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The Iowa upsets
Posted by Auggie27 2004-01-19 22:33:01

I've posted in several places how uncomfortable I am at the thought of a (Rove-approved) Dean candicacy. I am steadfast in my belief that he can't beat W. So I'm not displeased that we saw some major upsets in Iowa. But, whatever one thinks of Kerry vs. Dean, was anyone else startled to see the Edwards position? Wow. Who knew? This has to be trouble for the Dean campaign. Edward trumping Dean after the Dean ascendency spells a new barometer; the hearts and minds of troubled Democrats, not happy with Dean, are up for grabs. People aren't just fickle; they were never 100% pre-sold on Howard, wife by his side or anger ever-ready in his pocket. I think we felt too much was decided for us way too soon. So tonight, I feel new hope, as a Democrat, that we've got a shot to beat the Rove machinery. That's my focus, and will remain, through November.

re: The Iowa upsets
Posted by iflitifloat 2004-01-19 23:11:57

Kerry may have won, but I think Edwards may have gained the most from tonight's result. It's going to make people take a closer look at him. If I were Edwards, I'd think seriously about going straight to South Carolina and start campaigning there...let Kerry, Dean and Clark do their thing in NH, and if Edwards doesn't really campaign there, no one will make much of a 4th place finish. New Hampshire has never been very impressed by the Iowa results, but Kerry will probably do alright because he's from a neighboring state and knows and is known in the region. I predict that South Carolina will go to Clark and Edwards. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Posted by SueleenGay 2004-01-20 00:33:02

Gephardt is gone. Do we know who he will support?

Did you see the Daily Show? The was a very funny bumper sticker that said "I dated Dean and Married Kerry" then they updated it to add "And I finger banged Kucinich." I love Jon Stewart.

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Posted by FindingNamo 2004-01-20 00:39:12

Thank you for a true LOL, Sueleen.

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Posted by iflitifloat 2004-01-20 00:43:38

It wouldn't surprise me if he hangs back and then throws his support to the winner. I could be wrong, but I don't see him making a hasty endorsement. It's difficult to imagine him supporting Dean, things have been so contentious between them. But I think tonight may have been a fatal blow to Dean's campaign, so that may not be an issue anyway. ( BTW, I think Al Gore's endorsement turned out to be a negative for the Dean campaign, too. It changed him from the guy who had appeal as an outsider into a mainstream candidate. In a funny way, it stole his thunder. )

I was looking for The Daily Show earlier, got sidetracked and missed it. Stewart *is* terrific.

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Posted by MasterLcZ 2004-01-20 09:25:13

I got a call from a friend this morning who was thrilled Kerry did so well, and that Dean did so poorly.

There are lots of things I like Dean for ..but let's face it...the Rove-er boys will make mincemeat out of him if he is the Democratic candidate.

It was VERY smart for Clark to sit out Iowa.

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Posted by Auggie27 2004-01-20 09:36:25

Watching Dean's damage control this a.m. -- and the constant replaying of his bug-eyed, Howard Beale-esque rallying cry -- makes me realize how a little of him goes a long way. That's not a compliment. I don't think his temperament sells his ideas, and his brusque manner makes it hard to keep listening. No matter how strong his POV, the personal stamp he puts on his pollicies is AS important.

That's politics, folks. We have to want to spend time in the company of these people. The Presidency is a long-distance race; to me, Dean performs like a sprinter.

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Posted by Mr Roxy 2004-01-24 15:34:57

Even though I disagreed with Gephardt on many things, I respected him for keeping the Hate Bush rhetoric to a minimum & being somewhat about the rest. He discussed issues but the voters weren't buying his views. He reminded me of a baseball player who finally has to retire after a long career. I really felt sorry that the prize he fought for for so long alluded him & he now is leaving politics. I wish him luck in all his future endeavors

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Posted by Auggie27 2004-01-24 19:17:38

The situation changes hourly. In the Newsweek poll on the evening news, Bush has a new negative -- 52% would vote against him, and by a narrow margin, per this one poll, Kerry would pull past him. Well, at least in the popular vote.

This is causing pundits to speculate bigtime (watch the Sunday a.m. talking heads) because it's on the heels of the State of the Union. Perhaps the inclusion of steroid absuse,and the exclusion of a health care vision and even a serious nod to the ward dead took its toll. I'm not being cynical. My Republican friends were put off by his minimal mention of the sacrifices. Reagan, or even Daddy, would've put the widows/widowers of the brave fallen front and center in the Capitol. W doesn't want anyone's blood, sweat or tears too near him when he's Standing Tall.

I know Kerry, heretofore ignored, is shaking things up -- David Brookes started knocking him big time in the Saturday Times.

But as stated, things change hour by hour. I can't believe Dean is so down for the count -- I have a terror he'll pull a Nader if Kerry and Edward start to take off beyond NH.