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No Bush Bounce
Posted by PalJoey 2004-09-07 15:00:21

Today's Rasmussen poll (September 7, conducted nights of September 4-6) has Kerry and Bush in a dead heat: 47.3% to 47.3%.

Their electoral count is 213-175, with Bush leading, but neither cadidate having the 270 needed and 150 electoral votes up for grabs.

So tell those Bushies to stop counting chickens! This opera ain't over till Barbara Bush sings!

re: No Bush Bounce
Posted by CurtainUp2 2004-09-07 15:04:11

Pal... Don't you think it's almost better to go into the election with the Republicans believing that they're far ahead in the polls? Less of them might show up to vote.

re: No Bush Bounce
Posted by LadyGuenevere 2004-09-07 15:05:30

Well, it's not like the Republicans here strictly look to this board for the latest news...

re: No Bush Bounce
Posted by PalJoey 2004-09-07 15:07:18

I posted that for Papa.

re: No Bush Bounce
Posted by CurtainUp2 2004-09-07 15:11:18

Lady G - With all due respect, I would hope that no one, Republican or Democrat, would look to this board for their political news!

re: bouncing baby bush
Posted by papalovesmambo 2004-09-07 15:28:07

pal, i have been following the rasmussen data and (like a few others) still am not sure i accept scott's explanation for the difference betweeen his and newsweek and time. but it's clear that any bounce from the convention is lost now according to rassie. we'll see where the next round takes us as not many people besides us actually know who rasmussen is. out in the hinterlands they're more likely to see the cnn/usatoday/gallup +7 likely voters poll or the +11 time or newsweek polls. whether that kind of reporting will energize the democrats to get out in the streets or whether it will cause chaos in the upper ranks is a bone of contention right now, or at least it was until this weekend's shake-up in kerry campaign hq. however, i would advise your candidate against photo ops with weapons that he voted to ban. and further against comments that suggest that he'd like to take a gun to the presidential debate. but hey, that's just me and besides, the gloves are off now for the johnnies so anything goes. let's see where we are at the beginning of oct.

re: bouncing baby bush
Posted by FindingNamo 2004-09-07 15:32:33

Every Indigo Girls fan knows who rasmussen is. He's a college professor with a beard down to his knee and the closer I am to fine. Thank you.

re: bouncing baby bush
Posted by papalovesmambo 2004-09-07 15:34:04

y'know, namo, if you're going to go all class warfare on me like that i will so totally shrum-inate you!

No Bush Bounce
Posted by PalJoey 2004-09-07 16:05:54

Papa, you got that Kerry-with-a-gun thing from Drudge, but you shouldn't pay so much attention to what Drudge puts on his website. It's just propaganda, garbage he throws up in the air to see how much will stick. Most of it lands on his face (not that he cares).

Drudge is just the latest in the American right wing's parade of pathetically closeted homosexual tools, like Roy Cohn and Edgar Hoover before him. They have no morals and they have no integrity. Drudge is well paid by Herr Karl Roverer to be on the frontline of the Republican slime machine. But you have to take his "headlines" with a big grain of salt. He may have scored wiuth the blue dress, but most of his "exclusives" (like the Kerry intern) have turned out to be Rove-created smears.

No Bush Bounce
Posted by papalovesmambo 2004-09-07 16:11:54

so pal, are you denying that he co-sponsored the legislation (s.1431) or that the gun he's holding (a browning a5) would not have been banned?

the vagueness of the bill, now there's a term we've never seen associated with johnny, was why it got shot down, so to speak.

No Bush Bounce
Posted by PalJoey 2004-09-07 16:21:48

I'll answer that meaningless question as soon as you answer some of my questions about Bush:

1. Has he done cocaine in the past 25 years?

2. Has he had any alcohol or cocaine since he occupied the White House?

3. Did he desert the National Guard?

4. Did he (or any of his colleagues) arrange for the destruction of those records?

5. Does he now or did he ever have a mistress?

3. Did his wife murder her high-school boyfriend?

4. Was his grandfather a Nazi sympathizer?

whining whiners and the whines they prefer
Posted by papalovesmambo 2004-09-07 16:29:03

oh wait, you're not avoiding a direct question and trying to obfuscate by belching up a barrage of your own questions to avoid answering something, are you, pal?

i didn't ask a question of your candidate, i asked one of you. funny though, i kinda like how you word some of those, "5. does he now or did he ever have a mistress?" sounds like the kinda questions asked by some folks in the 50's. ironic that you're carrying on in their tradition. keep on in this kinda vein, pal, there's a future for you in a totalitarian regime somewhere.

but hey, don't feel bad, you'll have a candidate to run in the revolution there who's fresh off an embarrassing loss in a presidential campaign and he's fluent in french. oh yeah he's got great iconic initials too, jfk.

No Bush Bounce
Posted by PalJoey 2004-09-07 16:33:12

"a candidate to run in the revolution there who's fresh off an embarrassing loss in a presidential campaign"

And may that be George W. Bush. May he follow in his father's footsteps and be a 1-term blunder.

whining whiners and the whines the prefer
Posted by papalovesmambo 2004-09-07 16:36:14

now there's a surprise, being quoted out of context. who could have seen that coming?

Statement from Kerry on Papa Drudge's Lies
Posted by PalJoey 2004-09-07 23:11:52

For Immediate Release
September 7, 2004


Charleston, WV-John Kerry West Virginia Communications Director Amy Goodwin made the following statement today in response to misleading claims made by the West Virginia Republican Party and Bush campaign.

"Let's do some straight shooting on the gun issue. John Kerry's opponents are worried because he's the first Democratic candidate to support Second Amendment gun rights and to be an avid hunter.

"The facts are clear. John Kerry opposes banning this gun and always will. John Kerry was proud to receive this union-made gun at the United Mine Workers Labor Day picnic in Racine, West Virginia.

"The Republican Party and George Bush's campaign will stop at nothing to mislead voters about John Kerry's record. We challenge Bush to engage in honest debates--West Virginians deserve to hear the truth."


statement from kerry's bill
Posted by papalovesmambo 2004-09-07 23:18:25


"(b) RELATED DEFINITIONS- Section 921(a) of such title is amended by adding at the end the following:

(42) PISTOL GRIP- The term `pistol grip' means a grip, a thumbhole stock, or any other characteristic that can function as a grip. "

clear language like that is the hallmark of john's sentorial career and a major reason why this amendment to the assault weapons ban was defeated.

but whatever you do, don't read the bill itself, just listen to the party flacks and what they say. remember, it's not what we do, it's what we say we might do given a possible circumstance which would afford us the probable outcome to which we're preparing to ascribe, maybe.