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Not having Betsy Struxness in the Hamilton movie does a disservice to the show  Jul 6 2020, 06:16:36 AM
There are more details beyond her thinking / departure from Hamilton in the piece she composed for The Ensemblist:

This is also from the general time where Javier initially broached the fact that the movie was not the “Original Broadway Cast.”

It’s worth a read - and worth discussing the relative role ensembles play in various productions.

Ruin a Broadway Musical by Changing One Letter  May 25 2020, 08:38:45 PM



The Fridges of Madison County

Side Chow




Can Broadway Negotiate a Return Plan  May 6 2020, 12:19:47 PM
Based on all we know, the economics of Broadway are fundamentally incompatible with a socially distanced phase in for reopening of crowded venues. For instance, a 50% reduction in capacity might be somewhat feasible for a cinema, (Where each presentation of the same film has a lower cost) however it would be an insurmountable challenge for live theater, where each performance incurs a high fixed AND variable cost. For many productions the slow melt of capital reserves while closed would be pr

Broadway to Close?  Mar 11 2020, 04:42:42 PM

Sutton Ross said: "Try 212 confirmed. You clearly have no idea how fast this has and will spread."

212 is all of NY State.  As of 3/11/20.

48 or so in NYC proper.  (Up 12 from yesterday)

To be clear.


Plaza Suite Boston Peformances Thread  Feb 21 2020, 07:29:49 AM
This is sad for the many ticket holders who saw their plans involuntarily cancelled.

It is also another example of why a buyer must be mindful of their source if not purchasing directly from box office or official site:

“ Tickets are being automatically refunded to credit cards if guests have purchased by phone, online or in person. ”

Assuming a craigslist buyer didn't purchase fakes to begin with / they now backtrack through the history of the ticket to secure refund.

Broadway Break Up Songs?  Feb 7 2020, 12:30:54 AM
Another Suitcase in Another Hall
- Evita

(Depending one which side of breakup on finds oneself on.)

Dark mode?  Apr 30 2019, 03:13:18 PM

FANtomFollies said: "I searched and found nothing - to the moderators: What are the chances of getting a night mode in the future?"

All devices include a grossly underutilized “dark mode.”  In the case if my phone it is a right and left button followed by a swipe right.  Check your instructions - some refer to it as “power off” - wish more people would use it in appropriate settings...


(not directing this at

Samuel French Bookstore vandalized last night, will not reopen  Mar 6 2019, 11:37:02 PM

...Is this what happens when one chooses to trade in  "illegal" Mockingbird scripts - instead of the officially approved Aaron Sorkin versions?

Seriously - another sad outcome for a theatrical institution.  I would assume it is random street crime -

Dear evabelieven hansen? Whitewashing?  Nov 13 2018, 08:23:26 AM

Fair point on ignoring. Threads such  as this - in my mind - tarnish the reputation of an industry that has been at the forefront of racial and gender diversity since long before these areas became the white-hot cultural and political topics they have become.

Occasionally it is hard to resist clapping back -

Should Phantom close?  Nov 13 2018, 07:52:47 AM
Seems an odd question.

There is a perennial cadre of very long running shows. They are an anchor of sorts for the industry / offering some stability and opportunity new and established cast and crew. They draw new fans to Broadway, keep the district lively, and also offer some safe bets for the tourist industry.

Eventually the laws of economics will cull one or two super long runners, while others fill the void. But Phantom still has legs, generates a profit, and draws a cr

Stagedoor  Nov 13 2018, 07:44:08 AM
What was once an opportunity to share a kind word with a performer, or catch a glimpse of an actor / actress out of character, has often devolved into mayhem. Autograph hounds carting piles of memorabilia to get signed - hoping to make a quick buck - are jostling with hysterical fans forcing their way into actors personal space to catch a selfie - and others with their own agendas.

Eventually this culture will reach a breaking point - and theaters / producers / cast / unions will begin

Jennifer Simard Mean Girls  Nov 13 2018, 07:31:33 AM
Witnessing the evolution of casts is a fascinating process. In this case both Butler and Simard put their unique stamps on the characters - and unfair to compare them. Instead, just enjoy the variations.

However - Simard is very funny!

Dear evabelieven hansen? Whitewashing?  Nov 13 2018, 07:21:36 AM

Perhaps DEH should cast Jared as a POC - or possibly a person of Native American / Ethiopian ancestry. I know of a fantastic performer who would be perfect in the role.  They should get Sky Lakota Lynch. What is he doing these days...?

Places to Eat in Times Square  Aug 19 2018, 11:30:56 AM
I would offer Joe Allen’s on 46th Street.

It is a casual steakhouse with reasonable (by midtown standards) prices, and they are very attuned to working around curtains times. We have eaten there many times before shows, and after letting the waiter know our timing needs they have never failed to provide necessary service to accommodate.

As a nice bonus - the walls are decorated with theater posters / but only from shows that were bona-fide total flops. Many shows otherwise lo

Band's Visit not worth 9 Tonys  Jun 13 2018, 10:45:16 AM

Mister Matt said: "I'm sorry, but anyone arguing that TBV winning 10 Tonys is anything other than a political statement from the ATW are wrong.

Because every voter told you personally how and why they voted for each winner?

It's very upsetting that while TBV is a wonderful, wonderful show, it took so much from other shows.

The show didn't take anything from any other show. All it did was accept the awards it was given.

Greedy Producers  May 24 2018, 04:01:26 PM

Pantelis the Great said: "This is the time of year, just before the Tonys, that several of the producers, even ones that are doing well at the box office, get greedy. Discounts go from 50% down to 30%, 20%, even zero. In addition, the in person rush tickets and some digital drawings disappear. Don’t get me wrong. It’s their prerogative! But, some of the producers don’t respect those of us that get up real early to travel to their “rush” line. At the mini

MEAN GIRLS- to launch National tour 2019  May 24 2018, 03:51:57 PM

Mean Girls was a pleasant surprise - worked better than I anticipated, and will - no doubt - find an eager audience on the road.

The Over/Under on how long the new shows this season will last  May 24 2018, 03:44:03 PM

dearalanaaaa said: "I just viewed my earlier post, as one of those "naysayers" I still take over but again by exact on 2000.
My reason: Despite it being sold out through March 2019, there is a wave of "woke" teens who are slowly growing against it. I was actually just in a chat with 8 others who enjoy musicals aged 14-20 and they all said this musical is glorifying suicide and has many homophobic or generally dislikable statements ("School shooter chic&q

Is that NYT expose still coming out?  May 24 2018, 03:25:39 PM

No doubt this piece will be well-read, and leave a wake of turbulence in our industry.

What is becoming lost in this dialogue is the range of behavior - from boorish and rude - to criminally predatory.

One one end of the spectrum is Harvey Weinstein . . .followed closely by Kevin Spacey.  With Bill Cosby solidly in the mix.

Using today's news as a reference point - allegations against Morgan Freeman do not carry the same weight, or deserve the same response. 

Desperately Seeking Susan Musical Disaster  May 6 2018, 08:34:02 PM

Today’s stop in the way back machine.

Avoid if you have aversion to strobes, cliches, crowds dancing with their hands above their heads, or Blondie in general.

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