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Gender: Female
Location: New York City
Occupation: Music Fact Editor
Profile: 26 y/o

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Desperate Housewives, Shopping, Road Trips, My Dogs, I have an ecclectic taste in music, Old movies, Film Editing, Weeds, Sordid Lives (the series AND the movie)

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How famous is Kristin Chenoweth?  Jan 21 2010, 11:36:11 PM
It does really irritate me when people call her "Cheno."
It's disrespectful.

I only remembered Life Goes On because of Corky, and even then I referred to it as "That TV drama with the retarded high school boy" for the longest time. I've since rewatched it as an adult and it was a cute little show. I've also since realized that "Retarded" is so not PC. ha ha

I'm saddened when I'll ask someone if they know who Kristin Chenoweth is or Audra McDonald, and they say No; but you c

Liza to play Drama teacher in Ugly Betty?  Jan 21 2010, 11:21:25 PM
Tovah Feldshuh would have been perfect for that part, but she was still great as the neighbor :)

How famous is Kristin Chenoweth?  Jan 17 2010, 02:43:40 AM
Bernadette Peters became well-known for 2 things early on.
1. Dating Steve Martin
2. Appearances on Johnny Carson and The Carol Burnett Show

The thing is, an entire generation of baby boomers watched those shows religiously, so the majority of them know who she is.
My stepmother's reaction was priceless though. "Bernadette Peters? I didn't know she could sing." This was said not long ago. She really only knew her as an actress.

Most people don't know who Patti is (o

re: How Do You Guys Feel About Over-Excited Theatre-Goers?  Oct 9 2009, 07:14:27 PM
Don't ask for anyone's opinion on a subject you, yourself, thought was innapropriate and then expect people to take your side.

There are people who post on these boards who can REALLY be rude. Count your blessings they haven't replied.

re: How Do You Guys Feel About Over-Excited Theatre-Goers?  Oct 9 2009, 06:22:10 PM
I might have cried during "Omigod You Guys" as well ....but for a much different reason, I'm sure.

I am fine with people being excited about a show (before, after, and during intermission). I have a big problem with obnoxious wooing, cheering, and singing along (unless it's the typ of show that calls for it. "Hair" "Rock of Ages") DURING the performance.
I had a woman behind me last night at a play who kept commenting in excitement to her friend. I don't want to hear a play-by-play

re: THE ROYAL FAMILY Reviews  Oct 9 2009, 01:55:41 PM
hopefully Jan Maxwell will finally get that Tony she deserves!

I have to agree with this.
I saw it last night. I didn't "love" the play, but I did enjoy it. The characters were delightfully over-the-top (though I don't think that should have extended to the butler and maid...which it did). Jan and Rosemary gave fantastic performances. John Glover is always a treat to see. Ana Gastyer, while her character is quite annoying, has the ability to make an already-funny play even fu

re: THE ROYAL FAMILY Reviews  Oct 8 2009, 02:22:08 PM
Even if it is superb, it will be long closed by the time Tony noms role around so it does have that working against it.

Just remember - Michele Pawk took the Tony for Best Actress for "Hollywood Arms" which was a limited fall run.

It might not happen often, but if a performance is THAT good and memorable, it has a chance.

re: Some thoughts on Brighton Beach Memoirs this evening...  Oct 8 2009, 11:17:37 AM
Saw it last night. I truly LOVED it. I found myself smiling throughout, with a tear during one or two scenes.
It's a little long and dragged at times; but nothing that can't be easily tweaked during previews.
Neil Simon was actually there last night (sitting in the mezz), so I'm sure he had some notes to give.

The set alone is phenominal. I definitely enjoyed the character of Blanche. She's certainly meant to stand out more in act 2 because that's when she grows a spine. The che

re: NEXT TO NORMAL Replaces Rush with Lottery  Oct 7 2009, 06:10:39 PM
omg. Okay. As innapropriate as it is to compare ayone to Hitler, THAT just made my day.

re: What to see this weekend? Thurs-Mon in NYC  Oct 7 2009, 04:59:35 PM

:) excellent. thanks

re: What to see this weekend? Thurs-Mon in NYC  Oct 7 2009, 04:48:03 PM
Avenue Q closed.

If you haven't seen The 39 Steps, you should check that out. It's ending soon, and it's not a musical (which you did specify wanting), but believe me it's worth seeing.

West Side Story
Shrek was actually pretty fun if you can see it for a discount.

re: NEXT TO NORMAL Replaces Rush with Lottery  Oct 7 2009, 04:41:03 PM
"Every so often" being the key phrase there.

re: NEXT TO NORMAL Replaces Rush with Lottery  Oct 7 2009, 04:30:17 PM
Fair questions.

And it doesn't surprise me that a lot of them do still dress foolisly when attending the show. I could only speak for the 2 or 3 people I know out of all those who frquently rushed.

re: NEXT TO NORMAL Replaces Rush with Lottery  Oct 7 2009, 03:42:13 PM
I was about to similarly reply.

If I were sitting/sleeping outside all night, I would likely be in over-sized sweats as well.

I actually do know a couple of the people who have rushed that line on a pretty regular basis. While I think it's bizarre that they've done it, I do know for a fact that they (the few I know anyway) are college students who go to school AND work. They also dress quite nicely when not standing in a line at 4am

I don't think it's fair that the rus

re: Elephant Project - Fall 2009 Auctions to benefit Alzheimer's Association with TONS of Stars!  Oct 7 2009, 03:15:37 PM
Some of those photos are so fun and hilarious.
It's great that so many people have participated :)

re: WISHFUL DRINKING Reviews  Oct 7 2009, 03:02:06 PM
I saw it for almost free (thanks Theatermania) and my friend and I liked it so much that we bought tickets to see it again.

I feel that if you're not somewhat knowledgeable of Carrie Fisher and/or "old" Hollywood (meaning the Debbie/Elizabeth era), then it may not be the show for you. Though really, even if you know nothing prior, you know it by the time she finishes; and she's funny.

I just wish Roundabout would take stock in some smaller theaters for their plays. Studio 54 is

re: Some thoughts on Brighton Beach Memoirs this evening...  Oct 7 2009, 02:50:07 PM
Glad to read good word-of-mouth. I'm seeing this tonight :)

re: NEXT TO NORMAL Replaces Rush with Lottery  Oct 7 2009, 02:48:24 PM
Bravo to whoever made this decision.
I might actually go see it now.

"I'm still traumatized from the near pouncing I got for not loving Sweet Charity when I saw it. The fangirls next to me wanted to bite my head off when I didn't feel the way they did about the show"

That happened to me at Rent. Some girls behind me were bragging about how it was their 80 something time (and 100 something for the other one) seeing it. During intermission I was privately discussing with my f

re: LuPone Issues Response To Showstopping Vegas 'Texting' Incident  Jun 23 2009, 05:17:48 PM
I think MOST audience members are well-behaved. It's unfortunate to have those few at every show who ruin the atmosphere to a degree.

I was sitting 2nd row center at Blithe Spirit and a woman in the row behind me was chewing gum very loudly.
I mean, just so distracting. Now, not that it matters either way, but this was a play not a musical. There are moments of dramatic silence in the dialogue. If I can hear her, chances were so could a cast member or two (yes, that's how loud her c

re: Nothing Like a Dame  Jun 16 2009, 04:54:10 PM
I went.
It was basically a 3 hour version of Seth's Chatterbox.
3 hours and only 7 songs were sung.
I loved it, because I adore Seth and his interviews with the "Dames" were fantastic. I'm just guessing that some of the older patrons who shelled out the $150 and $250 for orchestra seats were maybe not as pleased to attend a benefit concert without much concert.
The women only sang one song each, with the exception of Stephanie who sang two.

Kelli and her 8-month pregnant

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