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The Other Place ~ AndrewAndrew Review
Posted by AndrewAndrew 2013-01-13 13:21:52

The Other Place, now playing at The Manhattan Theatre Club at The Samuel J. Friedman Theatre, is a living nightmare. Without ever leaving the stage, Laurie Metcalf delivers a stunning portrayal of a woman both in absolute control of all she surveys and coming apart at the seams.
Master neurologist Juliana is a lone woman in the male-dominated world of big pharma. Her ability to navigate the world of science and business is equaled only by her inability to keep her personal life together; her daughter hasn’t spoken to her in years and her husband is having an affair. But wait it get’s worse, this inventor of a new wonder drug is herself experiencing troubling symptoms.
Expert sound and video design, by Fitz Patton and William Cusick respectively, synergize perfectly with Metcaf’s blistering performance, propelling the audience into a heady rush of simultaneous euphoria and paranoia.
Though supported by a stellar cast, Zoe Perry, Daniel Stern, and John Schiappa, this is essentially a one woman show. Metcalf’s singular talent lures you in to the inner workings of her mind and then traps you there. You’ll find yourself in The Other Place for days after you experience it.

The Other Place ~ AndrewAndrew Review
Posted by uncageg 2013-01-13 21:28:24

Maybe post this in the review thread for the show.