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Tickets Refunds  May 18 2020, 02:10:47 AM

MCW1227 said: "RWPrincess said: "Artsylady10 said: "Has anyone had success with refunds from The Hudson for Plaza Suite? Haven’t been contacted, no refund yet for tickets I bought directly from the box office, no customer service, MUCH frustration! Thank you!"

There are several posts in this thread about this. My show date has passed and I have not been contacted. I've also tried calling and emailing the theater. The phone linehas a me

Tickets Refunds  Apr 10 2020, 05:33:02 PM

Question re Plaza Suite refunds: I bought my tickets at the box office and see that the website says a member of the team will contact me 30 days after my performance date. I don't understand how they would have my contact info? My name is on the tickets, but I don't recall giving them my email or phone number. Do I need to proactively contact them (and if so, how?) or will they magically find me?


New B'way Gift Shop and Interior Tour  Nov 20 2019, 11:34:18 PM

I’m a local NYCer and took a tour with Tim a couple weeks ago - the haunted Broadway tour. We were lucky enough to have Tim himself as our guide and the tour was super interesting and fun. I definitely want to take the Hudson tour in the near future, especially now that I know that a ghost light is! 

A CHRISTMAS CAROL - Preview Thread  Nov 20 2019, 01:27:52 AM

I was at tonight’s show too and I have to agree, it was fantastic. I didn’t have any expectations and loved it. The lights were amazing, I loved the effects, music and the Christmas dinner! Go see it for sure!

Coriolanus at the Public  Jul 31 2019, 11:52:47 PM

thedrybandit said: And on the topic of the set & costume design, the apocalyptic design theme that they're going for here (which feels like the fifth time in as many years) is starting to wear thin. While I liked the set design for what it was, I'd like to see them move on to a new style of design for the dramas that they choose to set in modern day clothing.

This cannot be said enough - totally agreed!!

I’m glad the lightening has improved from t

Coriolanus at the Public  Jul 31 2019, 12:08:48 AM

JBroadway said: "I went last week and thought the production was ok-to-bad.

I also saw it last week and 100% agree with your thoughts. In addition to your points on Jonathan Cake and the costumes I also did not care for the lighting or set. On a positive note, Kate Burton was very good - easily the best part of the show.

While I appreciate any night at the Delacorte, this one was disappointing -  which is

Excerpts Moby Dick, In Concert Under the Whale  Jul 27 2019, 10:54:15 PM

I was at AMNH tonight and he said the 90 min excerpt is half the content/length of the show - so that’s 3 hours.

Discount Codes  Jun 10 2019, 09:47:45 PM

Anything current for Moulin Rouge? Thanks!

THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT Previews  Dec 8 2018, 12:19:55 AM

Has anyone rushed this one recently? I am thinking of going with a friend next Saturday to either performance and wondering whether folks have been successful/what times they have arrived. 

Marnie at the Met  Oct 21 2018, 03:46:23 PM

No - Met rush tickets are sold online. Be sure to be on the page, logged in and refresh exactly at 12 noon on weekday or whatever time the rushes was for the 2 Saturday shows.

It's pretty easy - suggest you check it out for a performance before the one you are targeting so you can give it a whirl.

Marnie at the Met  Oct 21 2018, 01:44:02 PM

I attended the premiere on Friday night and am a pretty frequent Met attendee. I thought it was a departure from the usual Met productions and I enjoyed that. It was all sung.

What I liked: the costumes and color palette (very 1950s Mad Men esq.), the mystery/suspense, the story, Isabel Leonard, the images used in the set - it was primarily all projected/on screens, sort of like Mean Girls or DEH, except the Met had multiple layers of screen.

What I didn't like:

2018 Shakespeare in the Park  Aug 1 2018, 10:49:56 PM

Saw Twelfth Night tonight and loved it! What a great show and production. I usually prefer more straight forward Shakespeare performances at the Delacorte (like this year's Othello) but I loved this. I thought it was fun, accessible and very enjoyable. It had a sort of Great Comet vibe too it in some ways. It was also interesting they had some sign language throughout much of the show, similar to what they did with The Runaways, the gala performance this year, which I also

Play That Goes Wrong - Previews Deal  Jan 7 2017, 08:53:28 PM

No, I don't expect to see the $25 deal again, but just wanted to see if I was missing any other discounts that  had been announced so far.

Play That Goes Wrong - Previews Deal  Jan 7 2017, 08:36:37 PM

Have there been anymore discounts for this? Seems to be a lot of seats available and I'm interested in getting tickets but wondering if I should wait for an offer.

Anyone seen Paramour post changes?  Sep 7 2016, 02:05:15 PM

I was curious if anyone had seen Cirque's Paramour since they took a brief hiatus at the end of August and made some changes? I saw it on 8/21, right before the hiatus, and my friend and I were both really disappointed. I was interested in hearing what they changed and if anyone felt the show has improved? We noticed that the soundtrack was released on 8/26 so we were assuming there were unlikely to be lyric/story changes - but not sure how that might work.

Interested in any r

The Humans - Rush/Limited View  Aug 24 2016, 04:34:51 PM

I won the matinee lotto today and sat front row center. I didn't have any trouble with the view personally. There was a room on the right side of the upper level set I could not see, but as best as I could tell, no significant action occurred on that part of the set anyway.

Curious Incident Digital Lottery  Aug 18 2016, 01:06:04 AM

On the other hand, I had the opposite experience recently. i won the lotto for Fully Committed and I arrived 4 minutes past the deadline of an hour before curtain to the box office. They refused to sell me the ticket at the lotto price, but offered me the same seat at a higher price. I declined as I was so annoyed at how the box office spoke to me. My own fault (and the MTA

Hamilton Cancellation Line  Aug 3 2016, 12:15:27 AM

petewk87 said: "Looks like Michael Lluwoye is debuting as Alexander Hamilton tonight! Would love to hear reports.

I was at the show tonight  - my first time! I went to the box office in early Jan after reading here about partial view tickets and I bought a partial view ticket for $177 - orch row M on the aisle, right side facing the stage, and it was fantastic. I am pretty sure I missed almost nothing - the only thing I couldn't see was the upper pa

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