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Show Songs for Thanksgiving
Posted by After Eight 2012-11-21 08:48:49

Some people watch football games on Thanksgiving Day. I don't, but one tradition I've established is to play "The Big Clown Balloons" right beore the parade. That always puts me in the happiest mood, and revives so many wonderful memories of our beloved theatre.

I thought it might be nice to think of some other show songs that can help get us into the spirit of the occasion.

We Sail the Seas (Ben Franklin in Paris)
Turkey Lurkey Time (Promises, Promises)
The Thank You Song (Maggie Flynn)
Plenty of Pennsylvania (Plain and Fancy)
Bless This Land (Tenderloin)
This Cornucopian Land (Cry for Us All)
Here's to Us (Little Me)

And from the last-named,

"Here's to us, for all that we have
And the road that we've traveled so far."

Hoping everyone has a happy Thanksgiving Day.

Show Songs for Thanksgiving
Posted by Wynbish 2012-11-21 09:44:47

Happy Thanksgiving!

All Good Gifts from Godspell could fit with some people's religious inclination come Thanksgiving

Show Songs for Thanksgiving
Posted by Phyllis Rogers Stone 2012-11-21 09:50:50

Strictly speaking, Turkey Lurkey is celebrating Christmas.

Show Songs for Thanksgiving
Posted by JoeKv99 2012-11-21 10:02:50

We Need A Little Christmas takes place during the week after Thanksgiving.

Show Songs for Thanksgiving
Posted by notabb 2012-11-21 19:24:54

How about " Thanksgivingn Day " from THE GOOD OLD BAD OLD DAYS

Show Songs for Thanksgiving
Posted by CATSNYrevival 2012-11-21 20:12:59

There's also a rock opera called "Plymouth Rock" that deals a bit with the Pilgrims arriving in Plymouth, though it doesn't really touch on thanksgiving all that much. It might be because that whole aspect of the story is debatable. It's on itunes.

Show Songs for Thanksgiving
Posted by christhefish 2012-11-22 09:20:04

I've always been partial to "I'm Here" from The Color Purple. Maybe it does not technically meet the definition of a Thanksgiving Song but the lyric...

...I'm thankful for every day that I'm given, both the easy and hard ones I'm living...

The perfect lyric to convey the very Thanksgiving concept of Thankfulness.

Show Songs for Thanksgiving
Posted by henrikegerman 2012-11-22 10:48:27

caveat: some of these are only subjectively Thanksgivingy

"A Hundred Million Miracles" FLOWER DRUM SONG
"My Favorite Things" and "Something Good" THE SOUND OF MUSIC
"I Belong Here" THE GRAND TOUR
"My Heart is So Full of You," "Happy to Make Your Acquaintance," and "Warm All Over" THE MOST HAPPY FELLA
"No Cure Like Travel" ANYTHING GOES
"All Good Gifts" GODSPELL
"I've Got Plenty of Nuttin'" PORGY AND BESS
"I Got Rhythm" GIRL CRAZY
"I've Got the Sun in the Mornin' and the Moon at Night" ANNIE GET YOUR GUN
"Here I'll Stay" LOVE LIFE
"Things Are Looking Up" A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS
"I Miss You Old Friend" DREAMGIRLS

Show Songs for Thanksgiving
Posted by Someone in a Tree2 2012-11-22 11:47:07

What's more Thanksgiving-y than cornucopias? So I nominate:
"I too have a cornu-
Copia of imperfections..." from LOVE WILL SEE US THROUGH, from FOLLIES.