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And the Tony Almost Went to...  Apr 20 2020, 10:05:03 AM
I very much enjoy reading about your views anf opinions. Thank you.

Game: Retitled Quarantined Show Titles  Apr 6 2020, 08:47:05 PM
MISS CORONA featuring

The Virus In My Mind

You Will Not Touch Me

the American Sneeze

How is everyone doing?  Mar 28 2020, 01:00:43 PM
I turned 60 last March 26. Registered Nurse in Chicago. I am exhausted. I visit sick people at home and ER sending patients home to be followed by nurses.

We are fearing what the next 3 weeks will be after seeing NYC in the news daily.

I go to NYC two to three times a year. A month ago i had the most enyoyable week visiting. I miss NYC so much and miss Broadway beyond words.

I love everything about the theater and we are on a lock down and all is closed.


Virginia Wolf cancel altogether  Mar 22 2020, 03:35:04 PM

Sutton Ross said: "What is true is that there are several threads on this subject already. Look at this entire page before starting a new one, thanks.

And no, Broadway will not open soon.


Ouch!. I am sorry it wont happen again. I should have looked and searched but the shock came over me. And i lost myself. 

Virginia Wolf cancel altogether  Mar 22 2020, 01:59:23 PM
Is it true? The revival of Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf will not open. I hope Broadway open soon.

Which shows will Covid-19 end?  Mar 15 2020, 11:02:37 PM
I personally feel that many shows will not make it back once Broadway opens. Many shows cant afford to start from the bottom and build steam, excitement and money to secure a healthy run.

I be sad to miss Caroline or Change, or even new musicals Jagged Little Pill and Girl from the North Country.

Broadway will start to rise from the ashes of Covid19 and those that will return are the solid hits.

Either way, this will go down in history. I miss Broadway so much. So muc

Did the CDC just close Brooadway for 8 weeks?  Mar 15 2020, 10:55:56 PM
I can only look back on my week trip to Nyc last Feb 19 to 23. Four nights and five days of bliss ... NYCB Swan Lake to Moulin Rouge to To Kill A Mockingbird to Carnegie Hall Beethoven 5th and to West Side Story Revival.

Who knew that less than a month ... Broadway will shut down.

Then there is that only NYC deli like Barney Geeenhouse, Ben Deli then Gallagher steakhouse and Junior's cheesecake.

Now all the eatieries will also be closed.

This is New York for

"Ta Ta For Now" Broadway !  Mar 13 2020, 05:32:22 PM
My first Broadway show. 1990. Broadway Theater. Miss Saigon.

I fell in love with theater.

I used to think that musical theater was sully as I was a follower of opera since my teens.

But after Saigon i learned more about musical theater.

Now I go to Broadway 2x a year since 1990.

And I am missing the excitement of all the show previewing leading up to opening then to nominations and to the biggest party of all.

The Tony Awards!


Will They Work on Their Shows?  Mar 12 2020, 09:41:11 PM
Perhaps continue rehearsing or continue working on it on a bare warehouse or rented studio.

What will happen to Tony Awards?  Mar 12 2020, 06:55:22 PM
I love the Tony Awards and it will be unfortunate if they decide to skip this year. Has this happened before when Tony Awards came close to cancelling it?

What will happen to Tony Awards?  Mar 12 2020, 06:14:56 PM
If it happens the last week of July, it will be my first experience as i will be in NYC around that time. I want to be excited now but i do know we need to pass this problem we havr now.

What will happen to Tony Awards?  Mar 12 2020, 06:10:54 PM

yankeefan7 said: "Why not have the shows that have opened by now be eligible for this years awards? The shows that were about to be in previews and have not officially opened will be eligible for the next year. Don't have a big Tony award ceremony this year and have the winners announced at a dinner kind of like the Golden Globes. Just a thought."

This will be the same as when Sunset Boulevard won back in the 90s. I may be wrong but i am sure it was the same year

Broadway to Close?  Mar 12 2020, 01:39:59 PM
Miss Corona Virus will win Best Leading Actress to this year's Tony Awards.

Broadway to Close?  Mar 11 2020, 06:49:27 PM

Erzlump said: "Alright, I did not want to get into all this but I just need to say this

So, let's talk Italy:

"But the virus is taking a disproportionate toll on the elderly in Italy, which has the oldest population in Europe, and the second-oldest in the world after Japan." (NYT, March 4, 2020)

This is why the virus is so dangerous in Italy. People are flooding the hospitals with any kinds of symptoms these days and all kinds o

Broadway to Close?  Mar 11 2020, 06:12:36 PM

PrinceAli said: "If that happens, cap each show at 500 or whatever the ban is and leave the rest up to the people. If you want to go... then go and enjoy."

How a big budget show will survive financially if they cap at 500? Unless each ticket be a high premium price.

Sadly this coronavirus is real. Home health nurses here in Chicago are sending elderly patients because of fear and with symptoms like fever, malaise, cough and shortness of breath,  all hell

Broadway to Close?  Mar 11 2020, 05:28:25 PM
Oh no.

I hope they do 6 shows a week all evenings. Then thorough clean during the day.

So many people will be affected.

Broadway and the Coronavirus  Mar 9 2020, 02:37:25 PM
Majority of theater goers (or opera) are mostly elderlies and if this virus wiped them out (as someone suggestef that "they will probably die), it is scary thought.

High school closed here today in Chicago because a relative of a student tested positive. This could be a start of closing down institutions and sadly Broadway theaters.

If someone tested positive it can mean that the person has the virus already (which is similar to common cold).

I believe it is when it g

Broadway and the Coronavirus  Mar 9 2020, 12:03:54 AM
I probably skip first two rows for now. Actors at times spit out when they have to belt or raise their voices.

Summer travel and coronavirus  Mar 7 2020, 11:06:18 PM
Thank you all for responding. I do have air and hotel end of July. As much as I love planning my shows at this time, it is best to wait and see how this will take shape, especially my beloved Broadway.

Both air and hotel unrefundabke but if I have to drive here from Chicago to Broadway, I be there.

Stay safe everyone.

Summer travel and coronavirus  Mar 3 2020, 05:26:09 PM
I am yet to book show tickets this summer 2020 but skeptical as far as travelling due to this virus.

How will it affect Broadway?

Tickets availability?

Just curious what everyone here feels about this. Or their experience with past outbreaks (ie SARS).


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