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Booth Theatre - Woolf - Post Dated Ticket
Posted by craig238 2013-01-03 02:29:13

Does anyone know the policy on using a post dated unused ticket for Virginia Woolf ?? I have looked high and low to try to find a phone number for the theatre box office but to no avail. I know the Roundabout has a specific policy (call the day you want to go and they may say yes) but cannot find any info. for this show/theatre. THANKS in advance to whomever has an answer !!!

Booth Theatre - Woolf - Post Dated Ticket
Posted by chrisampm2 2013-01-03 02:36:36

The show always has lots of empty seats. You'll be fine. Call Telecharge customer service and they'll give you the appropriate phone number and policy.

Booth Theatre - Woolf - Post Dated Ticket
Posted by broadwaybelter 2013-01-03 02:57:17

The only major difference is that Roundabout is a not for profit theater. They also cater to a subscriber base. General rule of thumb: unused tickets=money lost.

Booth Theatre - Woolf - Post Dated Ticket
Posted by chrisampm2 2013-01-03 03:08:15

Bwybelter, I don't know where your thumb's been, but I've been seated at other performances for every show I've missed, even in commercial theaters. I haven't tried it at sold-out shows, but most get to a point where they stop selling out. This one has never sold out.

Booth Theatre - Woolf - Post Dated Ticket
Posted by bwayphreak234 2013-01-03 03:57:10

Broadway belter is actually correct about the general rule of thumb.
I work at a theatre that gets pretty much all the major Broadway tours... Once a show passes that ticket TECHNICALLY has no monetary value. I can understand how it is different on broadway though and how it would be easier to make exceptions.

Booth Theatre - Woolf - Post Dated Ticket
Posted by ahhrealmonsters 2013-01-03 06:11:29

I can't talk for the current production, but the box office staff at the Booth were very gracious in allowing me to past-date a ticket. That being said, it's not something to expect from a theatre. It is a nice courtesy that occasionally happens. And based on ticket sales for Woolf, you should be able to past-date it. At this point, during the "slow season" on Broadway, your seat would be acting as a seat-filler comp.

Booth Theatre - Woolf - Post Dated Ticket
Posted by CapnHook 2013-01-03 08:21:11

They are under no obligation to re-issue your ticket to a new date.

That being said, you should still visit the box office to request them to exchange your ticket. They will likely do it for a weekday evening performance. It will be less likely (though they will probably still do it) if you request a matinee or evening performance.

Box offices for Broadway shows grant these requests based on ticket availability. A greedy producer could instruct the box office not to grant these requests, but I have not heard of that happening before (for a show that has availability).

Booth Theatre - Woolf - Post Dated Ticket
Posted by WOSQ 2013-01-03 09:35:17

Telecharge is the box office-by-phone for the Shubert houses. Call them for weeknights or Wed matinee and ask if they are past-dating for that day's performance. Don't call at 10. Give them some time to assemble the info. Customer Service will set up the past date for that night. Bring the original tickets with you.

As has been said previously, this policy is a courtesy.

Booth Theatre - Woolf - Post Dated Ticket
Posted by craig238 2013-01-03 21:41:54

Thanks to everyone for their input - I did contact Telecharge and here was their answer:

The procedure for honoring "Past-Dated" tickets is as follows:

1. Arrangements can only be made on the day of the performance you are able to attend.

2. Call (212) 239-6210 after 11am on the weekday you wish to attend, Monday - Thursday. For a Wednesday evening performance it is necessary to call after 3pm. Please note schedules vary from show to show. There is no Past-dating on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or during the final week of a production's engagement.

3. Ask the operator if we are honoring "Past-Dated" tickets for the show for which you purchased tickets. Please specify the original performance date and time as well as the number of tickets you are holding. If accommodations can be made for that day's performance, we will do so at that time. Upon arriving at the theatre, inform them that you are on the "Past-Dated" list. If you have the tickets in your possession, you must bring them to the theatre: YOU WILL NOT BE SEATED WITHOUT THEM. If your tickets were being held at the box office, you will need to supply the original performance date as well as personal identification.

The courtesy of past-dating is strictly subject to box office discretion and ticket sales. Past-dated tickets are valid only for the production and theatre for which they were purchased. Should you have any questions please call the Telecharge.comĀ Customer Service Department at 212-239-2969 (tri-state area) or 888-268-2020 (outside tri-state area) between the hours of 9am - 9pm Monday through Saturday and 9am - 6pm on Sunday.