticket to the show does not include a personalized thank-you-for-coming-let-me-sign-whatever-you-want from each and every cast member.

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Posted by PennyLou 2003-09-22 21:04:46

Hunter did that the night I saw LSOF also and at the flea market I told him I kind of made him feel a little bad for doing that he said "oh I didn't when was it ...oh that yea I had to go to dinner um.. how bout I sign this for you ok" he signed our picture He was very nice at the flea market. and a lot cuter close up :)

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Posted by Mr Roxy 2003-09-22 21:57:30

Unfortunately, the prologue in no longer done by Robert Stack. I wonder why.

re: Hunter
Posted by Craig 2003-09-22 22:59:43

Give the guy a break. The fact is that he indeed went to the Flea Market, 2 shows... and he was headed off with his wife for a workshop and was already running late...

Jaz - I have to disagree with you... while it's nice that performers do the autograph thing - it's not their obligation. You are paying money to see the show.. you aren't necc. "entitled" to anything beyond that. Anything that goes beyond that is "gravy"...

but that's just my opinion..

re: re: Hunter
Posted by SparkleLStar 2003-09-22 23:16:59

I agree...their contract doesn't include entertaining their fans outside of the stage door as well as onstage. They have lives outside of the theater and can't always be there for every autograph all the time. Hunter and his wife Jen are both awesome, wonderful people and are ALWAYS willing to do the 'fan thing.' They're always WONDERFUL to me and Hunter is always extremely generous with his time signing things for fans. I've seen Little Shop and there were 800000 people at the door, including obnoxious screaming 14 year old girls, and he got to each and every one of the people was at least 20 minutes of his own time that he was signing autographs. They are all awesome people and need respect!

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Posted by jrb_actor 2003-09-23 01:47:34

Hunter might also be a little trepidatious after some of the biting comments made on these threads and other catty sites. I can't say that I would blame him. I've heard he is an extremely cool guy--so just keep trying and always be respectful of these performers. They have 8 shows of audiences waiting for them each week. They have busy schedules and probably get tired every so often.

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Posted by GottaGimmick 2003-09-23 02:31:00

I saw the MAMMA MIA tour with Monique Lund, who is amazing!, twice this week and I LOVED how the completely amplified it! It made the show much better and more fun!

re: Little Shop
Posted by luvbdwy 2003-09-23 09:37:04

Saw Little Shop a few weeks ago on a Saturday matinee. The show was delayed by 40 minutes due to "technical difficulties". We did love it and Douglas Sills was great!!! despite the late opening.

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Posted by Al Dente 2003-09-23 09:54:48

I doubt very much that Hunter or any other working, (hence, BUSY), actor reads this or any other board. If they do, than they are subjecting *themselves* to the "scathing comments" by posters.

I serioulsy doubt that is the reason why Hunter didn't stay. Maybe he has a train to catch, who knows but his only "obligation" is to give you his best, on STAGE.

To go back to an earlier point, if people (like Craig perhaps), DO show these threads to their "friends", than they're doing them a BIG disservice. On the other hand, if I were an actor and a popular working one no less, I wouldn't put too much stock in anything written by anyone(myself, included) on this, or any other message board. I say what I say, to express my opinions on a topic, NOT in the hopes that Kerry Butler changes her performance based on my "notes".

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Posted by Craig 2003-09-23 10:10:58

Al Dente.. I want to thank you for personally dragging me into your discussion about what actors should and should not read.

I'm not sure where you get the idea that I have showed any of these threads to any of the performers who I know. And I certainly don't monitor whether they do or not.

My comment on this thread was about Hunter having a workshop after and that is why he ran off. It wasn't a question of being rude as someone had suggested. I also commented on how a performer doesn't owe anything more than the performance the audience member paid for. A point we both agreed on..

I really don't know where your "attitude" stems from regarding myself or Kerry - but you certainly go out of your way to reference either one of us quite often.

Maybe I should be flattered that I am in your thoughts so much....

re: re: re: re: Little Shop
Posted by Al Dente 2003-09-23 11:49:52

Oh, don't be flattered Craig, my post was about whether there was any merit (or rather lackthereof), about what *we* say on these boards being the impetus for Hunter "running off" before signing someones' poster. I said that I didn't think and strongly "hoped" that actors didn't bother reading what was said about them by the likes of *us*.

Also, I know how strong your "connection" with Kerry is and how often you talk about her and that you run her website and that the 2 of you have known eachother since high school, etc... So I thought that maybe you made her aware of the rantings on message boards. I wasn't accusing, just suggesting that IF, in fact you DO, do that, it might not be such a good idea. If you don't, than kudos to you for your restraint.

re: re: re: re: re: Little Shop
Posted by Craig 2003-09-23 11:54:49


A friend of mine read your post and told me that in this particular case, maybe I was perhaps being too sensative to what you had said - that it was your point, and not any subtext there.

Thanks for explaining what exactly you meant by your post. I appreciate it...

re: re: re: re: re: re: Little Shop
Posted by Al Dente 2003-09-23 11:57:35

I'm glad I could be of service. In it's original state, my post was only meant to stick up for Hunter. No hidden anything, anywhere, I assure you.