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Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by Younger Brother 2012-11-06 17:02:27

Did anybody get to see the 2002 Oklahoma! revival? How was it? I'm watching the DVD from when it was filmed in London and quite enjoy it, although it's really my first experience with the show (a professional production, at least)

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by aasjb4ever 2012-11-06 17:08:49

Carousel did it better. Seriously, Oklahoma’s one of the most snore-inducing shows I’ve ever barely sat through.

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by qolbinau 2012-11-06 17:11:52

The DVD is my first (and only) experience with the show. I remember being most shocked at "Lonely Room", it's so brooding and somewhat hopeless, and that dissonant woodwind sounds like Sondheim wrote it and put it in the show retrospectively, lol. Does this song have a 'story'?

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by Mister Matt 2012-11-06 17:42:36

I love everything about Oklahoma. Historically speaking, it is considered the most influential musical in Broadway history and though it may now seem dated, I still find it utterly charming and at times, quite beautiful. I actually find its score stronger than that of Carousel and its book and characters more palatable. I only saw the revival on DVD and my biggest complaint was quite similar to others, which had to do with the changes in orchestrations and dance arrangements. I did like the staging, however.

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by jo 2012-11-06 18:39:14

I was lucky to have seen the staging in London, but only at the Lyceum instead of the RNT at the South Bank. I was glad that Trevor Nunn had the show filmed, as staged, so we can view it again and again - I love the songs ( even if I thought the original portrayals in the movie, except for the glorious singing and dancing, were not too impressive)!!

I did not know who the leading man was in that London staging ( the name did not mean anything then), except I thought he had a powerful musical theatre voice and a commanding stage presence. The next time I heard, he defected to Hollywood! LOL!

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by Dubliner 2012-11-06 18:44:29

I remember seeing it in the Olivier. There was a gasp when Hugh Jackman sauntered on singing O What a Beautiful Mornin. It was a fabulous evening - The Farmer and the Cowman raised the roof!

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by wickedfan 2012-11-06 19:10:07

The DVD is lovely.

When it transferred to Broadway it was very surreal. The designs were the same. The staging was essentially the same. And the material was the same. So why was the DVD lovely and the Broadway production such a bore? Casting.

The Broadway cast was just so mediocre compared to the London cast. Patrick Wilson, for all of his vocal gifts, was just not a charismatic Curly and he had zero chemistry with Josefina Gabrielle's tomboy Laurie, which took away a lot from her performance. With Jackman, who radiated sex and confidence, Gabrielle didn't seem as steely and unlikable, which she did when opposite Wilson. And the rest of the new cast (with the notable exception of Justin Bohon who had a great deal of energy and spunk, though was a rather standard Will Parker) was just so off the mark. Also, in the Gershwin it felt like everything was miles away.

Shuler Hensley managed to come back to America with the same chilling performance as Jud. But whenever he left the stage, there was nothing exciting happening.

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by EricMontreal22 2012-11-06 20:22:07

I saw it in London after Hugh had left the show, and thought it was really exciting live. I hate the DVD, but I have an issue with pseudo-live DVDs (like the ALW ones) where they record it on a soundstage and then throw in audience reaction shots.

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by frontrowcentre2 2012-11-06 22:05:00

I saw the 2002 OKLAHOMA! close to teh 4th of July and after seeing the Vanessa Williams revival of INTO THE WOODS I felt taht the Tony voters went teh wrong way in awarding Best revival to WOODS over OKLAHOMA! I did notfeel teh WOODS revival was in any way a travsty, just not sufficiently improving on the original. OKLAHOMA! played fresh and exciting and the was loudly cheered by the audience who attended that performance. I thought Patrick Wilson was a fine Curly, spunky and playful and singing his heart out. I was less impressed with Josephina Gabrielle as Laurey, but Andrea Marin was joy as Aunt Eller and Justin Bohon was sensational with his dancing in "Kansas City."

I have seen many productions of OKLAHOMA! over the years, but this 2002 Broadway edition was, for me , one of the most enjoyable. I enjoyed it far more than the video DVD edition with Jackman and the London cast. I think Jackman way overplays the role, while Wilson was more down to earth as Curly.

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by MattDe 2012-11-07 01:05:47

Did Shular win a tony ?

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by Wynbish 2012-11-07 01:17:40

Did Google say he did?

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by MattDe 2012-11-07 02:22:21

just checking

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by ajh 2012-11-07 06:50:53

I saw this in the National's Olivier with the exact same cast that appears on the DVD and was absolutely enthralled with it. In playing up the grittiness behind the folksiness of the piece, Trevor Nunn managed to make the darker numbers like Lonely Room and Poor Jud work in a way they hadn't before, and also secured a -to me- remarkable performance from Josefina Gabrielle as a far more interesting and psychologically complex Laurey than we usually get to see (she was also the first ever Laurey to dance her own Dream Ballet). Jackman was, of course, magnificent, and Shuler Hensley was a stunning Jud Fry. Saw it again when it transferred and still had a great time but was aware that the production worked better on an open stage.

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by Quiche2 2012-11-07 07:05:11

Saw a production of this where every part was played by a 10 year old. Pretty awful, but I think that the kids had fun. That was my only experience with the show. So I'm not a big fan until I see either the DVD or a professional production.

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by Jon 2012-11-07 07:14:30

One notable improvement in the Broadway cast compared to London: Aasif Mandvi (sp.?) as Ali Hakim. Instead of the usual white guy doing an offensive stereotype, we got an actual actor of color, who made Ali Hakim a charismatic fellow who you actually believed could charm Ado Annie. I mean, let's face it - in reality, the "Persian peddler" would be more likely to be lynched, rather than becoming an accepted member of the community.

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by Musicaldudepeter 2012-11-07 07:29:23

Peter Polycarpou played Hakim in the 1998 London production... He is an actor of color... So what are you talking about?

Oklahoma! 2002 revival
Posted by luvtheEmcee 2012-11-07 13:37:52

I loved it so much. I have really vivid memories of protesting my mother's choice to take my brother and I to see some show about dancing cowboys, and I fell totally in love with it.