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Entrances That Give You Chills  Feb 4 2020, 08:46:12 PM
Speaking of Damn Yankees, when Cheyenne Jackson entered as Joe Hardy I was all, “DAYUM!” And I promptly bought myself a ticket to Xanadu!

Cool Curtain Calls  Jan 27 2020, 08:58:51 PM
Moulin Rouge!
American Idiot

MEAN GIRLS Recoups and Announces Film Adaptation  Jan 24 2020, 09:34:42 AM
I actually liked the musical, though admittedly a large part of that was that the book did a good job of translating the movie while retaining its most iconic parts. And while the music was just ok, I thought the stellar OBC really elevated the material.

Though I don’t think a movie adaptation of the musical is going to work. Why watch the movie musical when you can simply watch the original movie? Also, it’s not like any of the OBC will be able to reprise their roles on film (though I

10 Favorite BROADWAY Performances of the Decade  Dec 16 2019, 09:43:05 PM

Ben Platt - DEH
Leslie Odom Jr - Hamilton
Daveed Diggs - Hamilton
Renée Elise Goldsberry - Hamilton
Lucas Steele - Great Comet
David Byrne plus entire band - American Utopia
Mary-Louise Parker - The Sound Inside
Amber Gray - Hadestown
Bruce Springsteen- Springsteen on Broadway
Katrina Lenk - The Band’s Visit

Shows you thought you would hate but ended up loving...  Nov 3 2019, 06:37:14 AM
Mean Girls. Bought tickets as a Christmas present for my teen daughters and was prepared to “take one for the team.” Was laughing hysterically within the first 5 minutes. Not exactly a classic, but good, campy fun that was elevated by the talented OBC.

Favorite cast album for a show you have never seen?  Oct 30 2019, 02:15:48 PM
Jesus Christ Superstar

One night, one show...which one?  Oct 15 2019, 09:26:41 PM
FWIW I just asked my 16 yo and 13 yo daughters whether they liked Hadestown or MR more. They both immediately said “Hadestown,” though they did point out that they liked MR more than I did.

Then again, my 16 yo’s assessment of Hello, Dolly! was, “all she did was eat a chicken!” So feel free to take their opinions with a grain of salt!

One night, one show...which one?  Oct 15 2019, 04:13:46 PM
I have not seen Beetlejuice, but for a Sweet 16 celebration I would do Mean Girls. I went into that with extremely low expectations, and was laughing hysterically within the first two minutes. Dear Evan Hansen is also great (especially for teens), but perhaps a bit of a downer for a Sweet 16 celebration.

If you want to see a new “hot” show on Broadway, I personally would vote for Hadestown over Moulin Rouge. I may be in the minority, but Moulin Rouge left me cold. The costumes, sets, an

Favorite 11 o'clock number? (showstopper)  Oct 11 2019, 10:15:07 AM

I thought an 11 o clock number was a showstopper towards the end of the show that wakes everyone up and brings the house down?

If my understanding is correct, the classic example that comes to mind is “Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat” from Guys and Dolls.

And the most recent example that I’ve seen: “Balaga/The Abduction” from The Great Comet.

Advice Regarding My Upcoming Trip  Oct 4 2019, 09:13:28 AM
I mostly lurk here, but thank you for sharing this ... and thank you for staying alive.

Best Scene Changes  Aug 28 2019, 03:56:25 PM
Scene changes that took my breath away:

Les Miz: the forming of the barricade

La Boheme (Franco Zeffirelli production): that scene before Musetta’s Waltz where a Parisian cafe rises from the beneath the stage

She Loves Me: when the shop twirls around

My Fair Lady: the introduction of Henry Higgins’ house

Three Tall Women: the transition between Act I and Act II

Hadestown: Wait for Me

Casting What Could Have Beens  Jul 30 2019, 07:28:44 PM
Would have loved to have seen Mandy Patinkin as Pierre in the Great Comet!

Has anyone recognized actors anywhere but a show?  Jul 27 2019, 06:18:01 AM
Too many celebrity sightings to list. Most recently: Jonathan Groff, wearing a baseball cap and sitting outside in a restaurant in Chelsea (my Glee- and Hamilton-loving daughter was the one who noticed him). Very low key and adorable! We did not approach him or try to sneak a picture, but we did turn around and walk by the restaurant again to make sure it was him!

calming broadway songs  Nov 5 2018, 05:46:45 AM
“Everything’s Alright,” Jesus Christ Superstar

Dear Evan Hansen and Kids  Sep 26 2018, 11:17:09 PM
I actually took my two daughters when they were 13 and 10. I didn’t know that much about DEH going in: I only knew it was about high schoolers and social media and that some guy who apparently had been in Pitch Perfect was in it.

My 13 yo was the perfect age for the show (she had memorized all of the words to WTAW within an hour of getting home afterwards). I do remember sitting in the show thinking, “whoa, this is kinda heavy” for the 10 yo. Everything turned out ok because most of th

Spotting Celebrities at Shows  Sep 7 2018, 04:55:15 AM
Two off the top of my head:

David Duchovny at Rent (OBC)

Conrad Bain (Mr. Drummond!) at Proof with Mary-Louise Parker

Best understudy you've ever seen?  Aug 24 2018, 09:59:37 PM

Rebecca Luker, Christine in Phantom

Bruce Springsteen to Make Broadway Debut at the Walter Kerr - November 2017  Aug 30 2017, 11:56:19 AM

10086sunset said: "Some standby codes were send out by Ticketmaster at 11 am, acoordibg to their Twitter site

There is no general on sale. Verified codes are the only way to purchase tickets from Ticketmaster.

My sister was on standby and got a code about an hour ago.  She was able to buy tix (pricey ones, but not as pricey as those purportedly on StubHub now).

Dear Evan Hansen Tony Performance  May 16 2017, 11:57:32 AM

I think it's going to be a snippet of "Anybody Have A Map?" into Waving....

While they performed YWBF on the Today Show, the song loses some of its impact if you leave out the accompanying context.  I guess you could incorporate some of that into the Tony performance without really spoiling anything.  Though for me, the real impact of YWBF (and DEH in general) was the fact that I went in completely unspoiled, and was completely surprised (and overwhelm

Favourite Guilty Pleasure Musical  Jan 23 2017, 11:29:38 AM

Xanadu and Rock of Ages!

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