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My Reviews!!! Jan 9-16, 10 shows
Posted by kelleymd 2013-01-23 05:13:33

Recently got back from NYC and just want to throw my 2 cents in about what I saw. Overall, there is a paucity of quality shows at the moment compared to the usual offerings but we appreciated it all nonetheless! Spoilers are marked.

Jan 9th 8p GLENGARRY GLENROSS: Way below my expectations. I feel guilty for saying it, but I found myself gripped with nervous anxiety watching Pacino and pulling for him to not drop a line or have another awkward moment. The quick Mamet-banter just wasn't there for him. The production missed out on the middle class doldrum theme/pervasive malaise. Cannavale and other supporting cast was strong.

Jan 10th DROOD Great energy from cast, fun show, strong production elements, well cast. Would definitely recommend. Sat on first row, stage was low, visibility was great. Had a chance to meet Stephanie J. Block afterwards who was kind, humble, unassuming and charming. Great show to take out-of-towners or those who want classic "Broadway" entertainment.

Jan 11th ANNIE. Still has red hair. Dog still cute. Kids cute. Set was pretty (after the orphanage part). Katie Finneran seems to have done as much as possible with the role as written but it was no Promises, Promises performance. Would be fun to watch with a kid.

Jan 12th 2 pm GOLDEN BOY Somewhat mixed on this one. Performances were great overall. Tony Shalhoub will break your heart. The only person I didn't connect with was the "golden boy". Mike Aranoff was a great, high-energy infusion in an otherwise lower energy cast. I just never hooked into the story or really cared much about the outcome. I think it was more the material than the production but who am I to criticize Odet?

Jan 12th 8 pm ONCE see previous post. Loved it. Simple and beautiful. Relies on talent and performance alone with no gimmicks or slick production. Elizabeth A. Davis was phenomenal. Made me happy to be alive and be able to see such amazing talent.

Jan 13th 3 pm VIRGINIA WOOLF Intense (as it should be), well done, still hate the ending to a degree (not that it is going to change). Well cast, well directed, glad to see such a classic done so beautifully. Loved Carrie Coon. Hope Tracy Letts gets a nomination for his outstanding work.

Jan 13th 7:30 pm FORBIDDEN BROADWAY As an afterthought we decided to check out this Off-Broadway staple. Of course it was cheesy and silly but it also served as a reminder of the level of talent in NYC. What I wouldn't do to be able to sing stupid crap like that so well...

Jan 14th OFF

Jan 15th THE OTHER PLACE This was the show about which I was most excited...AND most disappointed. ***SPOILER*** I read the reviews extensively. I found a common theme in praise of Laurie Metcalf's mastery of scientific words, including comments about her character's commanding intellect and how believable she is as a scientist. I disagree and actually found the reviews a little sexist. As a female physician and scientist, the content was not that big of a deal and a whole lot of women (and men) easily command the basic technical language of their field. Additionally, the role of her oncologist husband is completely not believable. What doctor sends their spouse to St. Thomas for medical treatment of a complex and undefined neurological entity? How does he have no idea what is going on? How do I have no idea either? What is wrong with her anyway? I think the material was not good, the characters were not well-researched and the reason for Metcalf's characters mental deterioration is never made clear. On purpose? Not? Tried WAY too hard to be edgy and weird and have thunder claps and crap. Boooooooo.

Jan 16th 2 pm CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF Liked it. Scarlett's accent was a little tough to tolerate but is becoming quite consistent although the cadence is off (I am a Texan so hearing New Yorkers do a Deep South accent- which of course is entirely different than a Texas accent- is like nails on a chalkboard. Yes, a Texan. Yes, I love theatre and no, I am not like Honey Boo Boo. She is from Mississippi.) Anyway, the set was beautiful and evoked the feel of the South and the lilting trees and hot lazy decadence of the wealthy. The cast was very strong and I thoroughly enjoyed the production. Scarlett's oozy sexiness was there and I think she played it right down the middle-not too much, not too little. Loved Brick as well as Mama. Big daddy was fantastic but NO southern man would ever have long hair like that back in those days :) Would definitely go see this show if you have not.

1/16 7 PM PETER AND THE STARCATCHER WHAT THE F***? Again, WHAT THE F***? I have of course heard rave reviews about this show and regretted not seeing the original cast. It was like Monty Python but worse. I don't even know what to say. It as not for me. In all of these years, I have left 2 shows at intermission. Mamma Mia and Peter and the Starcatcher. I have no idea how it ends. I don't care. All I know is that was one hour of my life I can never get back. Why did I hate it so? I can't even say. I just did. That is why theater is subjective and there is something for everyone.

IF YOU GOT TO THIS POINT, thank you for reading my opinions! I have no one to discuss them with and if you would like to reply or explain some of my conundrums, please do! I would love to talk about my experience with you!

My Reviews!!! Jan 9-16, 10 shows
Posted by dramamama611 2013-01-23 05:42:18

Sorry you didn't like Peter. You certainly aren't alone. Personanlly, I adored it, as did my kids. It certainly is a different theatricality then most are use to.

Hard to agree that Drood is "classic b'way fare" as its modeled after the English Music Hall. Regardless, I adored it as well.

My Reviews!!! Jan 9-16, 10 shows
Posted by chrisampm2 2013-01-23 06:31:51

Dramamama, it's possible to be immune to Peter and the Starcatcher's charms while still admiring unusual theatricality. I found the first act way too busy and way way too amused by its own adorableness. I enjoyed the second act more.

My Reviews!!! Jan 9-16, 10 shows
Posted by tobiasragg 2013-01-23 13:37:36

But you also liked CAT...

My Reviews!!! Jan 9-16, 10 shows
Posted by TheGingerBreadMan 2013-01-23 13:55:52

You really didn't like Peter? I loved it. But I like the quirky, unusual stuff. You may not.

My Reviews!!! Jan 9-16, 10 shows
Posted by muscle23ftl 2013-01-23 15:05:02

I agree a 100% regarding "Peter", I think it's the worst thing I've seen in awhile.
You should've seen "Nice Work" and "Bare"

My Reviews!!! Jan 9-16, 10 shows
Posted by TheGingerBreadMan 2013-01-23 15:18:47

Muscle, I am completely the opposite. I think PETER was one of the best things of 2012, along with NEWSIES and PICNIC.

My Reviews!!! Jan 9-16, 10 shows
Posted by wecrazy 2013-01-23 15:35:24

I also didn't care for Peter & The Starcatchers. I would have left at intermission but my date forced me to stay and sadly the best parts of the show are in Act Two. I am all for creativity and design but Act One was long and uninteresting.

My Reviews!!! Jan 9-16, 10 shows
Posted by ken8631 2013-01-24 15:06:28

Glad you enjoyed Drood - planning on going to see it (we don't go into the city as much anymore - too expensive)... Stephanie J. Block is one of my favorite actresses.....

My Reviews!!! Jan 9-16, 10 shows
Posted by uncageg 2013-01-24 18:38:36

Loved "..Starcatcher" and would have been ok if it jad won best play.Actually wish had.

My Reviews!!! Jan 9-16, 10 shows
Posted by Dollypop 2013-01-24 19:32:53

Sorry to hear that you were disappointed in so many shows. Sounds like you had a miserable time.

Better luck in the future.

My Reviews!!! Jan 9-16, 10 shows
Posted by emeraldmist 2013-01-30 00:39:03

This is wonderful, someone who does a trip like I do! I arrived in NYC (also from Texas) on Jan1 and left on Jan 8 and saw 10 shows as well!

Jan 1 Cat on Hot Tin Roof (Previews) Not my favorite performance of this show. You are right the accents were terrible and ScarJo spoke so fast you could only catch every 3 line, but it's Williams and he repeats his lines 2 - 3times so that was OK. I was not a fan of the st or the Scarlett at all but Bradly Cooper and Cirian Hands really saved the show.

Jan 2 2pm Once - I agree, this was 2 hours of magic. I was proud to be in the audience. The music was moving, and the actors where spot on. Steve Kazee was so kind at the stage door afterwards!

Jan 2 8pm - The Mystery of Edwin Drood - So much FUN!! The energy from the cast was very high and it was just a great performance! THe lovers at the end were Puffer and Nevile, evidently that is not a common pairing and they had to add lib for awhile but ended with a show stopping deep dip kiss lasting a minute. A great night of theater.

Jan 3 - Peter and the Starcatcher - I really enjoyed this show. The first act dragged a bit, but I loved the staging and the production and that carried me over to the 2nd act which was wonderful.

Jan 4 - Newsies - I have waited 20 years for this production and it did not disappoint. I was 11 when the movie came out and worshiped it growing up. The dancing was showstopping and worth the wait. The story modifications did not bother me as I thought they would and the singing was really well done.

Jan 5 2pm - The Heiress - Best Play of the week! This was a steller all-star cast that really melded well together. Chastian and Stevens and Straighorn were incredible, so glad I saw this.

Jan 5 8pm - Nice WOrk if You Can Get It - Fun traditional theater with a modern twist. O'Hara was amazing and Broderick was good. Very funny!!

Jan 5 11:30pm - Sleep No More - This is an interesting experience, and I glad I got to be there, but I wish I had had a little more info and there was a little less to see. Maybe if I could go back and see it again I would enjoy it even more.

Jan 6 2pm - Evita - My firend and I picked this date specifically because Ricky Martian was out. His understudy was really good as was Ceravis. Elena Roger's voice was like nails on a chalk board to me, but her acting was skilled, but not enough to make up for her screeching.

Jan 6 8pm - Chaplin (closing night Actors Fund Performance) One word... Incredible. This was the best show by far and well deserved the 9 minute standing ovation that the cast received. The book, music, and lyrics were great and really developed the story within the time frame. The voices were stunning and Rob McClure truly embodied Charlie Chaplin. I am so happy that they announced a tour (even if it is in 2014-15) and will gladly see it several times. Beautiful show and the most wonderful way to end a fabulous trip that I had been dreaming about for years.