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Brian Dennehy Has Passed Away  Apr 16 2020, 04:09:00 PM

So saddened to hear this. A giant presence whenever he was on stage. First became aware of him as Don, the bartender in the 1979 movie "10" and enjoyed his on screen performances for the next 40 years. Unfortunately, I missed his most acclaimed stage performances but finally ticked off my bucket list item when I saw him in Desire Under The Elms. Was fortunate to see him on stage twice more in L.A., in The Steward of Christendom at the Mark Taper and then just over a year ago at the

broadway for broke people?  Apr 9 2020, 03:32:53 AM
Don't know if it was down earlier, but it's up right now. And if it doesn't get updated for the next month or two, not sure it's a big deal as no one is rushing anything for the forseeable future anyway.

What Was The Worst Musical You Saw  Apr 7 2020, 08:08:27 PM

Back in 2007, Signature Theater off-Broadway presented a Charles Mees work, Queens Boulevard (the Musical). It remains the worst professional production of a play or musical I've ever seen. No fault of the actors. I had and have seen many of them in other productions in which they were quite good. The musical was just a steaming turd that could not be polished.

WHEN WILL THEY ANNOUNCE  Mar 27 2020, 05:37:05 AM

oncemorewithfeeling2 said: "The NHL wants to resume operations by July, apparently, and hand out the Stanley Cup in September and have a one month off season before starting the 2020-2021 season in November."

I'm just curious where you've seen or heard that. From what I've heard, and from what updates have been posted on, they're are still weighing a variety of options but are far from deciding anything and ideally, they want whatever the

An appeal for calm, reason and truthfulness in a crucial moment  Mar 21 2020, 04:01:39 AM

Theater'sBestFriend said: "On another thread, someone who said they work at an organizationaccused itof behavior endangering public health. They characterized it as“absolutely irresponsible, if not criminal.” They seemed upset, and to be describing their perception, but gave no evidence to support their important claim. SoI asked: “What is your proof?”The poster replied: “I don't need to provide proof to you.”I suppose that's technicall

An appeal for calm, reason and truthfulness in a crucial moment  Mar 20 2020, 02:07:15 AM

Theater'sBestFriend said: "Letting people saywhat they feel is one thing. These are scary times, and in the haze of crisis facts can becomeobscure. But falseaccusation is another thing entirely. The lattercould damagepeople, public health, andthe future of the theater. That is why I made myappeal for calm, reason, and truthfulness."

You have no actual evidence any false accusations have been made, just your view of what was in the head of producers and their

ACT in SF selling tix to streaming GLORIA and TONI STONE  Mar 19 2020, 03:16:37 AM
I saw Gloria live the last Friday before everything shut down last week. It was excellent.

What's The Future of New York? What's on the other side of COVID  Mar 19 2020, 03:10:36 AM
My prediction is that by the fall of 2021, when there is officially no longer any further danger of coronavirus, the cities of New York, Boston and Philadelphia will be merged into one jurisdiction called New Bostadelphia by the surviving 9,300 people within those cities. There will still be a Broadway theater district but only one theater and only one show will be performed, IN TRANSIT which becomes a smash hit due to the overwhelming nostalgia for the New York City subways which no longer exis

An appeal for calm, reason and truthfulness in a crucial moment  Mar 15 2020, 01:19:43 PM

Theater'sBestFriend said: "At a time when congress is looking into the role of Facebook, Twitter, etc. in spreading misinformation that could interfere with our national elections, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand might want to consider how misinformation on chat boards might affect public health and people's livelihoods, who bears responsibility for a harmful false rumor, and how information is being moderated on social media like this."

I'm sure Chuck an

What if Broadway shows went on with audiences limited to 250?  Mar 13 2020, 12:29:28 AM

TangerineDream said: "Kad said: "They’d lose just as much money as if they closed."

What if there waspremium/exclusiveticket pricing for limited/exclusive seatingduring the outage?

Not so much “hey kids, let’s put on a show” but “hey kids, let’s keep our show alive through the outage.”

Maybe there would be apprehension - liabilities if anyone contracted virus there?

Hamilton San Francisco Cancelled  Mar 12 2020, 05:46:12 PM

bear88 said: "ACT canceled its current plays in a email I just received. See below:

Based upon the recent guidance from the State of California and the City of San Francisco Public Health Department regarding large gatherings, AC.T. will cancel productions of Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s Gloria and Lydia R. Diamond’s Toni Stone effective immediately. It is critical to prioritize the safety and health of our patrons, employees, art

Hamilton San Francisco Cancelled  Mar 12 2020, 02:09:40 AM

SweetLips22 said: "Have you checked Australias' confirmed numbers and now Tom Hanks and wife? not that comfortable, just realistic."

If you can assure us that today's 100 cases in the Bay Area won't be 1000 cases by next week and 10,000-20,000 cases or more in 2 weeks, cause that's how these things grow, then I'll agree with you. Until then it's not an overreaction to the milliionth degree, the thousandth degree or even a single degree. You do

Hamilton San Francisco Cancelled  Mar 11 2020, 08:45:36 PM

SweetLips22 said: "This is over reaction to the millionth degree."

I can certainly see where someone from the comfort of their couch 7500 miles away might believe that.

Hamilton San Francisco Cancelled  Mar 11 2020, 07:24:23 PM
The Last Ship was scheduled to only run thru March 22 and open in Washington D.C. on March 27 so unless they reschedule all the remaining tour stops, effectively it closed.

A Sequel To West Side Story  Mar 9 2020, 06:12:36 PM

"A response to cultural appropriation in West Side Story...  and we will do this by appropriating the worldwide name recognition of West Side Story to gain attention for our show that few people might otherwise have an interest in."


Most “Uplifting” score?  Mar 6 2020, 05:06:01 AM

Kinky Boots is fun and has several uplifting songs.

Los Angeles Touring Shows: Dolby Theatre  Mar 5 2020, 03:28:01 PM

The only show I've attended there was the Cirque's sit down production of Iris back in 2012. My seat was fine but I was in orchestra left, about halfway back and just a few seats in from the center/left aisle. It's a 3400 seat barn so i can imagine if you're further back, off to the side or fairly high up, it might not be a great experience. I can't imagine how it would be seeing an intimate show like The Band's Visit when it plays there later this year but m

Len Cariou Walks - Show Closes Early  Mar 3 2020, 03:36:42 PM

I saw the show in January and really enjoyed it. It was great seeing Len on stage again and he and Craig were very good together.  It's sad to see the show's run end this way.

Betsy Wolfe is expecting!  Mar 2 2020, 08:26:24 PM

MannPhan24601 said: "RunnyBabbit said: "Now she’ll never get to be in Carousel!"

Omg. I was about to write about that thread,lol

I'm ashamed to say I thought about going there too. "Now the real reason for her leaving Carousel finally comes out."

Anyway, much nachas to her and her husband on their upcoming addition.

Fantastic Phantom, Finally  Feb 29 2020, 07:53:34 PM

CopleyScott17 said: "Thank you for clearing that up! How weird that two Broadway dance professionals would/could share the same name. The Screen Actors Guild would have made the upstart use a stage name. Wouldn't Broadway have similar rules? I mean, it's called a *stage* name for heaven's sake "

One is a choreographer and one is an actor, two entirely different th

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