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Company Previews Thread  Mar 4 2020, 02:35:20 PM

hearthemsing22 said: "ljay889 said: "Is anyone else curious why they have Lenk wearing sperry looking tennis shoes instead of red heels like Craig? Also, she doesn’t wear hoop earrings like in the promo pictures."

My first thought is that it's for comfort given she's on stage basically the whole show? I can't explain the earrings though.

One of the criticisms in London was that the show didn’t feel New York enoug

Bob & Carol &Ted &Alice (PREVIEWS)  Jan 17 2020, 10:56:53 AM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "Ducan Sheik himself was originally going to be playing the Suzanne Vega role, but it's probably a wise choice to have the composer in the house and not on stage for a new musical. (Yes, LMM is the big exception.)"

I’d say this SHOULD apply to LMM too, be we know he loves to write himself a vehicle. 

Jagged Little Pill - Reviews  Dec 6 2019, 01:34:09 AM

YvanEhtNioj said: "Jesus, chiiiiiilllll. lol it wasn’t a dig. "

It also wasn’t a necessary comment, but you took the time to make it anyway. By definition, it’s a dig. An issue many members on this board fail to realize is that plain text type does not imply tone and it should be assumed that someone will take your b**chy comment at face value, not the snarky inflection you’d say it with out loud. 

Regardless, count me

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 11/3/19  Nov 4 2019, 04:56:49 PM

Impossible2, you’re grossly underestimating the cost of having a brand name for a show. Royalties alone to license the title are probably close to 6 figures. Couple that with the amount of insurance above and beyond a standard play given all of the tricks and flying, it’s EASILY close to a million. I’d bank on a number in the $900,000 range as someone suggested they wouldn’t lower their GP below their break even. 

If you look at their trend

Cynthia Erivo EGOT  Nov 1 2019, 07:27:23 AM

Same as the Grammy, the Emmy goes to featured performers. And I imagine you'd be hard pressed to explain how a performance can earn an award without its performers...

She's an EGT. She won't win the Oscar for Harriet (given the reviews), but she is indeed only one statue away.

Rialto Chatter: Will MRS. DOUBTFIRE Musical Land on Broadway Next Year?  Oct 16 2019, 08:20:26 AM

magictodo123 said: "OhHiii said: "magictodo123 said: "CONFIRMED FOR SONHEIM THEATER

How I wish Kate Baldwin had stuck with this.

Rialto Chatter: Will MRS. DOUBTFIRE Musical Land on Broadway Next Year?  Oct 16 2019, 08:11:53 AM


How I wish Kate Baldwin had stuck with this.

Favorite 11 o'clock number? (showstopper)  Oct 11 2019, 01:08:50 PM

Get Out and Stay Out. Stephanie J Block catapulted herself with that song. In an otherwise just 'fine' musical.

The Inheritance - Previews  Oct 4 2019, 11:43:40 AM

JBC3 said: "And FWIW while the recent National Theatre production of Angels was indeed the first Broadway revival as a poster mentioned a bit ago, people might have seen the very successful Signature production a few years ago or the HBO special. Angels is pretty accessible if someone wants to see it."

My point was that delegitimizing someone's positive experience with The Inheritance simply because they don't have the context to compare to Angels (which a po

The Inheritance - Previews  Oct 3 2019, 08:44:59 AM

clever2, you've now taken two opportunities to write two long diatribes against this show. We get it. You didn't like it. That doesn't mean you should diminish the experience that a lot of people are having with this piece. 

The Angels in America comparisons are both inevitable and unfair and even the writer has said you'd be a fool to try and write the next Angels... Angels is a work of form and profound, academic ideas. From some of these critiques, it's almo

Phone rings, door chimes, in comes COMPANY!  Oct 2 2019, 02:01:01 PM
First look at Katrina as Bobbie is out!

She looks gorgeous

The Inheritance - Previews  Sep 29 2019, 10:11:45 AM

quizking101 said: "When I read the play, as written, I saw Toby as a rather grotesque character and imagined him not looking like he just felt out of Men’s Health magazine. That took quite a bit of getting used to, though I eventually got on board. "


So interesting that Toby is the one you picture as a character you saw as someone not in shape. In my experience, particularly in the NYC gay scene, it’s exactly those who look like they dr

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Aug 30 2019, 09:09:16 AM

QueenAlice said: "Jordan, I think age isn’t the reason you don’t want Lenk in the role. This isn’t like they’ve cast Bernadette Peters in the part.

And yes, since I’m one of the very few women on this board, I think I can be on the cross for a moment when it comes to defending some of the again ageist and sexist comments trust appear here.

LOUDER, ALICE!! All of this.

Available Theatres  Aug 30 2019, 08:27:58 AM

JBroadway said: "If I were you I wouldn’t use Riedel’s column as an update source. He may very well be right about all of these, but his word is not confirmation. He’s a gossip columnist. If I were you I would wait for a press release."

Yeah..if Lehman Trilogy were to be happening this fall, there's no way it wouldn't be on sale least you would think...

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 8/25/19  Aug 26 2019, 04:32:56 PM

Pose2 said: "Toostsie MUST close? They don't have to do anything, thanks."

I think they will actually HAVE to if these numbers don't go

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Aug 26 2019, 04:31:04 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "OhHiii said: "[Jordan Roth is] not attached to Company."

Jujamcyn Theaters was the 4th-billed producer of COMPANY in London. The 2nd and3rd names are also Americans. Whether he is co-Lead Producing the NY engagement or if he was simply a co-producer in London, there is no doubting his involvement in the show.

Presented by Elliott & Harper Productions, Catherine Schreiber, Grove Entertainment, Jujamcyn

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Aug 26 2019, 02:33:47 PM

YvanEhtNioj said: "Early reports were that he was taking trips to London frequently to scout out the show. There was a rumor that he's partner with Shubert like he did with Angels In America to produce it."

Hadestown was playing at the same time in London which would explain that. He's not attached to Company.

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Aug 26 2019, 02:24:05 PM

ljay889 said: "Jordan Roth is no dummy, I think he’s clearly trying to wait for the Caroline transferexcitement to wane. I also assume he wants to be the only major announcement of the day."

Since when has Jordan Roth had anything to do with it?

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Aug 15 2019, 08:28:07 AM

The men on this thread dictating who is and who isn't right for the role based on these actress' ages and not their abilities is exactly the reason this production is so relevant. Keep it up, boys.

THE INHERITANCE to play the Barrymore this fall; Sept previews/Nov. opening  Jul 19 2019, 09:17:18 AM

I should note that I do not in any way disagree that gay characters ideally should be played by someone with the experience because it would be more authentic. Andrew Garfield really stepped in it when he made those comments about choosing not to be gay during Angels. Roles, however, are given based on auditions. For this play, I highly doubt the performers were offer-only, so they indeed had to have the best audition to land the parts. Having seen the play, they're phenomenal at what the

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