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Curb Your Enthusiasm
Posted by WICKEDforever 2004-07-28 19:05:08

I love HBO shows.

It is sad that SEX AND THE CITY is over.

re: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Posted by broadwaystar2b 2004-07-29 01:12:47

the editted version's on tbs

re: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Posted by ShizamM 2004-07-29 07:50:21

Although it's nice to be channel-surfin' and run into SATC, like you do with Seinfeld, it does not have the same punch *feeling* as before (even though that's totally how they advert it).
The beginning is cut, scenes are cut, seems very rushed, etc. - I know it's all about money but I can't believe they syndicated it on tbs - people who have never seen the show (I know, who could those people be?) are still, not seeing the show & it's a sad sad thing for a fan such as me...