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Jeremy Jordan Joins the Cast of WAITRESS  Mar 18 2019, 11:52:04 AM

Anyone know any discount codes for this? The ones I have end April 7. 


Los Angeles theatre scene  Oct 15 2018, 01:22:42 PM

Michael Arden is directing a version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL at the Geffen - that might be worth exploring"

Wow, thanks VernonGersch! Michael Arden is my fave director ever since I saw OOTI. Christmas Carol looks perfect for one of our nights, tickets are reasonable and I would love to see Geffen Playhouse. Thanks for the tip!

Los Angeles theatre scene  Oct 12 2018, 11:13:35 AM

conealpetterson said: "Today Tix also offers discount tickets to shows in LA. I often check both that site and Goldstar to find the best prices."

Thanks, I'll check them too.

Los Angeles theatre scene  Oct 11 2018, 05:07:32 PM

Thanks guys - I signed up for Goldstar and love the site, very helpful. BalconyClub - I agree, wouldn't want to see Bronx Tale in LA but I do love supporting the arts in other parts of the world so would buy tickets to something that I can't see in NY. 

We do have many of your other tips on our to do list but I was disappointed that not much is going on with tv tapings due to Thanksgiving week. We will definitely check out a movie at the Chinese or

Los Angeles theatre scene  Oct 11 2018, 02:15:19 PM

Hi all - I know this is the Broadway board but hoping someone has experience with the LA theatre scene. I'll be in Hollywood the week of Thanksgiving and my daughter and I would love to take in a show there, any type of performing arts will do. DEH tour will be there but tickets are pricy and we already saw it on B'way. It looks like there are a lot of theaters in the area where we are staying but it's hard to tell what will be playing at each. Anybody know if there is a website j

Mean Girls Fan Performance  Aug 9 2018, 10:19:45 AM

My 2 daughters and I all entered and haven't heard a thing. For those who have won, did you have a certain amount of time to claim your tickets? Is that why they are staggering notifications?


Most creative/interesting curtain calls you've seen?  Jul 30 2018, 05:24:45 PM

By far the most interesting, exciting curtain call I ever saw was on Friday night, 7/27/18, when Carole King walked out on stage at Beautiful, surprising the cast and the audience, and proceeded to sing a chorus of "I Feel the Earth Move". I was crying, Melissa Benoist was crying, it was such a cool moment. And the show itself was fantastic. I'm still pinching myself that I got to be there for that. Best night I ever had on Broadway!

Moulin Rouge extra ticket  Jul 12 2018, 11:25:35 AM

Hi all who messaged me - this ticket has been sold and I bought tickets to Born For This with the money - who needs food when there's theatre! VERY excited for both shows this weekend! Thanks! 

Moulin Rouge extra ticket  Jul 11 2018, 01:06:30 PM

I don't know why I kept checking the board to see if anyone responded but didn't check my PMs. I did get several responses, if they fall through, I'll update here. Thanks all!

Moulin Rouge Boston Discount  Jul 9 2018, 03:23:47 PM

I have an extra ticket for this Saturday, July 14, 8pm show. Orchestra R6. Paid $125 with fees, asking $75. I hate for it to go to waste and would like to at least get dinner out of it. 

Moulin Rouge extra ticket  Jul 5 2018, 01:55:15 PM

Hi all - I bought 3 tickets to Moulin Rouge for July 14, 8pm show. Unfortunately, I can only use 2 now. The extra ticket is Orchestra/R6. I paid $125 with fees but will sell it for $100. Only problem is that it's a Will Call ticket so would need someone to meet me at the theatre. I do see that the tickets around us have gone up in price since I bought mine but the theatre won't refund.



Mean Girls partial view seats  May 8 2018, 03:53:26 PM

No, going for a birthday on a Sunday in August. I usually don't buy full price tickets (or I wouldn't get to go to many shows) but I'm worried that it will be harder to get tickets after the Tony's. I love sitting close to the stage, would rather be close off to the side than balcony or mezzanine. Thanks for the response!

Mean Girls partial view seats  May 8 2018, 09:39:33 AM

Got them, thanks for the reply!

Mean Girls partial view seats  May 7 2018, 04:55:36 PM

Does anyone know how the partial view seats are at the August Wilson? For Mean Girls I'm looking at ORCHR Row D, seat 10. Only $139 versus $249 Orch seats. I'm not finding any info for these off to the side seats on aviewfrommyseat.


MOULIN ROUGE will be finally be a stage musical  Apr 5 2018, 02:12:56 PM

That's an interesting option. I will have my 2 teens and a car with me. Right now I have the Doubletree Hilton booked. The Park & Stay rate is $285 per night. I didn't think that hostels are family friendly but I'll look into it.

MOULIN ROUGE will be finally be a stage musical  Apr 5 2018, 11:56:12 AM

We will be there July 14 too! So excited for this cast. The price of the tickets doesn't bother me as much as the price of hotels in that area. Can't believe they are more than NYC! But I want to be within walking distance of the theatre so I'll deal with it.

FROZEN Previews  Mar 5 2018, 12:41:02 PM

Can those who have seen it or will soon, please upload your view to aviewfrommyseat? There's not much out there for the St James. I never sit in the Mezz but bought Mezz Row K Center for this one, hoping I made a good choice. Although I really didnt have a choice for the date I wanted to go in May, that was the best available seating.


BroadwayCon 2018 Schedule  Jan 17 2018, 10:47:37 AM

I got my tickets via email, YAY! Happy with the sessions but got some for the same times, wonder if I should return the ones I can't use?

I'm definitely going to Sierra Bogess, Chris McCarrell, James Snyder, Anthony Rapp.

MOULIN ROUGE will be finally be a stage musical  Jan 17 2018, 10:44:20 AM

The fees, more than the ticket prices, floored me. I went for orch row R for 109 each which was more than I wanted to spend but $40+ in fees for 3 tickets is ridiculous. Oh well, it's done now and no regrets, LOVE this movie and I'm sure the show will be fantastic. Now to find a hotel in the area, I'm sure I'm going to faint when I see those prices.

BroadwayCon 2018 Schedule  Jan 16 2018, 05:00:12 PM

Did anyone that's going get their lottery picks yet? They were supposed to be sent yesterday then I got wrong ones on Friday, then I got an email saying the correct ones would be sent today. Definitely not feeling like its very well organized.

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