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Easter Eggs in the Theatre District  Mar 13 2020, 01:42:19 PM

Why is that Little Mermaid marquee even there? Who other than the people in the building immediately opposite could even see it? Bizarre placing. Did that building next door not exist at the time the show was open?

Loudest gasp you've heard in the theatre  Feb 13 2020, 04:46:08 PM

^SPOILER: That the daughter wrote the proof and not the dead father.

Ok, now that you say that I do remember that part of the movie. It didn't seem like the kind of thing that would elicit gasps, but I imagine that's because of the different medium and the fact that there's no "act 1 finale" structure in film.


Loudest gasp you've heard in the theatre  Feb 13 2020, 02:59:19 PM

I've only seen the movie version of Proof and it was a long time ago. I remember liking it at the time but not much about the plot. Can someone elaborate on what happens at the end of Act 1 that's so surprising? I don't recall any big reveals in the movie.

Dolly vs Music Man publicity  Nov 13 2019, 02:56:46 PM

Am I the only one who saw the title of this thread and wondered what Dolly Parton has to do with The Music Man?

Freak out songs  Oct 7 2019, 01:16:42 PM

Both "Gee Officer Krupke" and "Cool" from West Side Story have a freak out quality about them, the latter especially as it's used in the film version.

Best cheap hotels closest to Bway?  Oct 7 2019, 10:05:33 AM

My family stayed at a Holiday Inn a couple of blocks just south and west of Columbus Circle (sorry I can't remember the exact address). It's definitely no frills, but it was clean and perfectly fine, especially if you won't be spending much time in your room. On other visits we've stayed in much more expensive hotels that were no better and in some cases were even worse.

Best Scene Changes  Aug 28 2019, 09:24:18 AM

Love this thread, as I've always had a fascination with the mechanics of moving from one set to another in stage shows. 

Miss Saigon has some impressive ones for me, especially the transition into the Bangkok street scene and the entire dream sequence.

Also, a very simple but memorable one for me -- the transition into the sewers in the 1992 revival of Guys and Dolls.

Greatest Cast of Characters in a Show  Jul 10 2019, 09:46:47 AM

Urinetown. Can't think of a single role in that musical, including anyone in the ensemble, that wouldn't be a blast to play.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/12/19  May 15 2019, 10:17:42 AM

Can I be the first one to propose that we don't use BJ as an abbreviation for Beetlejuice? Might avoid a lot of confusion. wink

Great Scores But Weak Shows?  May 15 2019, 09:22:13 AM

The last Broadway production of Flower Drum Song indicated that the show isn't very "revivable," but the cast recording gave me a new appreciation for the R&H score. The orchestrations were terrific, and I felt like I was hearing some of the songs -- like the normally disposable "Fan Tan Fannie" -- for the first time.

I second the person who mentioned Aspects of Love. The score is absolutely gorgeous, but ack...that book! Who's sleeping with who

Drama League Nominations Reaction  Apr 17 2019, 02:41:16 PM

I've never really followed these awards before so this is probably my ignorance showing, but these nominations seem pretty meaningless to me. It's like if you opened this year you got nominated.

Stockard Channing in Six Degrees of Separation  Apr 1 2019, 05:47:55 PM

These responses have all been fascinating, thanks! I was pleasantly surprised to find so many people on these boards who saw the original Broadway production. The article I was reading was about what a great year the 1993 Oscars were for Best Actress. Holly Hunter dominated all of the awards that year for The Piano (rightly so), but any one of the Best Actress nominees would have been a deserving winner in a different year. I've not seen the film version of Six Degrees of Separation, but

Stockard Channing in Six Degrees of Separation  Apr 1 2019, 09:41:48 AM

I was reading something about the 1993 Academy Awards when Stockard Channing was nominated for recreating her role in Six Degrees of Separation. The article referred to her stage performance in that play as "the stuff of legend." I'm wondering if anyone saw her in that play or has more insight into how accurate that statement is. Is it an exaggeration or was she really that good? I like her as an actress but I've never heard that particular role or her performance mentioned

Celebrity Biography and Illusionists Marquee  Nov 28 2018, 10:20:51 AM

Ah, ok. Didn't realize there were so few performances of Celebrity Autobiography. That does make sense. Thanks!

Celebrity Biography and Illusionists Marquee  Nov 28 2018, 09:19:49 AM

Very specific and perhaps rather random question:

I somehow completely missed that Celebrity Autobiography was even opening, let alone at the same theater as The Illusionists. How do they handle the marquee and signage at the Marquis to account for two different shows playing at the same time? I assume it's an LCD marquee that can change easily. But if you're just strolling through Times Square during the middle of the day, which show appears as the one playing? Does it somehow

Dance of the Vampires  Oct 31 2018, 10:18:47 AM

Thanks for the reply. I do have to say that Total Eclipse of the Heart seemed completely incongruous given everything happening around it, yet at the same time, as a child of the 80s, it was weirdly satisfying to hear it being belted out by Mandy Gonzalez. Michael Crawford, on the other hand, sounded ridiculous. 

Dance of the Vampires  Oct 31 2018, 09:50:36 AM

I watched Roman Polanski's "The Fearless Vampire Killers" last night and thought it was dreadful (that's for another message board). But it led me to some clips of the original Broadway production of "Dance of the Vampires," and I have to say I'm sort of....uh....fascinated. I know it was a notorious flop, but for those who saw it I'm wondering....was the audience laughing at the production or with it? The very first scene seems to establish a campy tone, b

Most creative/interesting curtain calls you've seen?  Jul 30 2018, 02:28:18 PM

Not sure if it technically counts as a curtain call since it happens before the cast bows, but loved the little dance number in "Urinetown" immediately following "I See a River," after we're told everyone dies of drought. It was a great way for the show to make a serious point but still send everyone out on a high.

Saddest songs in musical theater  Jun 26 2018, 09:34:29 AM

"No More" from Into the Woods kills me ever since I had children of my own.

I'll also add "Somewhere" from West Side Story and "Every Day a Little Death" from A Little Night Music.

And I second "Losing My Mind" and "Tell Me on a Sunday."

Broadway Records to release MY FAIR LADY cast album  Jun 8 2018, 09:47:39 AM

The Servants’ Chorus is indeed in the production, just not on the album.

Thanks! Wonder why that song almost never gets recorded. The only recording of My Fair Lady I can think of that does include it is the expanded film soundtrack, and overall I just don't find that version of the score very satisfying to listen to. Would be nice to have an alternative that's as comprehensive.


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