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Good Audition Songs and Monologues for Bye Bye Birdie
Posted by amandafferrer 2018-11-18 17:22:35

Hi guys,

So this year my school is putting on Bye Bye Birdie for our spring musical and I'm super excited to be a part of it. I really want to be Rose because I am hispanic :) and I love all the songs she sings and I can really play out her character in a fun and quirky way. I really want to get the role, but I need an a song that will really show my director (who is casting) that I want to be Rose. Any suggestions? I don't want it to be a basic song either, I want them to see that I really researched and I know my Broadway songs. I want to blow them away with my song choice and my monologue choice as well. I really want this role for my junior year!!!


Thank you all in advance!!