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TKTS v. rush v. buy in advance Mormon Anastasia OOTI  Apr 21 2018, 09:13:49 AM

Hi, we usually come each summer for some shows and usually buy in advance.

This time, with the shows we've chosen - wondering if we should wait until we get to NYC and save money by trying TKTS or rushing or something alternative to traditional methods.

We want to see

Anastasia (2 seats)

Book of Mormon (4 seats)

Once on This Island (2 seats)

Would love any advice - thanks!

Great Comet Window Card  Sep 20 2017, 08:34:43 AM

Found one!  If anyone out there is still looking PM me and I'll let you know where I found it!

Great Comet Window Card  Sep 10 2017, 11:33:25 AM

We're also looking for a Great Comet window card or poster (unsigned is fine) - any leads are appreciated - thank you!

Riedel on vultures circling ‘Great Comet’  Aug 8 2017, 07:03:57 PM

well, the announcement is out

trpguyy was right.

at least I'll get to see it on the 18th.

Maybe, The Great Comet isn't closing in August 13  Aug 8 2017, 07:02:07 PM

well the announcement is out. 

Dear Evan Hansen - Ben Platt Attendance  Aug 7 2017, 03:27:55 PM

Margo319 said: "That has been talked about for weeks on every DEH thread and put up on Telecharge 3 weeks ago.



Geez -harsh!  This seems like an appropriate place to put news of his vacations! 

Amount of notice a show is likely to give before closing?  Jul 21 2017, 10:26:36 AM

I've been wondering if I need to worry about Great Comet. Our tickets are in mid-August.

BA 9 & 11 / Telecharge customer service  Jul 3 2017, 01:21:50 PM

Thank you to everyone who has commented on this thread. It has made selecting seats so much easier. I initially had Orchestra seats but after reading through this thread I decided it would be much more fun and immersive to be on the stage. I wouldn't have even known exchanging the seats would be a possibility until I read others' experiences on this thread.

I called Telecharge and they were happy to help me switch my seats. I moved to the banquettes - BA (stage right) on the in

BA 9 and BA 11  Jun 29 2017, 08:20:21 PM

deleted post so I could post an updated one below.

Is anyone going to Hamilton on the 9th?  Jul 8 2016, 02:19:59 PM

Wow, there's a harsh crowd here! Does every subject line have to be perfectly worded? I think we all understand what she's wondering about .... I'm curious too.

She Loves Me streaming  Jun 30 2016, 08:05:06 PM

This is a disaster so far! We keep getting buffering and invalid content segment messages.

cast member sightings at RRT  Jun 22 2016, 12:10:48 AM

This is a tangent but I'll be in NYC on July 9 with my daughter and I thought we might hang out at the RR Theater on that day to try to catch a glimpse of Lin, Philippa (her fave), any other cast members coming and going.  Our tickets are for July 13, so, not ideal timing as she is obsessed with the original cast.  We know we'll still see a great show but an added bonus would be to see Lin/ Philippa/Leslie/whoever else is leaving/ as well.

For those of you w

Broadway tonight on Maya and Marty  Jun 21 2016, 11:57:20 PM

Watching them sing was great but wow - the rest of that show was painfully bad.

Lin-Manuel's departure date from HAMILTON??  Jun 3 2016, 09:11:13 AM

I *am* really hoping it's Javier who takes over!  :)

Lin-Manuel's departure date from HAMILTON??  Jun 3 2016, 09:06:37 AM

I'm hesitant to even post on this board because people seem so harsh!  

But I can't help but wonder - that report from yesterday (about LMM's last performance on July 9) has not been confirmed - his agent refused to confirm - might there be a chance that the date could be off by a bit?  There was a report at some point that he was leaving in late July.

We are fortunate to be taking our kids on July 13. I was lucky enough to see the OBC last fall, but m

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