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Recuperating from Covid and back on BWW  Nov 23 2020, 01:01:01 AM

Best wishes for continuing recovery! How scary for you both. I hope that good rest is on the horizon.

Thank you for also showing why the argument that only a small percentage of those infected actually die so it isn’t a big deal, is completely invalid. There are many facets to this virus that can not be taken lightly.

Your $600 tube of Vaseline hit home as I spent the day wading through claims, including a $99,000 hospital bill for surgery and an overnight stay, wh

Why the hate for moulin rouge  Jul 29 2020, 05:10:20 PM


Why the hate for moulin rouge  Jul 29 2020, 05:08:16 PM
Saw it in November from great seats with everyone in. It’s a gorgeous production with tremendous talent and a fun night.

Unfortunately, the recycled pop music is jarring to me and kept taking me out of the moment. With an original score, I think it would have a better chance of resonating with me.

I remember a beautiful set and some spectacular dancing instead of the show.

What’s the last show you saw on Broadway before its closing?  Jun 6 2020, 02:48:02 AM

Beetlejuice on November 27th as part of a Thanksgiving trip, where we also saw Hadestown and Moulin Rouge. Everyone was in for all three shows, which never happens.

Looking forward to coming back to NYC, but I think it’s going to be 2021, at best.

Broadway to Close?  Mar 29 2020, 03:34:43 PM

It would be helpful if the number of tests per day were released on the same day as number of cases. While I have no doubt the number of cases is truly increasing at an alarming rate, I also think we did not properly account for number of cases in the early days, because tests were not available. It might give some perspective to true growth rates (though no real data exists).

Broadway and the Coronavirus  Mar 14 2020, 06:00:44 PM

Robbie2 said: "Coronavirus Can Live in Patients for Five Weeks After Contagion"

May I ask your source for this?  Not being snarky, but I’ve been looking for this info and I’m curious where it can be found. 

Broadway to Close?  Mar 12 2020, 07:45:04 PM

Miles2Go2 said: "I hope you’ll allow my post that is only tangentially related to the thread. Maybe it gives a broader perspective of what we’re facing. Maybe not.

I had an experience that left me pretty shaken up today. During my lunch hour at my worksite, I was talking to my doctor’s office in the hallway about whether it’s safe to visit my 83 y.o. mom at her nursing on Sunday. Since I’m traveling, I don’t know who I’m encounteri

Broadway to Close?  Mar 12 2020, 12:06:11 PM

duplicate post

Broadway to Close?  Mar 12 2020, 12:06:11 PM
*IF* theaters close, does NY unemployment insurance kick in? I know in California, you are able to make a claim for temporary work stoppage or even if your hours are just cut. I hope there is a similar safety net, not just for theater employees, but for all.

TAKE ME OUT will be using Yondr pouches  Mar 8 2020, 07:22:39 PM

Sutton Ross said: "Haha. Does it make you feel better to bitch about a show you are not attending? Does it make you feel better to know they don't actually care if you buy their tickets? I sure hope so because having you REPEAT and BOLD for EMPHASISpost after post is incredibly annoying.

You gave you opinion, it's clear, so now you can piss off.


How lovely. No thank you. 

TAKE ME OUT will be using Yondr pouches  Mar 8 2020, 07:12:16 PM

Sutton Ross said: "Thanks Olivia, we got your point 5 posts ago. Don't go to shows with Yondr pouches. Problem solved."

Did that make you feel better?

TAKE ME OUT will be using Yondr pouches  Mar 8 2020, 06:58:50 PM

Islander_fan said: "I hate to be “that guy,” but there are dozens of reasons as to why you won’t see these used more frequently on Broadway any time soon. And yes, while Take Me Out would be the first non special event/concert on Broadway to use them, seeing as the show is produced by and in a theatre owned by Second Stage, they don’t have to ask anyone for special permission.

But, that’s non profit theater and it’s being done for a reas

TAKE ME OUT will be using Yondr pouches  Mar 8 2020, 06:53:14 PM

latitudex1 said: "poisonivy2 said: "Our school spent a s__tload on Yondr pouches. It was going to be the magic pouch that took away the "students using phone in class" problem.

Within a few hours students had figured out how to break the pin magnet. The ones that didn't want to jimmy the magnet simply brought an old phone and put it in their pouch and continued to use their phones throughout the school day.

Now piles of those Yondr pouches

TAKE ME OUT will be using Yondr pouches  Mar 8 2020, 05:01:24 PM

Nope. I’m saying for me, I won’t buy tickets. If the majority feels these pouches are appropriate and welcome, my little boycott won’t matter. If not, it will send a message. That’s the way life works.

TAKE ME OUT will be using Yondr pouches  Mar 8 2020, 02:07:57 PM

Unfortunately, you're proving my point. I get that you don't like the idea of Yondr pouches, and I respect your choice to stay away from places that usethem. However, arguing about why you deserve to be exemptIS kinda the definition of "entitlement.""

I think you just want to fight and use the word entitlement incorrectly, as many times as possible. 

I think EVERYONE should be exempt because they should enforce the primary rule

TAKE ME OUT will be using Yondr pouches  Mar 8 2020, 01:48:04 PM

CT2NYC said: "We live in a world of rules and regulations, which are put in place to protect the non-offenders, not to annoy them. I can understand ifsomeone simply doesn't want to use a Yondr pouch and decides not to patronize a venue or event that uses them, but to wrap it up in this faux outrage about being treated like childrenreeks of entitlement. If you don't want to go, don't go, but don't act like you're above it all, because you're not."

TAKE ME OUT will be using Yondr pouches  Mar 8 2020, 12:51:36 PM

Theatre Cyns said: "Not that it matters, but for what it’s worth in the context of this discussion, I’m a 51 year-old woman who doesn’t spend every minute of the day with her phone. Not a boomer but not a millennial either. ? I just don’t like the idea of the theater deciding that I’m not responsible enough with my own legal property to act appropriately (ESPECIALLY given that a minority of people do the thing that this is supposed to be stopping).

Diana A True Musical Story  Feb 22 2020, 02:43:01 PM
I saw this in La Jolla and felt similarly the way I felt about Summer the musical: a lot of great talent limited by mediocre material. At least with Summer, the songs were memorable. Here....not so much. There was exactly one song I remembered anything about, right after leaving and it was a comic relief song.

It’s unfortunate that LJ seems to be churning out musicals that need so much work and then they end up transferring “as is”. I can’t recommend this show.

Short Trip Report: Phantom and Chicago  Feb 10 2020, 09:15:45 PM
I love (and completely understand) the term “comfort theater” in the OP. :)

It's Not a Comeback...It's A Return! My June 7-10 Visit to NYC  Feb 4 2020, 01:31:43 AM
The Met Cloisters and Fort Tryon Park are a lovely way to get out of Midtown. While technically part of Upper Manhattan, it is close to the Bronx and an entirely different feeling. Highly recommend!

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