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Rose Tattoo Stage Door  Sep 25 2019, 10:43:43 AM
Im planning to see the Rose Tattoo shortly. Does anyone know if Marisa Tomei has been coming to stage door after the first preview?

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Jun 29 2019, 01:33:10 PM

CurtainPullDowner said: "I was just going to post that a transfer of the original London cast as did the FERRYMAN limited run with A New York cast take over after that. With possibly Stephanie J. taking over the lead,

I don't understand people asking if Patti will "come over" with the show. She lives here, a block away from me as a matter of fact.

The asking Patti is a result of Patti having originally said she was done with musicals here in

London recommendations  Jan 4 2019, 04:10:10 PM
Company without a doubt. Im in intermission now and its simply fantastic.

What show have you seen the most times?  Nov 14 2018, 04:24:31 PM
Great Comet - 4
Bandstand - 3
Wicked - 3
Angels (2018) - 2
Paramour - 2
Phantom - 2

revised COMPANY in West End  Sep 2 2018, 11:59:10 AM
I pray this extends by a few weeks. Making a trip to London for the new year

Buying New Songs Now Tix  Jul 25 2018, 07:16:18 PM
Seeking a New Songs Now ticket featuring Lucas Steele at Rattlestick Theatre. Any extras?

Does Angels have an online Merc shop?  Apr 6 2018, 11:26:49 AM

Found this link with pics of the merch booths

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/25/18  Feb 26 2018, 10:39:45 PM
I agree with Hogan and Miles, Angels did horrible this week. If the reviews are as glowing as they were in London and once they run at normal schedule, perhaps it will turn around. But I don’t see this becoming difficult to get a ticket to anytime soon.

MCP Broadway Classics in Concert  Feb 22 2018, 02:35:49 PM

bdboston said: "I was there, and enjoyed it considerably - despite the crazy long/slow line getting into Carnegie Hall. Because it started late, I needed to leave early due to a prior commitment. I left during "A Whole New World." The program listed the Sister Act song as the last song; were there encores?"

there was an additional song at the end but I can’t remember what it was 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/11/18  Feb 12 2018, 05:12:52 PM

ACL2006 said: "And anyone else thinking THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG won't last until July?"

I think it will do fine. The running costs are under $300k a week which has only happened 4 times out of the run so far, one of which wasn’t playing the full 8. By my math it’s made 4.5 million in profit, and producers have said they have already recouped over 50% of the 4 million capitalization as of November 2nd. I’d say they’ll close i

The Great Comet to Rise Again in Tokyo  Jan 31 2018, 08:56:04 PM
I would book a visit to Tokyo strictly for this

Is the NT Follies transferring to Broadway?  Dec 22 2017, 01:01:33 PM
I could see this as possibly a limited run in a bigger house falling this season’s closings

re: re: re: re: re: re: re: is there some part in a musical that you think you'd be perfect for?  Dec 19 2017, 03:29:24 PM
King Charles in Pippin
Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd
Pierre in Great Comet
Count Von Krolock in Dance of the Vampires (original German or Polish text, costumes, set and orchestrations/keys)
Der Tod in Elisabeth

Play that Goes Wrong Extends to March 2018  Dec 15 2017, 04:50:18 PM
Assuming for arguments sake the weekly nut is 300k, from their first week to now has had total running costs of 11.7 million. The Play ... has grossed 14.8 million, leaving 3.1 million in profits going towards recoupment. If that is nearly 50% of the investment money, would a 6.5-7 million investment sound about right?

Riedel on Moulin Rouge! workshop and Home for the Holidays closing  Dec 12 2017, 10:34:24 PM

JennH said: "I mean, I hope it doesn't close at this merely because I have a ticket for it now...I'd rather see it than not. And we all know Reidel isn't right all that often.

And speaking of Butterfly, not that I'm exactly sure what the legalities are, but I thought way more time than less than a week had to be given before a show made their closing announcement...I recall two or three weeks out at least someone mentioned. I could be be wrong about the num

Biggest broadway controversy so far in 2017?  Dec 11 2017, 03:16:13 PM
Great Comet

If Phantom Wasn't running  Dec 7 2017, 12:37:01 AM

Longest running show still open or closed? For shows still running, the Chicago revival takes that title.
For shows no longer running, the original run of Cats.

Sara in Waitress closing?  Dec 7 2017, 12:34:02 AM
Waitress I don’t think will close too soon since it has recouped. It’s also a smaller Broadway house so I can’t imagine running costs are too high.

Longest Runs That Never Recouped  Nov 22 2017, 03:31:05 PM
Sunset Boulevard never fully recouped. The 2017 revival got much closer to recoupment than the original run, but never quite hit the mark

TIME AND THE CONWAYS (2017) Previews  Nov 17 2017, 01:35:00 PM
I was wondering if there were any updates on the stage door? If anyone has stopped coming out all together, comes out irregularly etc

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