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Member Name: brettystar
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Gender: Male
Location: Sydney, Australia
Occupation: Personal Assistant
Profile: I have only visited NY twice in my life but hope to again next year.

I prefer musical theater to straight drama. My favourite films are Drop Dead Gorgeous, Moulin Rouge, Sixth Sense, The Hours, The Wizard of Oz.

Favourite tv shows are Will and Grace, West Wing, The Golden Girls, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Sex and the City, Arrested Development, Ugly Betty.

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Australian Theatre to Re-Open with PIPPIN  Aug 21 2020, 02:35:37 AM

rosscoe(au) said: "Agree this ain’t gonna happen. Frozen and Hamilton will be delayed as well."

What I find interesting is that I have seen the advertisement for Pippin on TV a LOT in the past week - and I hardly watch free to air.  I just can't understand what the thinking is behind it, why pump all that money on TV if you know it isn't going to happen.... and the season so far is only three weeks long so it is not worth doing it to just accrue in

Australian Theatre to Re-Open with PIPPIN  Aug 19 2020, 02:33:57 AM

I am a little skeptical with this one.  I will buy my tickets nonetheless but I am not really expecting that is going to happen.

It is so odd that it seems to have more or less sprung up out of the blue - with a three month lead in for ticket sales - no cast announcement for a show that is largely unknown to those outside of the theatre world - and in the middle of a pandemic.

It perplexes me.

I am actually not even convinced that Frozen and Hamilton won't b

STREETCAR With Gillian Anderson Streams Today 5/21  May 27 2020, 12:50:59 AM

So much yelling.  Perhaps it was better to see it in the theatre than on screen but I had to keep turning the volume down again.... and again.  

I still enjoyed it and appreciated Anderson's performance on some level - but could have done without the relentless yelling of almost every other line.  

Carrie  May 11 2020, 01:25:13 AM

Thank you ARTc3 - that was a really enjoyable read.  I have always been intrigued and at times obsessed with the legend of the original Carrie on Broadway.  As much as I have read about it over the years it is great to have a first hand account.  I think you absolutely correct about the costumes and tone and over sexualisation of the story.  I think De Palma's film does something similar in this respect also but what they attempted on the stage unsuccessfully was a fai

Patti LuPone will be on WWHL At Home tonight  Apr 30 2020, 01:21:02 AM

CATSNYrevival said: "It’s the same with Glenn Close as far as I understand. When Glenn accepted Norma she likely didn’t know Patti was contracted for Broadway and then fired. Yet Patti still doesn’t seem to care for Glenn Close."

I thought they had buried the hatchet? I recall seeing the docu thing that LuPone's son made a few years ago where she catches up with Glenn C at a dinner function.... 'so much to say... and yet so little to say'

Shut down until June 7  Apr 29 2020, 02:10:01 AM

SmoothLover said: "What reality is Hugh Jackman living in?"

Exactly.  No matter how much I wish it wasn't the case, I just don't see how big productions would be able to return until at least March 2021. Perhaps the investors just want to hold on to the ticket sales money for as long as they can to accumulate the monetary interest.

I also don't think they could remove seats - and if they did would anyone want to experience a show in this way.&

Songs That Sound Exactly the Same  Apr 16 2020, 03:11:46 AM

BigDisneyFan said: "How I got the Calling - Sister Act Menken

I have a Dream - Tangled Menken

I wish they had kept 'How I got the calling' for Broadway!


Sophia Caruso departs Beetlejuice  Apr 16 2020, 02:11:56 AM

Whilst we will most likely never know what happened to lead to her abrupt exit, it appears that her Beetlejuice experience hasn't been the greatest for Sophia Caruso.

I hope that lessons are learnt and that everyone ends up happy in the end and that careers aren't ruined.

In regards to the way her mom intended to sell her gifts, I personally think it was a bad move from a PR perspective.  I mean we all get gifts we don't love and may even re gift bu

New Lydia Deetz ( who do you think should replace Sophia Anne Caruso ) ee  Mar 6 2020, 09:35:22 PM

I’m surprised they are going to move the show. If it hasn’t yet recouped it’s initial investment and it is going to cost extra to move and redesign the show I’m surprised they are just not going to call it a day and focus on the tour and other territories internationally. Especially if Alex Brightman leaves the show too. He is a draw for a lot of repeat attendees. Plus isn’t Presley one of the major tik tok champions? They will no doubt miss that too once she mov

Muriel’s Wedding coming to Broadway?  Dec 28 2019, 05:50:54 PM
I loved this musical so much. I saw it 7 times and still wanted to see it again.
Unfortunately though I just can’t see it working on Broadway. I think much of it would get lost in translation.
It could potentially work in the West End but even that’s not a given.

BEETLEJUICE Previews  Dec 24 2019, 08:41:08 PM

I hope this is an ok place to post this message. I don’t live in the US so my chances of seeing this musical before it finishes on Broadway are slim. To be honest the idea of Beetlejuice as a musical never floated my boat. I enjoyed the film when it was released but it’s no way a favourite film of mine. I decided to listen to the recording after hearing how it was smashing streaming records however (with very low expectations) and I absolutely love it. I read the reviews and posts

Alex Brightman Bootleg Tweets  Dec 24 2019, 07:56:17 PM

I’m in two minds on this. I think if it can be recorded and no one detects you doing so and you use it totally for personal use then it’s ok 100%. I think if you’re a die hard fan and you’ve paid to see it - perhaps multiple times and you just want a personal copy as there’s no other way to have it - then morally I have no issue with it. If they sold a copy of a live filming I would for sure buy it - but they so often don’t. However it should never dis

Patti LuPone reacts to news presenters playing Evita footage of someone else  Jun 25 2018, 06:59:20 AM
I saw her at the Opera House on Saturday evening and she was breathtaking.
I love this interview. There was no diva behaviour during the concert - she seemed generous, warm and in wonderful spirits.
She does love the city though due to her great time playing in Evita in the 80s.

Sheryl Lee Ralph in Wicked  Nov 23 2016, 05:31:17 AM

In the Australian production one of the Morrible understudies was in her late twenties. Her take was less evil McGorrigle and more beautify Evil Queen from Snow White. Worked a treat!

An Officer and a Gentleman musical  Nov 23 2016, 05:23:13 AM

I quite enjoyed it.  It got scathing reviews and certainly not worth seeing more than once but I enjoyed it enough. Some good performances.

Lady Gaga confirmed for A STAR IS BORN  Aug 17 2016, 06:18:51 AM

I have always thought Gaga should play Elphaba in the WICKED film.

The themes of bullying/not fitting in resonate with her core values and she would belt the Hell out of the score.

She would also look great in the costumes I think.

Watched Dr. Zhivago for the 1st time  Feb 2 2015, 11:52:09 PM
Thanks for clarifying Mr.Roxy.
I myself don't find WICKED boring or uninspired.. I did not enjoy BOM but would never describe it as boring or uninspired - but like you said it's each to their own.
I look forward to seeing how its received on Broadway at any rate. Third time round maybe it will work.

Watched Dr. Zhivago for the 1st time  Feb 2 2015, 07:48:33 PM
Absolutely each to his own Mr.Roxy. I am interested to know which long running shows you refer to though? As I can only think of WICKED and POTO....

Watched Dr. Zhivago for the 1st time  Feb 2 2015, 01:06:48 PM
I am not sure how much has been changed but I saw the first performance of this in Sydney and it was the second worst musical I have ever seen. Incredibly boring and uninspired.

Phantom of the Opera Reviews  Oct 31 2014, 10:03:15 PM
I have seen this show about ten times since 1990, the last time being on Broadway. in 2007. Oh I also own the Blu Ray concert.
It is not my favourite show but I think it is a musical theatre masterpiece of sorts. Not necessarily for the music (not a big fan of ALW though he can write a memorable tune - albeit schmaltzy at times) but for the sum of it's parts.
The direction by Hal Prince and the design by Maria Bjornson is magnificent. The moment I walk into the theatre I feel an eerie

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