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Metacritic for Broadway?  Nov 23 2009, 12:26:59 AM
Hey Guys, is there a Metacritic style site for Broadway, Off-Bway and NY theatre reviews? If not, could one of you please create such a site and respond to this thread when it's live? Thanks so much.

re: GYPSY 2003 Revival Love Thread  Nov 10 2009, 03:57:16 AM
Hey Kids

Anyone have a HQ (or even just "good) video capture of Bernadette's performance of Rose's Turn on the Tonys.

There's this one which is of poor quality:

And there's this one of v. good quality, but for some reason the uploader decided to cut if off as soon as the song ended. It feels so "clipped" without the rapturous standing O that followed. <

re: Sweeney - Opening Night 1979 - Audio Online!  Nov 9 2009, 12:48:46 AM
Does anyone know where to find this soundboard recording? I downloaded it from somewhere (perhaps here?) last year, but my HD got fried and I lost everything. It would be a thrill to have this rare recording back.

re: Vocal Ranges of Male Roles in Sweeney Todd  Aug 22 2009, 12:58:10 AM
sorry duplicate msg. browser issues. grrr.

re: Vocal Ranges of Male Roles in Sweeney Todd  Aug 22 2009, 12:58:10 AM
Thanks so much! Admittedly, I'd done a google search, but hadn't thought of delving into the wikipedia page. Anyone know where the D5 comes in for Beadle? The end of Kiss Me/Ladies..Sensitivities perhaps?

Vocal Ranges of Male Roles in Sweeney Todd  Aug 22 2009, 12:21:07 AM
Hey there. Does anyone have access to the Sweeney Todd score? I'm wondering what the vocal range requirements are for each of the major male roles:

The Judge
The Beadle

Thank you in advance!

re: The 63rd Annual Tony Awards Megathread  Jun 7 2009, 07:20:29 PM
Watching the pre-telecast awards webstream. Anyone know what music the orchestra (which sounds spectacular, btw) was playing as the winner of the Tony for Best Lighting Design for a Play took the stage? I want to say it was maybe from Light in the Piazza?

Laura Benanti's Tina Fey impression is pretty amusing.

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