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Front Row at POPPINS
Posted by LimelightMike 2013-01-08 23:56:55

So, with it closing, I'm looking to book a pair of seats. Anyone have any insight into sitting in the front row of the orchestra at the New Amsterdam? I've never been...

Front Row at POPPINS
Posted by CapnHook 2013-01-09 00:02:52

Sit in the Mezz.

Front Row at POPPINS
Posted by JohnyBroadway 2013-01-09 00:07:14

The Mezz is the best place for Poppins.

Front Row at POPPINS
Posted by jaxandmci 2013-01-09 09:36:37

I sat in the front row both times I saw it and wouldn't sit anywhere else. Lots of eye contact with the cast; amazing set, costume and make-up detail you won't see from the mezz; and the feeling of being very involved in the action. I also enjoyed watching the conductor's entertaining interactions with the performers on stage.

I don't think I missed a thing by sitting up close--which is where I always prefer to sit.

Front Row at POPPINS
Posted by Sinfonian4life 2013-01-09 09:59:55

I, too, sat in the front row, albeit Orchestra Left, but I still did not have any issues with my choice of seating. I saw all of the action, dancing and set without any obstructions. As jaxandmci said, there is a sense of being further connected with the cast and the action when sitting in the front, especially for this show. I may be 24, but I felt like an 8 year old while watching this show!

Front Row at POPPINS
Posted by KirbyCat 2013-01-09 12:37:03

Be prepared to be looking up a lot though. With all of the (MASSIVE) scenery and flying, you'll basically be looking directly up for a significant portion of the show.
Mind you, it's a gorgeous show, so I still wouldn't complain about sitting that up close. Also, I enjoy sitting extremely close to an orchestra like this one. I mean, a big, lush, Disney orchestra? Come on, how could you not shimmy in your seat like an 8 year old when the overture starts?

Front Row at POPPINS
Posted by Kelly2 2013-01-09 12:39:44

I don't really think "eye contact with the cast" is a plus. Kinda creepy.

I agree the mezz is the best way to see this show.

Front Row at POPPINS
Posted by darion 2013-01-10 10:33:40

I sat in the first row and loved it. the better to catch facial expressions etc. the minute or two that you have to look up is not a problem at all.

Front Row at POPPINS
Posted by jaxandmci 2013-01-10 12:25:00


"Eye contact with the cast" occurs during moments in which the performers can acknowledge the fact that they are performing for an audience: curtain calls, extended applause after a musical number, or scripted interaction with the house. It does not mean creepy eye-locks with an audience member that occur while a performer is in character. I would imagine that these interactions I am referring to occur more frequently with audience members sitting in the front row than with those sitting in the mezz. They really do help one connect more with the show!

Front Row at POPPINS
Posted by Kelly2 2013-01-10 12:46:17

Jaxandmci, sorry, I disagree that helps "connect more" with the show. Maybe for some people, but for me, when I see a show, I want a seat that allows me to see everything. I want to see the choreography, the sets, the costumes, the whole picture. Actors are wonderful but they are but one part of the show. Since Poppins has wonderful and enjoyable choreography and a fairly high set, I think the mezz is the best place to get a real sense of the show.

I wouldn't to miss out on everything else about the show just to lock eyes with Mary. But like I said, that's my opinion. The original poster wanted thoughts on seat location, those are mine.