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Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by emilyfaye48 2013-01-23 19:15:17

So I bought tickets to see Tuck Everlasting about a month and a half ago for June 1st, annnnnnd now that's not happening. I haven't heard anything from the theatre or ticketing service and I tried calling today and got nowhere. I called a few different numbers and went through way too many automated menus and got disconnected about three times.

One of the messages I listened to said that if my 'event' was cancelled I would be contacted for a refund, but if it was postponed I would not be entitled to a refund. I am unfamiliar with this theatre and there is no possibility that I can see the show with the new dates, anyone ever dealt with this theatre and their ticketing service before? I'm going to try calling again tomorrow since I called a bit before 5pm and while I was working through their menu I think their operators left for the day.

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by dramamama611 2013-01-23 19:54:31

(To the best of my knowledge) they don't produce their own work. This is likely why you can't get through easily to talk to a person.

However, two years ago I had tix for the 2nd week of the August: Osage County tour. Sales were abysmal and they cancelled that week. They offered me tix to the first week but I was unavailable, I rec'd a full refund.

But they did indeed, contact me.

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by PVDColleen 2013-01-23 20:13:20

It looks as if the engagement was moved to Citi Center (formerly The Wang Center)....maybe you could get in touch with them and they can advise you? I'm pretty sure the show is still a go- they have announced casting, etc. Good luck!

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by bdboston 2013-01-23 21:19:08

Actually, the Colonial Theatre now falls under the Citi Center umbrella. "Tuck" will not be playing the Wang or Shubert; it's still to be at the Colonial. Its full, new name is the Citi Emerson Colonial Theatre.

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by JMPlayer6 2013-01-23 23:11:00

Did you use a credit card? if so, then call the credit card company and contest the charge.

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by dramamama611 2013-01-24 05:38:57

Well, that should be a last resort -- she hasn't even been in actual contact with anyone.

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by artscallion 2013-01-24 07:18:01

I never go through the automated menus anymore. Most of them never lead you to an actual person, just in circles.
If I get one I just start pressing 0 or # repeatedly for a few seconds. That will almost always result in a message telling me "I don't understand or your response is not valid; please hold for a service rep" BINGO!

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by emilyfaye48 2013-01-31 15:07:19

Update! So I FINALLY got through to someone at Metro Entertainment and the guy I spoke to said that everything he was looking at said the show was still on for May/June.... he said someone would look into it and call me back soon. So I called the number for and the woman I spoke to said the same thing, I told her she was wrong and that the show has changed their dates. She put me on hold and then said that according to I was right. Yeah. So as of right now I'm still waiting for Metro Entertainment to call me back when they pull their heads out of.... yeah... The woman I spoke to also made it sound like they would be trying to book me onto a new date as opposed to giving me a refund... they're kidding with this **** right?

One thing is for sure I will never try to see anything at Boston Colonial ever again, what a mess.

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by artscallion 2013-01-31 15:44:23

Insist they refund you. If they refuse tell them you'll call your credit card company and dispute the charge. And then do it. 90% of disputed charges are reversed because it isn't worth the hassle they have to go through to prove you did charge it.

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by emilyfaye48 2013-01-31 16:20:39

I did actually call my bank as well and asked what I can do in the event that they do not want to give me a refund and that's exactly what they said to do. I don't understand all these different companies that seem to have a hand in my order. Maybe I'm just too accustom to buying Broadway tickets from the box office, ticket master or Telecharge. This is all nonsense to me, how is it possible that the ticket vendor doesn't know the show dates changed!?

EDIT: I literally just got an email from, subject "Tuck Everlasting has been Postponed!" REALLY!?

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by bdboston 2013-01-31 16:44:14

I have to ask: where/how did you get your ticket? Tickets have only legitimately been available to Broadway in Boston subscribers. Not sure what Metro Entertainment is, but that's definitely not the authorized seller of Broadway in Boston or Colonial Theater shows. Neither is (which I just looked up online). If you had taken the time to review that site, you'd have seen the following message: "Please note: This site is independently owned and operated and in no way affiliated to any venue or production company." Sounds like it's one of those "HubTix"-type of sites.

I'm sure at the end of the day you'll get your refund, and I can understand your frustration, but you should find out all the facts before getting all pissed at the Colonial Theater - they've done nothing wrong.

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by emilyfaye48 2013-01-31 16:57:22

I bought them through the Citigroup website, well I actually bought them over the phone because when I was ordering online there was a huge fee for shipping tickets because they send them through FedEx, which is craycray, so I had called to try and get them to leave at will call but they said the dates were too far away so I just folded and paid. Everything I did was to avoid at all costs... so that went well...

EDIT: The weirder thing is I just looked up Tuck tix on Metro Entertainment's site and they're way over priced, as one would expect from a resale marketplace. The price I paid was about half of what they have listed for the section I bought. The thing I've found most baffling is that no one seemed to know that the dates had changed... resale vendor or not...

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by bdboston 2013-01-31 17:05:20

Well, Broadway in Boston knew (rightfully so), since they are the ones offering it. When in doubt, I always go straight to the source.

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by emilyfaye48 2013-01-31 17:15:33

I think in my mind is the place you never buy tickets from since, 99% of the time I'm buying for Broadway shows and I would never buy tickets to a Broadway from from because their system is nonsense and charges criminal fees. I always thought of as a resale vendor.

Boston Colonial Theatre Ticket Help!
Posted by Xman8 2013-01-31 18:55:08

Besides, when you buy from you don't get the ease to choose where to sit, like you would in telecharge or ticketmaster. However, in cases like this, any theater or any ticket seller has to wait for the production company to give them the final notice and instructions on how to handle tickets in the case if a production is postponed or canceled. It happened to me when I bought tickets to Glengarry Glen Ross I knew my performance was canceled way ahead before people at telecharge knew. In order to avoid missing out on the show I handled buying my ticket for the first preview ( with seats that I wanted) and when telecharge got things cleared I requested a refund.