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Golden Boy Previews
Posted by RippedMan 2012-11-10 01:24:47

Anyone see it ?

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by teacake823 2012-11-10 23:48:17

Saw it tonight. I thought it was fantastic! I actually wasn't that familiar with the play, but was thrilled by both the story and the production (though Lorna's shoes drove me nuts the entire time). I thought it was a beautifully-directed, well-acted, engaging piece. Seth Numrich is brilliant as Joe...and you could hear the entire audience gasp at certain moments in the third act. I Three hours flew by, which means something is being done right. Overall, another win for Bart Sher and LCT!

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by WhizzerMarvin TrinaJasonMendel 2012-11-11 00:09:55

Holy Crap. Bartlett has done it again. One of the best directors working today by miles and miles. Whatever LCT is paying him it isn't enough. Just when I was down in the dumps about theater and the prospects of a three hour drama seemed unlikely to lift my spirits, Golden Boy rejuvenated me. I can't put my feelings for Bartlett any better than Cyd Charisse did, and the sentiment seems so appropriate this evening...

Baby, You Knock Me Out

Seth Numrich (the lead from War Horse) plays Joe so completely and so brilliantly, and this is the SECOND PREVIEW. It's a monster of a part and he's stunning.

Tony Shalhoub is also working wonders up there. His accent is impeccable and the physicality he brings to the role- you can see the whole character by the shuffle of his step and the slight slump of his shoulders. A performance of details that are sent up to the balcony.

Yvonne Strahovski is making her Broadway debut as Lorna (that's not daunting!) and she's fantastic too. Her two scenes with Joe on the park bench are very strong and she looks great in Catherine Zuber's dresses.

Then you've got Danny Mastrogiorgio, Anthony Crivello, Michael Aronov and Danny Burstein turning out terrific performances of their own. I mean what's with this cast? Don't they need previews like normal people to work on their performances?

The floor of the stage has been set with a series of subway grates (5x6) that are lit from below. Four large wooden decks move on and off the stage, dressed with different furniture for the various locations, but it's all very minimal. The lighting design is effective and award worthy.

Right now this show is flying under the radar, but I think word of mouth will be very strong. Thanks to everyone involved for such a great night.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by followspot 2012-11-11 00:55:44

Terrific production.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by sinister teashop 2012-11-11 01:11:43

I didn't like it. Good taste isn't the same thing as good theater.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by egghumor 2012-11-11 01:30:55

I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! Thank you teacake and whizzer, et al. I just knew from the way it was cast, etc., that this would be the one to behold this fall... Thanks for confirming my suspicions. This is a production that moiself would gladly pay current Broadway prices to see.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by RippedMan 2012-11-11 03:03:43

I can't wait for my next night off. I'm so going to see this. Been a fan of Seth's for awhile now, and glad to see he's finally stepping into the spotlight.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-11 08:43:00

Great evening of theatre. Really, really great. Great writing with wonderful characterizations, and very well acted and directed. Lorna's shoes bothered me too - looking like black orthopedic oxfords - but I think, being previews, that her "real" shoes just aren't ready yet(I hope). Besides the shoes, I only have a couple of quibbles, which I'm sure will also be fixed, and they are both set related. The flat with Moody's office door needs to be better secured. Every time it was used (frequently) it wobbled around. The other thing was a drop at the back of the locker room set. It was supposed to be windows and looked very effective until someone would enter or exit (frequently) right next to it and it flopped around. Like I said, all quibbles that I'm sure will be addressed. The performances were so good, that I really cannot imagine them getting better in the preview process, but they probably will.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-11 08:43:31


Golden Boy Previews
Posted by After Eight 2012-11-11 08:45:27

A solid production. The design is highly effective, in the spirit of the Ashcan School.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by iluvtheatertrash 2012-11-11 08:54:08

Anyone know if there's student rush, and how it works?

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by AC126748 2012-11-11 09:05:49

This is the production I am most excited for this fall. The comments are making me even more excited. Can't wait to go next weekend.

iluvtheatertrash--Most LCT shows have rush; there is also the LincTix program, which makes $30 tickets available in advance to anyone under 35. You just have to register with the LCT website.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by #1Elphie 2012-11-11 10:55:33

I'm also seeing it next weekend and am excited, especially after reading the positive comments on here. I got my ticket through LincTix (and it's a great seat, too).
What's the running time?

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by followspot 2012-11-11 11:01:02

Just under 3 hours including 2 intermissions.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by Dollypop 2012-11-11 11:34:54

I haven't seen this production but judging from the praise here for Bart Sher, I can't help but wonder why he wasn't up to the demands of directing new material in WOMEN ON THE VERGE. Don't get me wrong, I've really enjoyed Sher's work very much, but WOMEN had great things going for it and needed a director who could shape it into something really grand. That didn't happen.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by wickedfan 2012-11-11 11:42:11

Why couldn't Hal Prince make Merrily We Roll Along work?
Or Michael Bennett Ballroom?
Or Nicholas Hytner Sweet Smell of Success?
Or Michael Blakemore The Life?

Sh*t happens sometimes with great directors. That's all.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by Dollypop 2012-11-11 11:46:04

I guess you're right.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by defyingravity11 2012-11-11 11:53:16

I was there last night and it's a beautiful production with an amazing cast. The transitions between scenes need work (they make a three hour play feel even longer). And there were a few pacing issues, but it's in really good shape. I already have tickets for January to see how it develops throughout the run.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by WhizzerMarvin TrinaJasonMendel 2012-11-11 12:08:35

Yes, Bartlett did have a misstep with Women on the Verge, but really it wasn't completely his fault. I don't think the material was ready for Broadway. That show desperately needed an out of town try-out or an off-Broadway production before sending it to the Belasco. Too much work needed to be done and no director/creative team was going to be able to accomplish it in the time allotted.

As the OBCR proves the score is remarkably strong, and you could make something out of the show. I'd love to hear what Bartlett has to say about the experience and how he felt about the "finished" product that opened on Broadway.

Look at the rest of his Broadway resume though: Piazza, South Pacific, Awake and Sing and Joe Turner's. Directing noms for all four, and don't forget about Blood and Gifts or his work at the Met. He is a current master of his craft, and Women of the Verge will go down as a fascinating flop rather than a forgotten one.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by RippedMan 2012-11-11 12:12:24

I agree. I mean, sure, it was a flop. But it's not like it was Scandalous. I saw Women on the Verge twice. It was a fascinating mess of a show. And I liked what he brought to the show. I just think the Belasco was way too small for it, and the design was too heavy.

And there is always student rush or Lincoln Center. Just go to the box office and ask. I"m sure it'll be in the balcony unless you do a Linc Tix thing.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by iluvtheatertrash 2012-11-11 12:49:19

Thanks, AC! Just snagged a 32$ ticket, third row center orchestra for today's matinee!

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by little_sally 2012-11-11 14:25:18

You've all sold me on this one, thank you!

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by goldenboy 2012-11-11 17:59:59

Women on the Verge was eons worse than Scandalous.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by iluvtheatertrash 2012-11-11 19:12:29

Just got back... oh, it is wonderful. So moving, powerful, and well-acted. But Bartlett Sher is the quiet star here. His direction is genius, and impeccable.

Tony Shaloub is magnificent in his specificity. Seth Numrich's rise and fall are heart-breaking to watch.

I imagine that this will be a ferocious, tour-de-force once opening arrives.

The play itself feels dated at times, but if you can look past that it is an incredible evening of theatre.

SPOILER: Sher adds a signature touch in Lorna and Joe's final scene as the back wall rises into the air and we are drenched in a stark whiteness as we wait for the news of Joe's death... The doom is palpable.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by AC126748 2012-11-11 19:47:30

I love Sher--and I haven't seen this production yet, so I can't really judge--but that sounds exactly like what he did near the end of AWAKE AND SING and JOE TURNER'S COME AND GONE. Is that his signature move that he needs to work into everything?

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by iluvtheatertrash 2012-11-11 20:23:44

It's a little bit different here, but yes, it is becoming a sort of signature. It's not quite as drastic as it was in AWAKE AND SING! as this is only the upstage wall (which does return). But the moment is striking.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by cglaid 2012-11-14 11:28:22

I must've seen a different show. Actually, it's really the script I had problems with. Overall, fine performances. Notable mentions to Seth Numrich and Tony Shalhoub - both fantastic in their roles. Seth carried the show convincingly. I was really excited to see Yvonne in this production, and while she did fine for her Broadway debut, she was hit or miss mostly. The second act was her strongest act.

Spoilers below.

However, that said... The transitions, while I get what effect they were going for, carried on way too long and became almost comical. There were gaping plot holes, dropped subplots, and inconsistent characters, most especially Joe's brothers. And the arc between Joe and Lorna was so all over the place starting when Lorna was supposed to "break up" with Moody. If a guy threw money at me like I was a common whore (or tramp, as she referred to herself), and said those despicable things, it should've been game over. Then that scene in Moody's office where the barrage of insults continued, forget it. There was absolutely no motivation for them to then run off together. And then the end was so abrupt, I felt like I was in the car wreck myself. It was completely unfulfilling and actually, almost laughable. I didn't think it accomplished the desired effect, especially with this one brother, who we never saw, nor care about, delivering the news of Joe and Lorna's deaths. One massive cut I would've liked were all the scenes with the other boxer in the dressing room. Since we never saw him again, nor did he and Joe fight, he was completely useless to the story and the show. That could've been an easy 20 minutes of cuts.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by Holster2 2012-11-14 12:16:08

I cannot wait to see this production. It is such a wonderful play! I can only imagine how great Seth is in this part.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-14 12:32:28

cglaid said: "There were gaping plot holes, dropped subplots, and inconsistent characters, most especially Joe's brothers. And the arc between Joe and Lorna was so all over the place."

I think you actually did see a different show than I did. I saw not one plot hole, dropped subplot or inconsistent character. And I had no problem with Joe and Lorna. Perhaps you would like to elaborate on these points?

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by Cape Twirl of Doom 2012-11-14 18:26:53

I didn't think it accomplished the desired effect, especially with this one brother, who we never saw, nor care about, delivering the news of Joe and Lorna's deaths.

I don't think it was the show that had trouble with the plot if you think the brother was a new character that only came in during that final scene...

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-14 22:11:46

Maybe the bandage on his head threw him off.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by RippedMan 2012-11-15 00:09:35

Cglaid, I kind of agree.

While the production is top-notch, and the performances great - (Seth and Tony are incredible), I thought the show itself was kind of ho-hum. I mean, lots of stuff are told - the brother-in-law wants a cab - but then nothing is really ever resolved.

The brother character was strange. I didn't really see the need for him, and a lot of the other characters that were thrown in. Most of them felt superfluous to the plot.

The girlfriend was awful. Just a bad actress. Maybe the part isn't bad, but with In fact, I thought all the women were bad. The sister was bad too. Just felt very amateur and not like a real grounded person.

The transitions need a lot of work. Like Women on the Verge, this show felt over-designed. I felt like they could have staged the show a lot simpler. I hate when we can see stage hands come on and move the scenery around with the actors. Especially with such a big, beautiful production. It just cheapens it. Also, why did the one with scene in the park - with the tree and bench - have to have a stop light? It just kept me thinking "Why are they standing in the middle of the street?" Seemed like an odd design choice.

Also - this is a play thing - I find it amusing when multiple characters leave a room in a huff. Example, when they're all in the office and the reporters leave, then Tokyo, then Joe. I mean, aren't they all going to see each other on the elevator?

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by henrikegerman 2012-11-15 07:30:07

Interesting comments. Maybe Odets could step in and offer some rewrites.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-15 08:29:08

The cab business is resolved. The father says he is not going to buy it, and instead he produces the very expensive violin that he bought for Joe's birthday.

And personally, I liked both actresses very much. The only thing I agree with is the transitions. I like the idea of them, but they took too much time to complete when I saw it. I thought that might be a technical issue and would be cleared up in time. We'll see.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by Movidude742 2012-11-15 08:53:29

The only thing that bothered me about the stoplight was that it was erd in all directions at once, then green in all directions at once.

I wouldn't want to be on that park bench, an accident is definitely going to happen . . . oh wait

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by Play Esq. 2012-11-15 09:20:13

"Bartlett has done it again. One of the best directors working today by miles and miles."

I gotta put a big 'ol asterisk right at the end of this sentence, Whizzer: one of the best THEATER directors working today. That sentence I can go along with, but after the travesties that were/are "Les contes d'Hoffmann," "Le comte Ory," and most recently "L'elisir d'amore" at the Met -- his praise as a director MUST contain a caveat.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by RippedMan 2012-11-15 12:29:02

I wasn't blown away by his direction. I think again, there are some issues with the actual production. The transitions just take too long, and are awkward. During the first park bench scene there was this beautiful movie-esque music and then it just abruptly went into the transition music. Was really jarring and odd.

And in reference to the cab business: No, it's mentioned a few times again. Like when the father returns the $200. She says give it to your brother-in-law for his cab business. Then nothing happens.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-15 12:43:23

The Cab: The father is not buying the cab. Resolved. Brother-in-law leaves message for Joe that the money that he sent to his father could be used for the cab since the father refused it. Joe dies. No cab. Resolved. And I would hardly call the cab business a "plot point."
**********END SPOILER**********

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by sinister teashop 2012-11-15 13:13:07

Re: Odets and rewrites. It's not my favorite Odets play but if you read it, the play moves at breakneck speed. Sher's production slows down and aestheticizes the play. That said, Sher creates a space for his actors to do some very fine character work. But the biggest problem is that though the individual characterizations are strong, and often finely illustrated in both emotional and period detail, they don't connect and cohere enough to create a central combustible conflict and the play fails to come alive. At least that was the case when I saw it.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-15 13:24:56

I wonder if the pace will pick up by the time it opens. Or do you feel the pace was purely a directorial choice?

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by sinister teashop 2012-11-15 13:29:05

Hm, pacing is that magical word, right? I don't really believe in it. I think pacing usually means the way information is being communicated from the stage to the audience.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-15 15:15:50

If not "pacing," what did you mean by the direction slowing down the play?

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by sinister teashop 2012-11-15 15:25:16

I said the production "slows down and aestheticizes the play". That's not necessarily a pacing issue. You can slow down a musical composition and still make it compelling.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-15 15:34:30

I'm just interested in how specifically you felt the play was slowed down.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by RippedMan 2012-11-15 17:10:21

The transitions def. make it feel choppy. I love design, but I just felt like this whole show was over designed. I mean, before the beginning of ACT 3, the curtain rose and a chair was placed before the curtain. Then the scene comes alive, and no one even uses the chair. So.... why go through all that trouble?

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by Plum 2012-11-15 18:28:24

It was for Imaginary President Obama.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by bobs3 2012-11-15 19:09:15

Sher is a brilliant director and he has been offered Artistic Director positions at numerous regional non-profits across the country but he has been promised the LCT AD position when Andre Bishop retires. Sher is pretty much given free reign to do whatever he wants at LCT. Bishop is 64 so don't expect him to retire anytime soon but you can't blame Sher for being willing to wait for that huge LCT budget and endowment.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by vegas2 2012-11-15 19:17:29

How can I get a decent seat for this? For my available dates in early December, Telecharge is only offering rear orchestra or mezzanine. I hope it does well enough to extend so I'll have a better shot at a front orchestra seat for my next trip to NYC.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by bobs3 2012-11-15 19:22:34

LCT members get first dibs on the "good seats". So don't expect any orchestra seats unless the play extends.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by vegas2 2012-11-15 21:35:45

Okay, then I hope this will be HUGE hit and extend through February, even if there are some cast changes.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-15 22:11:51

I got a orchestra seat from TDF last week.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by vegas2 2012-11-15 22:53:35

Good to know. I'll keep checking as my dates approach.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by AGermano 2012-11-15 23:04:30

Where in the orchestra, eperkins? Going tomorrow night through TDF!

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by iflip4musicals 2012-11-15 23:06:18

I just got a LincTix Orchestra A2 for next Saturday night, very excited!

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by RippedMan 2012-11-16 01:18:43

Yeah I got a LincTix the day before. Front row center. The stage is high though, so unless you're tall I'd say sit back a few, or even up in the balcony.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-16 07:20:46

AGermano: My seat was J18. So I was pretty close, but off to the side. A bit farther than I would have liked, but only extreme stage left was out of sight, and not much happened there. Then the two (very large) people sitting to my left did not come back after the first intermission, so I moved 2 seats over more center, and that was much better.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by topflight 2012-11-20 15:15:37

I am going soon and am pretty hopeful. Seems like most feedback has been positive, especially towards the cast.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by Wee Thomas2 2012-11-26 14:19:58

Loved the show when we saw it on Saturday. Had 3rd row seats for $79 or so from broadwaybox or, which is actually too close, as it's a high stage. I'd recommend at least row 7 so you can see everything.

We also got an extra 10 minutes of run time, as in the beginning of Act III (and they did keep the intermissions to 10 minutes), one of the sets got stuck near the back of the stage. First a technician came out and tried to unstick it, then the curtain came down and a disembodied voice told us that they were working on the problem.

I agree with prior comments -- the sets were great, but I don't think they had to be as all-encompassing as they were. They slow down the transitions between scenes. The lighting couldn't have been better and the acting was tremendous. Should be a few awards heading their way.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-26 14:58:19

I was hoping they would get those scene transitions to move more quickly - I thought it was a technical thing. But I guess not! Didn't keeping me from liking the show - a lot.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by Ed_Mottershead 2012-11-26 17:19:04

Glad to say I've finally seen the play, but had some major reservations about the two leads -- he did not have the physique of a boxer and was otherwise unconvincing and she left me cold. Tony Shalhoub and Anthony Crivello were fine and I was impressed by some of the sets, particulary the locker room/gymnasium effects. There was a technical glitch at the end of the show -- had to lower curtain to adjust the set -- five minutes before the end of the play which broke the cumlative effect. Be warned: the first act is almost 90 minutes and is the most slow-moving of the three.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-26 17:30:33

"he did not have the physique of a boxer"

Do you think Luther Adler, who played Joe in the original Broadway production (and pictured here with Francis Farmer, playing Lorna) had more of a boxer physique?

Perhaps you are not aware that there are different weight classifications for boxing? Seth Numrich would be a middleweight, I think. And he was plenty fit enough looking too, IMHO.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by topflight 2012-11-26 19:50:17

Yeah, I agree the fitness of the lead was in line with 1930s boxing. As for the acting of the two leads, I found them both quite affecting and terrific. I have seen Seth Numrich before and enjoyed him then and in this. As for the actress who played Lorna Moon, I quite liked her. Her character is quite hard but she had a certain vulnerability.

Burstein, Shaloub, and the actor who played Tom were great too.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by mamaleh 2012-11-27 11:58:50

Love the great buzz this is getting. Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by Sauja 2012-11-27 12:27:03

I guess every play and production has at least one detractor, and unfortunately, I find myself in that role for this Golden Boy.

Much as Joe is a bit of a mystery at the heart of the story (we puzzle over his motivations, wonder who he is and who he'll become), I feel like the actor who plays him needs to have answered those questions for himself. Rather than be crisp and clear and making me wonder about Joe's hidden depths, I found Seth Numrich's performance vague and, as such, not particularly moving. And I didn't feel he got much help from Yvonne Strahovski's Lorna. I could not buy her as a woman of the world who had gotten through abusive relationships and developed hard edges and steely resolve.

The machinations of the play are now widely visible to the audience. At first intermission, someone behind me said, "Well, I guess the only question is if a hand is going to break in Act 2 or Act 3." I have no complaints about the fact that in some older plays, particularly melodramas, the conventions have become transparent with time. But without feeling a curiosity about what's going to happen, the audience really needs to be able to connect with the characters on stage. And I just didn't find that here. With Lorna or Joe or Moody. The actors who really registered for me were Burstein and Shaloub--both in smaller roles, who seemed more comfortable with the style of the play and could put across melodrama without losing that kernel of natural human emotion.

Add on some very real overdesign across the board (scenery mostly, but costumes, lighting, and sound all suffered similar problems) and those dreadful scene transitions, and this just became a bit of a slog.

A strong play (though for me not Odets' best), I simply found it underserved by this particular production.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-11-27 13:32:53

Good review, Sauja. I don't agree with your assessments of the performances, but I do like the fact that you went into the hows and whys of your conclusions. Good criticism, whether you agree or not, is often enlightening.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by AndersonTours 2012-11-28 00:15:16

Sauja, we saw the same play.

While I liked the evening overall more than you did,
I didn't feel anything - and I wanted to so very much - ANYTHING for the two leads. I just felt that Joe was a mystery to me and I never really connected with him and Lorna would have been better served by another actress. Not trying to be mean, she is just not good enough. IMHO.

Agree that Burstein & Shalhoub were in fine form - as many others have also said. Wouldn't be surprised if nominations were in their future - depending on the rest of the season, of course. But they made Odets' difficult language human and real. No easy feat. It's why I go to the theater. To see great acting moments like the ones they had. Beautiful work by both.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by callitquits 2012-11-28 00:58:35

I wish "Go On" didn't exist, because I think Laura Benanti could have really knocked Lorna out of the park.

I really loved most aspects of this production, but Strahovski's voice/accent were a little too Lina Lamont/"dumb gangster's moll" for me, and I didn't buy her strength -- the point, of course, is that Lorna's hard exterior masks a vulnerable little girl beneath, but here, it seemed all weak little girl. It made the angrier Joe/Lorna interactions a little late-in-the-play Othello/Desdemona at times, and I loved Numrich's performance, so I would rather Lorna be stronger to match his Joe than have him dial down any of his riveting intensity. Again, I bet if "Go On" wasn't happening, Benanti would have been on Sher's short list of potential Lornas, and I think this production would have been better for it, but... que sera, sera.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by topflight 2012-11-28 01:28:29

Always interesting to hear different viewpoints. The leads were very good to me. She really touched me for some reason. I felt the cast was super strong across the board and its the main strength of the production. If I were to be negative on anything it would be the play itself is a bit creaky, but the performances overrode that and made it enjoyable.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by jayinchelsea 2012-11-30 23:35:54

Melodrama is a lost art, and I think Bart Sher really gets it. Yes, the play is long, but Sher understood the essence of Odets, as he proved last time with AWAKE AND SING, and he nails it. I loved the scene transitions, loved Seth and Yvonne in the leads, and was amazed by Tony Shalhoub, who played all the cliches as though they were real and had never been performed before. Great opportunity to see Odets in a full production, hope Sher continues to mine the Odets canon in these full-out productions.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by RippedMan 2012-12-01 00:17:03

I liked him. I wasn't blown away, but yeah, I liked him. Her. Not so much. She was awful.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by eperkins 2012-12-02 18:38:38

So, My second viewing of Golden Boy at today's matinee. Again a TDF ticket, and almost the exact same orchestra seat I had before - except this time house left instead of right. (J17 this time, J18 last time). Performances, for me, were still on the money. Running time was about 10 minutes shorter (about 2:50 this time), and the transitions seemed shorter (although I know some people will still say they are too long). I did notice that some transitions couldn't really go any faster, because there were costume changes involved, and they need every bit of the time to do them. And speaking of costumes, Miss Moon now has several pair of shoes in her expanded wardrobe.

The show opens this coming Thursday, December 6th.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by JackiesBroJoe 2012-12-02 19:03:55

I went Friday night and had excellent TDF seats on the aisle. We found the production thrilling. I had read it in college many years ago but never seen it staged. The transitions were poetry in motion - the kind of expressionist work you don't see often on Broadway. Seems like some solid work was done in previews -- didn't see any of the problems mentioned earlier in this thread. Wishing everyone involved the best.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by newintown 2012-12-04 12:55:04

I thought this was a really enjoyable experience. Sure, Shaloub's accent is weird, and there's a lot of acting going on that many will find inappropriate based upon their familiarity with the play.

But it's fun to see a big old play done in a big old way. Strange to think that in 1937, when Golden Boy premiered, there were 128 non-musical plays presented on Broadway, many of them employing 20+ actors, some of whom had 1 line (or no lines). (This year, we had 24.)

How often do we see a play today with key scenes featuring 8 actors, all of them intrinsic to the action?

A fun change of pace.

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by darion 2013-01-10 10:44:28

Golden Boy Previews
Posted by WiCkEDrOcKS 2013-01-15 22:23:54

I saw this tonight and have to echo all of the resounding positive buzz around this knockout (no pun intended) production. I had never seen or read GOLDEN BOY before this evening and was just floored by Odets' brilliant writing. Bart Sher has done with this show what Roundabout needs to learn to do. He's done far more than simply blow the dust off of an old chestnut and slavishly toss it onstage. He, this fantastic cast, and brilliant design team have brought this text back to life and molded this mounting into a truly exhilarating, challenging, and breathtaking theatrical experience.

Sure, the first act drags a bit but it all comes together by the end and the decision to make the first act markedly more pensive and slow makes the final impact all the more impressive and startling. Sher has outdone himself once again.

The cast is uniformly great, with high marks going to Danny Burstein, Danny Mastrogiorgio, and Seth Neumrich who is beyond impressive in a very difficult role. I wasn't crazy about Tony Shaloub, Yvonne Strahovsky, or Dagmara Dominczyk, but they are far from disastrous. The sets, costumes, and lights are all strikingly beautiful and evocative. The show really could not look better.

After this and THE PIANO LESSON, my theatergoing experiences of 2013 are off to a fantastic start. It's a true shame this emotionally resonant and beautiful show will be gone in a few days. While not absolutely flawless or perfect (what show is?) there are certainly moments and scenes in this production that really remind you just how powerful and transportative live theater can truly be. And it doesn't get better than that. Just fantastic.