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Grease 94 Revival Need Help!
Posted by Wizard212 2012-12-06 16:44:17

I am looking for anyone who can give me information on finding sheet music (orchestra or piano not vocal) or accompaniment tracks to match the Extended Version of the song "Those Magic Changes" from the 94 Revival. Any information would help!


Grease 94 Revival Need Help!
Posted by CATSNYrevival 2012-12-06 17:08:41

trade with someone on

Grease 94 Revival Need Help!
Posted by BrodyFosse123 2012-12-06 17:24:20

And the revival was titled GREASE! (not GREASE).

Grease 94 Revival Need Help!
Posted by Wizard212 2012-12-06 20:58:06

Ty Brody....

Anyone else?

Grease 94 Revival Need Help!
Posted by Phillytheatreguy10 2012-12-07 11:13:51

I honetsly don't know that there is extended sheet music for it. I was in a production as Doody, and the music director added the encore like the '94 version, but it was something they wrote out and wasn't included in the libretto. If memory serves correctly (it's been awhile since I've listened to the cd) the extension just repeats the same as the orginal, meaning it doesn't change key or anything. I could understand for audition purposes why that would be an issue. The '94 orchestrations and recording, in my opinion, are the best versions of this music- the revival kind of sucked the fun out of the show, based on listening to the recording alone. Good Luck none the less!

Grease 94 Revival Need Help!
Posted by goodoneinlou2 2012-12-07 14:13:12

Somone posted about the '94 revival a few days ago, and I responded to that. In that response I remarked how I enjoyed it, saw it at least 6-8 times and actually miss it's "camp" quality.

I also remarked that Sam Harris' "Those Magic Changes" literally stopped the show about 15 minutes in. (It's like the 3rd song in the show.) But Sam wasn't in the role very long on Broadway, from what I recall, and subsequent actors didn't have his "chops."

That having been said, the version you hear on the '94 cast recording was unique to Sam. John McDaniel orchestrated the song with an encore that all "Doodies" sang. But Sam's version was unique though in that it scaled up to show off his insane range by having (I believe) an extra note.

There are 5 final notes in the encore of Sam's version (Mah-ah-ah-oo-ooooore) that scale up to the rafters. However my recollection is that the 3rd note in "Mah-ah-ah-oo-ooooore" was not sung by the other actors I saw perform Doody following him. They only sang the word with 4 notes vs Sam's 5.

Quite frankly, nothing or no one ever touched Sams version. It was, and is, an incredible vocal treat. BTW... here is the "live version" (minus the encore) captured on YouTube:

You'll notice in that video that there is (I believe-Im not a musician) a key change up before the verse "I'll Be Waitin By The Radio."