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Broadway Puzzler #39
Posted by Broadway Bulldog 2003-09-06 18:56:58

This team's last show was a musical version of a dramatic play of 10 years earlier which starrred a soon to be film great.

The team?
The musical?
The play?
The future film great?

You are good.

Yours for a better Broadway!

re: Broadway Puzzler #39
Posted by Broadway Bulldog 2003-09-06 22:33:54

I take it this needs a clue or two...

Two other of the film stars works, one on Broadway and one on film, were also turned into musicals. One more successful than the other. The Broadway play was made into a film musical which was then made into Broadway musical. By its 3 incarnation it didn't fare very well. This film star herself starred in an original Broadway musical.


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Posted by ChrisLovesShows 2003-09-06 23:49:52

OK, I keep thinking that Katherine Hepburn and "The Philadelphia Story"-turned-"High Society" are parts of the answer, but I can't make it all fit. Am I barkin' up the wrong tree, Dog?

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Posted by Mattio98 2003-09-07 00:36:51

Thanks to the help of ChrisLovesShows i think i can fill in the blanks:

The team- Arthur Kopit and Cole Porter (What a cool team!)
The musical- High Society
The play- The Philadelphia Story
The future film great- Katherine Hepburn

yay for team efforts!!!

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Posted by Broadway Bulldog 2003-09-07 19:49:16

Chris and Mattio, well you're both correct in catching the clues but didn't get the original puzzler. I believe the clues could have sent you down the wrong path, inadvertently.

The Team: Rodgers & Hart
The musical: BY JUPITER (opened 6/3/42)
The play: THE WARRIOR's HUSBAND (1932)
The future film star: Katherine Hepburn

As for the clues:
The film of Kate's that was turned into an original musical was of course WOMAN OF THE YEAR. The non-musical play was, you guessed correctly, THE PHILADELPHIA STORY...which gave birth to HIGH SOCIETY. THE WARRIOR's HUSBAND predates PHILADELPHIA and was about the time of KATE's first film, BILL OF DIVORCEMENT. By the time of Rodgers & Hart's BY JUPITER, she was indeed Kate the Great.

Yours for class on Broadway!