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How is Ben Platt's attendance in DEH?  May 6 2017, 01:34:22 AM

persephone88 said: "Was he out Wednesday night?"

Yes, he was out Wednesday night.


Javi said: "What's Rachel Bay Jones' attendance like?  I'm so happy she got a Tony nomination for this. She should have gotten one for 'Pippin'. Saw her in that three times. She was superb."

Rachel has missed two shows so far, both matinees, on Sunday January 22nd (for a family obligation) and on Saturday April 29th

Dear Evan Hansen comments  Apr 18 2017, 11:44:10 PM

josh147 said: "When I saw DEH back in December, I noticed that the emails that popped up on the screens were from "" - so, well, of course I sent an email to that address after the show (out of curiosity). I just assumed that the creative team registered that email address before the run, but it turns out it's just a guy named Evan Hansen who said he had been getting a few emails here or there but had no connection to the show.

HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 16 2017, 01:42:22 AM

So exciting to read the thoughts of those who went tonight. Thank you for sharing them!

How was Beanie Feldstein as Minnie Fay? 


Ben Platt in DEH in November  Mar 8 2017, 03:17:46 AM

In the Peter Marks article in the Washington Post, it says Platt's contract runs through November:

Dear Evan Hansen seating options  Feb 28 2017, 03:43:17 PM

TFMH18 said: "I am sure this has been asked in some capacity but I couldn't find a good, straight answer. How is the view from the box seats? I would love to hear from someone who has seen this show specifically from a box. 




I have seen the show from the box seats. I sat in the back "row" of the three rows of box seats. The view from there was great. If you sit in the box seats, you will miss some of the impact

Dear Evan Hansen Rush  Jan 26 2017, 10:52:59 PM

djoko84 said: "Has anyone sat in the boxes for the show? I was thinking of buying them, but I wasn't sure about the view or what I would miss.



I have sat in the box seats. The view from there is great. You will miss some of the impact of the projections on extreme stage right and there's one part of Requiem where you may lose sight of Jennifer Laura Thompson for a few minutes, but you'll still hear her. The view from the box seats i

How is Ben Platt's attendance in DEH?  Jan 26 2017, 10:45:26 PM

phan24 said: "Does anyone know if Colton Ryan or Michael Lee Brown have gone on yet in any of the male roles yet?



Michael Lee Brown went on as Jared due to Will Roland's absence on January 1st. Colton Ryan hasn't gone on yet. 

How is Ben Platt's attendance in DEH?  Jan 22 2017, 05:26:22 PM

jayclay said: "I am looking at tickets for DEH for either June or September. Is it safe to assume Ben Platt has the standard 1 year contract and we'd still have a chance to see him if we wait until September? Thanks



I remember him saying in an interview that it's in his contract that he won't work on Yom Kippur so keep that in mind if you're considering dates at the end of September.

Dear Evan Hansen Standing Room  Jan 6 2017, 06:15:24 PM

Wow, defygravity2, that sucks. I'm so sorry to hear about that. Did you consider getting partial view seats or were there none left as well? I've heard there's now a Cancellation Line that forms at the theatre, and on Twitter it looks people have gotten some pretty sweet seats that way (Row F orchestra, etc). They're not as inexpensive as SRO tickets, but still, maybe it's another option. Has anyone here had experience with the cancellation line?

DEAR EVAN HANSEN Reviews  Jan 1 2017, 09:12:17 PM

So, according to Twitter, understudy Michael Lee Brown went on tonight for Will Roland (Jared). Curious if anyone was in attendance and what they thought of Michael Lee Brown in the role.

Dear Evan Hansen Standing Room  Dec 31 2016, 02:16:19 AM

LesWickedly said: "Can box seats only be purchased the day of? 



No, they sell them in advance too, but at the box office only. 

Dear Evan Hansen Standing Room  Dec 30 2016, 05:20:41 PM

Wick3 said: "somechrysanthemumtea said: "If I remember correctly partial view seats are around 60$? But I can't be sure if that's right."

Are the partial view seats the box seats? For Shuffle Along (the show at Music Box before Dear Evan Hansen), I rushed and the tickets were partial-view box seats. My friend sat closer to the edge and I was next to her... unfortunately I ended up standing the entire time since it provided a better view.

Evan Hansen Seating Question  Dec 29 2016, 08:56:06 PM

LimelightMike said: "Hmmm.


So, by that account, Row A is waaay too close?




Row A is way too close. I wouldn't sit closer than Row C. 

Dear Evan Hansen Stage Door  Dec 29 2016, 08:53:30 PM

I'm so pleased to see the replies in this thread about the times when Ben Platt doesn't come out of the stage door (which seem to be mostly evenings before two-show days and after matinees). I've seen some tweets trying to make him feel bad about not coming out, but whatever it takes to protect his health and his energy should be fine with any theatregoer, ESPECIALLY those who have had the privilege of experiencing for themselves what he gives on that stage. 

Music Box Theatre Seat ?  Dec 28 2016, 04:51:14 PM

newsie20841 said: "Is one side of the stage better than the other for box seats?  Also, are there partial view orchestra seats available at the box office for the same price as the boxes ($69)?  I will be near the box office today and I'm wondering if I should try to purchase for a future visit.  Thanks!




The orchestra partial view seats are the same price as the boxes, yes ($69 each), and they are only available

Music Box Theatre Seat ?  Dec 27 2016, 11:10:01 PM

LesWickedly said: "Two questions, I'm almost 6 foot and am sitting in the front row of the mezzanine. How is the leg room? Other question is how are box seats purchased? Thanks.



The leg room in the front row of the mezzanine is great.

Box seats can only be purchased in person at the Music Box box office. They're $69 each. 

Dear Evan Hansen Standing Room  Dec 26 2016, 12:36:06 AM

Notreallysilent 2 said: "Sorry to ask this again but no one answered before. How much are the partial view seats that they sell at the box office?


and @bwayandstuff it opens at 10 On Saturday 




They're $69.

Dear Evan Hansen tickets 4th Jan  Dec 25 2016, 06:16:54 PM

I understand your eagerness to see the show and applaud your commitment. I think a lot of other people will find themselves in a similar position given that so many shows are sold out or close to sold out. Here are my recommendations: 

- Check Telecharge a few days before the performance. I've noticed that sometimes premium seats appear a few days ahead of time. Maybe these are house seats that have been released? Still, it's worth checking every day starting a week a

SOLD - Delete: Selling 2 box seat tickets DEAR EVAN HANSEN tonight @ 7 PM  Dec 8 2016, 12:02:12 PM

I have two extra tickets for Dear Evan Hansen tonight (December 8th) at 7 PM. (My sister and friend got better seats in the mezzanine.) These are partial view seats that sell for $69 each. PM me if interested. I'll be sitting in the box seats too. Paypal/Venmo/cash/whatever is fine.

Tickets have been sold. Thank you.

Dear Evan Hansen/Music Box Seating  Dec 7 2016, 05:29:06 PM

Jimbo2 said: "I won the lottery tonight! Anyone know where the seats are?




Wow, winner of the first lottery. Congrats! From what I've read, the lottery seats will depend very much on what's available. They might be partial view, or, who knows, maybe they'll be house seats that aren't being used? You'll have to come back and tell us where you ended up! 

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