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The Prom Movie Pictures/Articles  Oct 9 2020, 12:04:51 AM
This starry cast is nothing compared to the OBC.

Murphy will suck the soul out of this show, as he does with all projects.

Randy Rainbow  Oct 9 2020, 12:01:55 AM

Enjoy being bitter ya'll.

I accepted the apology (as a POC myself) and moved on long ago.

Life is too short to find problems with everything. Says more about your state of happiness than anything.

Randy Rainbow  Oct 7 2020, 11:39:10 PM
It's been over. We're moving on. Bigger fish to fry kids.

Cancel culture is dying. Grow up, live life, be strong, move forward.

Who are your Favorite Broadway Riffers?  Sep 8 2020, 07:53:50 PM
Iconic, excuse me?

Garland is iconic. Midler is iconic. Audra is iconic. Streep is iconic.

I've never heard of this woman before this thread, so I browsed her on YT. I can't determine if I slightly cringe because she sings so unhealthily at times or if the riffs she does feel totally out of place for the character and moment in the show.

Shoshana Bean: Most consistently appropriate riffing. She doesn't let it overshadow the character and it almost always feels

Time For A Gypsy Revival  Sep 4 2020, 02:55:03 PM

Joshua Rosenthal said: I was thinking Jennifer Holiday but I like the idea of Audra too <3"


No.  Just no.

Just because you have a loud voice doesn't make you suitable for Rose.  JHol can't act her way out of a paper bag and mugs like there's no tomorrow.  



Dear Evan Hansen movie?  Sep 3 2020, 03:37:23 PM

Whether 'he's EH' or not isn't my concern.  It's the way he plays on camera, which is a lot older.

I'm not the target market for this anyway.  I never liked the music.  Never was a fan of the show (or him).

The original production of Beauty and the Beast  Aug 28 2020, 11:54:43 PM
I saw it at TUTS, pre-Broadway, as well as the OBC and when it moved to the Lunt.

Pre-Broadway and OBC were special. Broadway hadn't seen anything quite like that before and it was just magical on a level that the British invasion shows couldn't pull off.

It scaled down considerably. Without the whole bag of Disney tricks, it's not a strong enough show to stand on its own. If they're doing it again, they need to do it big.

Racist Rainbow  Aug 19 2020, 12:57:17 AM

And cue millennial pearl-clutching.

I'm black AND asian.  This does not offend me. I have to care about you for you to offend me.


Calm down kids.

Seth Paid Streams - Worth it?  Jul 27 2020, 12:52:25 AM

The talent is good, but dealing with Seth's long-tired shtick makes it not worth it.

Plus, I feel like I rarely hear him play the score as written.

It almost sounds like he's using a fake book or leaving out a lot of what's actually written in the music.  I realized this once when I once heard him play live from Ragtime... And it sounded a bit butchered.

Wear Hamilton Merchandise ?  Jul 9 2020, 12:38:09 AM

Actinggbugg474 said: "This is surely a joke.

... right?




And don't call me Shirley.

“We See You White American Theater” Publishes Demands  Jul 9 2020, 12:37:03 AM

Dumb as $hit

(Almost) All White  Jul 7 2020, 08:33:00 PM

Yeah... This thread will end well.

How about we go back to shows that have been off-cast long before precious Hamilton.

I'll start:  Once On This Island.  I've seen it all black.  I've seen it mixed.  I've seen it high school white.

Cirque goes bankrupt  Jun 30 2020, 10:32:53 PM

There's a lot of wrong info in this thread.

There are also some of us who are still employed with CDS.

It's a restructuring of about $900 million of debt.  It's not a full bankruptcy.

True, not all shows will return, but most of them on the chopping block will be the touring shows and not the permanent installs. 

The new Disney show will definitely move forward as will many, if not all, of the Vegas productions.

Kat McPhee Next Broadway Show?  Jun 19 2020, 02:22:18 PM

J&H:  She'd act it well and look beautiful in the role, but I have doubts that she could sing it as full-throated as warranted.  So many female belters have gone into that show and failed miserably.

I believe she needs a vehicle that shows off that she can move.  

Wicked/Drag Race  Jun 19 2020, 02:20:12 PM

Oy.  Idina's vocals on that TONY broadcast...  A little pitchy dawg.

The inherent racism of Asian theatre companies?  Jun 19 2020, 02:17:31 PM

OP:  How much time have you spent in Asia?

Note: I lived there for many years.  Seoul. Hong Kong. Singapore.  I know of what I speak.

Your cancel-culture post is way misguided.  Stop attempting to create issues within a VERY different population makeup and culture that don't really exist.

Garbage posts like these are why people will quickly get fed up with uber-PCism.

Where will theatre reopen in the country first?  Jun 16 2020, 04:33:31 PM

San Antonio has already reconfigured and reopened The Tobin.

They are fortunate to have invested in a seating system that can reconfigure with the push of a button, allowing for very easy social distancing.

London West End and Broadway audiences...  Jun 14 2020, 06:11:59 PM

I'd bet the farm that this won't come in.  It's audience is entirely too small.

Tourists won't flock.  NY'ers will see it once and not go back.  It's not that kind of show.

Like someone else said already, one decent song, the rest is garbage.  

 It's a great big pandering mess, but it IS a show with multiple stunt-casting possibilities.

UGANDANS IN THE BOOK OF MORMON  Jun 12 2020, 12:33:36 AM

FFS it's satire.  Grow up.


Cooper Howell/dancebelts/um....  Jun 5 2020, 01:01:09 AM




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