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The Minutes Preview Thread  Feb 24 2020, 10:28:52 PM

I had a tiny bit of interest in the show (love the logo, I feel like it tells a lot with just a little), but could someone who knows the play post the big reveal with a spoiler tag? It'll probably make me want to see it

Oklahoma Closing 1/19/20  Sep 12 2019, 10:11:57 AM
It was originally announced as a limited run through September, then extended into January. They’re probably just putting that banner up to drum up any last-minute sales before winding down.

THE GREAT SOCIETY to play the Beaumont this Fall  Jul 20 2019, 10:45:43 PM
Just a reminder that this is a commercial production renting out the Beaumont (no Lincoln Center involvement) so there probably won’t be LincTix available :/

Is Beetlejuice in trouble?  Jun 11 2019, 11:36:58 AM

SomethingPeculiar said: Could they be moving MM up by 6 months for a Spring opening, and is this a further sign that WSS is dead? "Next season" could mean 19-20 or 20-21...

Mmmmmm. I haven't heard anything that WSS is off (but also I haven't heard ANYTHING about it...hmm) but if it's still on, Rudin's definitely not going to pit his two revivals against each other because why win one Tony when you can win two?

BWW on iOS redirects to spam/malware website  May 28 2019, 10:45:22 PM
All the time. It’s been months and I feel like I’m flipping a coin any time I visit the site on my phone.

Chances The Lehman Trilogy or The Inheritance transfer to Broadway next season?  May 24 2019, 10:35:26 AM

JBroadway said: "Trying not to spoil anything, but there is a particular thing that happens at the end of Fairview that would be very difficult to pull off effectively in a Broadway-sized house. And I don’t just mean the usual “losing intimacy” issue that people bring up with every off-Broadway transfer.

I’d be thrilled for them if they’ve somehow make it work, but I would definitely recommend catching it at TFANA!

I won&rsq

Present-Day Adaptation of OKLAHOMA! in the Works for TV  Apr 16 2019, 03:18:25 PM

ariel175 said: "Um, why?"

*whispers* the copyright expires in 24 years and they're sweating bullets

 Apr 14 2019, 07:46:27 AM
If anyone wants to escape the city to Bucks County, PA for a weekend, there’s a screening at the County Theater on May 5th!

Selling 2 Harry Potter : The Cursed Child tickets Face Value on 3/31/2019  Mar 23 2019, 11:32:50 PM

Just to clarify, are these 2 tickets for

––$180 total (90 per person for both parts) or

––$360 total (180 per person for both parts) ?

Recent Lion King Lottery Seats  Jan 17 2019, 10:36:57 AM
Man, I feel scammed. I won for 1 ticket this pst December, and I was in the center of the last row of the mezz.

The sound was TERRIBLE up there, I felt like I was a mile away

Fun ideas for presenting tix?  Dec 10 2018, 01:09:46 PM

MauraLovesMusicals said: "i’m not sure how old your kids are but giving them the tickets in envelopes in the style of the acceptance letters from hogwarts would be cute"

Piggybacking on that, maybe you could put the tickets in a stuffed owl’s beak or something?

The Ferryman seating question  Dec 5 2018, 01:36:56 PM

I rushed the show in early October and our seats were the last two on house right, about the fifth or sixth row, and we had a great view of about 95% of the stage, the only thing we missed was the higher edge of the staircase in the house set, all the way stage left.


I didn't realize until we were leaving the theater at the end that the staircase was probably 20 feet tall, but otherwise a great view.

St. Ann's Warehouse leaving empty seats at Oklahoma?  Nov 6 2018, 09:24:05 PM

I can't speak to their accommodating people on the waitlist line, but I remember staffers moving people who were in the last row in what looked like obstructed-view seats into empty seats that were in better locations, so maybe they prioritize moving people who already have tickets into the good (open) seats and just cut their losses and leave the unsavory seats open.

DAYS OF RAGE/Guns onstage Question  Oct 29 2018, 10:17:37 PM

I saw a tweet tonight where someone was visibly shaken by seeing an unnamed play where actors pointed a gun at the audience, can anyone confirm if it's Days of Rage at Second Stage?

KING KONG - Great Show!  Oct 18 2018, 12:52:57 AM

So I definitely don't plan on seeing the show, can anyone spoil the ending beat by beat for me? Someone earlier mentioned (spoiler tag below) but I think they left some stuff out?


Unless they didn't...


Click Here To Toggle Spoiler Content

Ann is up on the Empire State Building, but then the rest of the cast walks o

THE FERRYMAN Previews  Oct 1 2018, 11:49:18 PM
I want to rush it soon, can anyone who rushes tell us how many tickets they sell per performance?

Anyone notice how BLUE Broadway is these days?  Aug 30 2018, 11:35:09 PM

veronicamae said: "As someone who sits next to art directors as they develop the art for these shows...I wish I had an answer. LOL

I've been interested in the fact that American Son's neon lighting style is the same as Angels in America.

Gonna take a wild guess here and say that the lights in American Son’s logo are supposed to be the red and blue lights on top of a cop car. 


(They are.)

Shubert Theater Raised Seating Orchestra  Jul 4 2018, 04:40:42 PM
The Orchestra of the Shubert slopes gently upward (closest to the stage is the lowest, back of the theater is just a little bit higher), unlike the Rodgers, where the seating is Stadium-style (with each row basically its own step on a stair case)

Orchestra (that close) for Mockingbird should be great seats!

Lauren FTW  May 20 2018, 11:19:53 PM

You're right, Bernadette! Lauren Worsham SHOULD get a Tony!

Idina Menzel will lead Harmon's SKINTIGHT Off-Broadway  Mar 7 2018, 01:55:21 PM

Miles2Go2 said: "This is officially on my radar now. Thanks DramaTeach for bumping this. Anyone know if there is anywhere we can see or hear some of the songs, snippets or promo ads? I love Idina."

Miles, it's a straight play by Josh Harmon, probably no songs!


(But Josh is one of my favorite playwrights these days, his plays are riotously funny and I'm sure Idina will be great in this!)

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