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re: Who was the best Fiyero on Broadway?  Aug 11 2005, 02:04:55 PM

re: Worst show YOU HAVE BEEN IN?  Aug 9 2005, 05:05:08 PM
This thread is hysterical. Let's see..the worst I was involved with?

Has to be MY FAIR LADY -- I was involved, peripherally, on the fringes. Higgins was horrible -- couldn't remember sh*t. In that first act patter song "I Shall Never Let A Woman In My Life" or whatever it's called, he continually went up on the lyrics. One performance he sat and stood there while the orchestra cranked it out. The only thing he uttered was "I'm a pensive man....".

What an understatement.

re: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers  Aug 9 2005, 12:25:38 PM
Unforgettable ON FILM. On, not so much.

re: BLT III - clip from 1980 WEST SIDE STORY Revival  Aug 9 2005, 11:22:55 AM

GAWD, to have been in the room when Rivera and Allen were dancing "America" together! I hope the kids on this board realize that to see that would have been to witness musical theatre history...

Someone pass me a rag.

re: BLT III - clip from 1980 WEST SIDE STORY Revival  Aug 9 2005, 10:44:08 AM
I think it's amazing that a Broadway production of WSS could be less-than-memorable. I'm not doubting anyone's opinions on here, but with that material, how could you go wrong? I guess you could if the wrong people were cast in some of the lead roles -- which is what it sounds like.

Incredible. With all the available talent in NYC, the casting folks couldn't find the right fit(s) for the roles? I guess it IS all in the casting...

re: Famous people enjoying the show w/ u...  Aug 9 2005, 09:26:02 AM
I'm going to date myself.

When I was in high school, I saw a pre-Broadway tryout of THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG at the Ahmanson in L.A., and Lucille Ball was in the audience, two rows ahead of me. Watching her baby girl, Lucie Arnaz. That wig was hard to incredibly RED.

re: BLT III - clip from 1980 WEST SIDE STORY Revival  Aug 9 2005, 09:22:42 AM
I recognized Yamil and Marlene -- but I sure didn't notice Harolyn! Is she one of the dancing Shark girls? If so, I had no idea she had dancing chops, as well.

BLT III - clip from 1980 WEST SIDE STORY Revival  Aug 9 2005, 09:11:46 AM
Tivo'd BROADWAY'S LOST TREASURES III Sunday night. To me, the gem of that compilation is Allen doing "America" from the WSS revival in 1980. She was a lean, mean dancing machine back then, huh? I remember seeing that on the Tonys that year, and being completely blown away. Thanks, whoever you are, for digging that clip up.

re: Jamie Foxx and Usher Join Dreamgirls Film  May 12 2005, 10:53:53 AM
Of the male roles with unannounced casting and using the process of elimination, I'd think Cheadle would be essaying the role of "Marty".

re: worst high school production EVER..  May 12 2005, 09:28:19 AM
God, I love these stories. I've got a few, as well.

The HS production of "Anne Frank", when the buzzer mechanism (which signaled someone coming up into the Secret Annex) went kaput during the first act. How did they compensate? The prop master stood right next to the proscenium and shouted "RIIIINNNNNNNG!"

re: Dreamgirls Cast Stories  May 12 2005, 09:22:53 AM
Any word on "Lorrell" yet? Or "Michelle Morris"?

re: Solos in Wicked  Apr 22 2005, 12:17:44 PM
I'm absolutely astounded. You folk know the CHORUS MEMBERS and what lines they sing in the opening number?!?!?! It's now official: WICKED has become the new LES MIZ (You old-timers remember when all the young pups were absolutely frothing at the mouth over anything MIZ?)

Broadway voice  Apr 22 2005, 12:13:56 PM
But how did Joyce Chittick do?

re: trios  Apr 20 2005, 09:39:02 AM
"Bobby and Jackie and Jack" - MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG

re: Glinda Standby  Apr 20 2005, 09:23:14 AM
Lord, the WICKED queens/kings are in a dither over this one! LOL

re: Happy 20th Annivesary - to Me  Apr 1 2005, 08:50:52 AM
Happy anniversary! Sincerely! 20 years is a long time to "put up" with someone. LOL

re: Shockheaded peter,altar boyz and Bckstage at wicked video feature on  Mar 3 2005, 09:13:58 AM
I can't load them, either. I think it's heavy site traffic.

re: I know its wrong.But do you wish any Bway show to close?  Mar 2 2005, 02:31:20 PM
Well, I don't *wish* any shows to close -- the actors need the work.

HOWEVER...I didn't shed a tear when Les Miz, Cats, or Saigon finally shuttered.

I did shed a tear (figuratively) when A Chorus Line and Fantasticks closed, though. It was so hard to imagine the Shubert not having ACL, and not having Fantasticks running.

I'm an ol' fart, I know.

re: What was the first cast recording you bought?  Mar 2 2005, 02:28:38 PM
Lord, who can remember? I was raised in a house of cast albums. As a matter o' fact, before I started school, my mother would play cast albums to keep me entertained. I knew the entire score of GYPSY and SOUTH PACIFIC by the time I was 4.

And I wonder how I turned out to be a big ol' mo.... :)

re: Jamie Foxx in talks for Dreamgirls  Mar 2 2005, 02:24:44 PM
bjivie, I knew he was sick during the concert -- that's why the CD was months late in being released, they had to go back and re-record some of his vocals (as well as some of the others, to be fair. I've got a bootleg video of the concert, and what was on that stage ain't what made it to the CD.) So I wasn't "dissing" him for that. :)

But the scenes? Lord a-mercy. During the Lorrell breakup scene, I mentally went out to the lobby and bought an orangeade, it was THAT unbelievable.

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