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re: Sexy Broadway Songs?  Nov 3 2009, 10:41:17 PM
Also, there's plenty to choose from in Spring Awakening.

There's a difference between "sexual" and "sexy." The thought of anything from Spring Awakening as "sexy" is funny.

My personal vote would go to Mein Herr or All that Jazz. I'm so cliche.

re: BWW TV: Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam  Nov 3 2009, 10:39:20 PM
And as I’m reading this, I’m thinking ‘This is Biggie, this is Tupac…this is hip-hop!

Sure. But who's who? I'm going with Hamilton as Tupac, as he was the more legitimately talented of the two, but I have an a problem with making Hamilton West Coast.

re: Chess recording?  Sep 8 2009, 09:39:32 AM
The Danish recording is fine, but it's just hard to recommend it because it's devoid of all personality. Idina Menzel ruined so much of the 2008 recording. Pick your poison.

re: Traffic Free Time Square?  Sep 8 2009, 12:48:36 AM
I honestly couldn't care less how "plastic" Times Square is. Who really hangs out there? I go only to see shows every few months, and honestly, I like not getting approached by prostitutes. If tourists don't bother to get outside of the Times Square area, they can think NYC is one giant M&M, Disney, and MTV wasteland for all I care. If you want to complain about the commercialization of Manhattan, lament the current East Village instead (although I'm fond of 1st Ave. and east).

re: The Evita Revival  Sep 7 2009, 05:52:01 PM
"Orfeh is not trashy."

I'm so convinced.

re: The Evita Revival  Sep 7 2009, 02:48:03 PM
The idea of Orfeh as Evita is hilarious. Eva is supposed to be trash masquerading as class, not straight-up trash.

re: 'Chess' To Return To Broadway.  Sep 6 2009, 02:02:06 AM
Why is everyone apparently treating Julia Murney and Idina Menzel as the only viable options for Florence?

re: Sherie Rene Scott as you have NEVER seen her before...  Sep 5 2009, 02:56:36 AM
I thought this thread was gonna have a pic of her naked.

re: 'Chess' To Return To Broadway.  Sep 5 2009, 12:21:22 AM
When I opened the link, I expected more definitive information than this. The creators of Chess have been claiming for years that "there's something in the works" or something along those lines. I'll believe it when I see it.

I think Chess's book is pretty much doomed no matter which way you cut it, but I'd welcome a revival for my own selfish reasons (i.e., to be able to hear the songs live on Broadway).

I also think some people say they liked Idina just to be contrarians (t

re: Help! Musicals featuring mental illness?  Aug 27 2009, 11:57:37 AM
In My Life.

re: Guys and Dolls - interpretations  Aug 20 2009, 06:15:58 AM
I like the idea of having a mix of ensemble members. That's probably the most believable too, right? Some actual criminals and then a bunch of guys who like to pretend they are.

I'm no director, but I love the idea of a younger Sky and Sarah. It's more believable to think Sarah could experience such a drastic, um, "thawing out" of sorts at age 30 than 45.

re: Guys and Dolls - interpretations  Aug 19 2009, 03:50:43 AM
I always just assumed they were a mix of gangsters and harmless and lovably clueless gamblers (Nicely Nicely, Nathan, etc.).

re: The Next Death of the 'Original Cast Recording'  Aug 19 2009, 03:48:38 AM
I don't care how good of a selection B&N has for cast recordings (and yes, their selection is great... or at least it was the last time I checked, in like 2006), I'm not buying a CD which is priced at the list price. (Well, I'm really not buying a CD period, but that's another story.) That's so 1998 Sam Goody. Like anyone pays $20 for a CD anymore. I think the last time I did that was when I bought a Blink 182 album behind my parents' backs in 1999.

I refuse to use itunes because

re: Don Stephenson Is 'Hertz' In ROCK OF AGES 8/17, Paul Schoeffler Returns 10/26  Aug 17 2009, 10:36:22 PM
I don't know much about Rock of Ages, but Don Stephenson's performance as John Adams at the Papermill Playhouse was quite possibly one of the worst performances I've seen on stage (along with Antonique Smith as Mimi in Rent). He was completely devoid of charisma and had such an odd manner of speech. For the audience's sake, I hope "Hertz" is a small role.

Stephenson also sent a bitchy form letter to reviewers who dared to criticize his performance in 1776. Nothing worse than an egoti

re: Next to Normal rush lately  Aug 16 2009, 03:32:23 AM
"Tussin, I've never done this before (and won't again). I just had a friend visiting and wanted her to see it from the best possible seats."

Oh, my post wasn't directed at you (or anyone in particular) at ALL.

re: Hair Revival Cast Recording  Aug 16 2009, 02:50:32 AM
My annoyance stemmed more from finding it inferior (energy, production quality) to the 2004 Actors Fund recording.

re: Next to Normal rush lately  Aug 16 2009, 02:48:09 AM
I don't get how some people do this on a regular basis. Between waiting in line, sleeping the entire day, and finally seeing the show, how does one have time for anything else other than eating dinner? While I enjoyed the show, I'm glad I got my viewing "out of the way" months ago.

re: What was your best/worst stagedoor encounter  Aug 16 2009, 02:45:50 AM
"A young theater student next to me nearly swooned over James Barbour, and I hung out with her dad laughing at the spectacle. He was very kind to her."

Okay, I laughed. I don't care if that's the all-too-obvious response.

As for Molly Ringwald, I bet she's incredibly bitter over the sorry state of her career post-1980s. I'll always be a bit partial to her just because of those 80s movies, though.

re: Aaron Tveit Look-A-Like!!!  Aug 16 2009, 02:40:44 AM
"Honestly, they're both pretty generic looking. There are probably hundreds of guys who look like that."

Came in to say that. Both are objectively attractive but there's nothing about their physical appearances which make me look twice, like the guys pictured on Abercrombie & Fitch bags.

re: Will Swenson bakes during Great White Way Report interview  Aug 16 2009, 02:34:18 AM
I thought it was going to be "bakes" as a euphemism for "smokes weed."

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