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Thomas Kail, For Some Reason, Is Remaking FIDDLER ON THE ROOF  May 28 2020, 04:05:22 PM

Is Mandy Patinkin too old to play Tevye? Maybe. Do I still want to see him to do it? Yes!

Revivals post COVID  May 26 2020, 11:12:43 AM

Bring Mamma Mia back!

Official: Musical Version of SMASH is Being Adapted for Broadway  May 21 2020, 04:47:39 PM

IronMan said: "I look forward to the parts where the actors just leave the theaterand wander out into Times Square while still wearing their costumes, wigs, and mics. And the opening night party at the Hotel Carter should be amazing (-ly full of bedbugs and filth)!"

Lol Ivo would have a field day with it.

Official: Musical Version of SMASH is Being Adapted for Broadway  May 21 2020, 01:07:23 PM

bwaylyric said: "For a series that got cancelled after two seasons with the last season going downhill, I don't think this is a great idea. Would tourists flock to see this? Glad it's not my money, but I'd rather have Steven Spielberg produce musicals of E.T. or Schindler's List."

I hope if we ever get E.T the musical, it's actually a musicalized version of Official: Musical Version of SMASH is Being Adapted for Broadway  May 21 2020, 12:21:30 PM

Kad said: "It’s not about creativity, per se. The songs from the fictional Bombshell were written to serve three purposes: 1) tell the story of Marilyn Monroe ostensibly from the musical, 2) comment on the action in Smash, 3) work as standalone showstopping musical numbers."

And since they're using the framing device of "show within show" and putting up SMASH - the musical, and not Bombshell - the musical, 1 and 2 sort of natural

Official: Musical Version of SMASH is Being Adapted for Broadway  May 21 2020, 10:28:41 AM

Is it too much to ask for have actual women working on a show? Bombshell at least pretended to have Julia.

Kad - I think you're selling creativity of these people short. I think it's very much possible, as long as they're not afraid of retooling the storylines significantly.

2020 Tony Awards  May 17 2020, 03:41:25 PM
This thread is giving me chills, and they're multiplying...

Significant Other - OBC Livestream - 5/14/20  May 16 2020, 07:33:32 PM

^ tell me? I genuinely don't know where you're going with this.

Significant Other - OBC Livestream - 5/14/20  May 15 2020, 12:08:11 PM

The YT link was still up this morning and working. I am hoping they leave it up for a couple weeks because I'd love some of my friends to watch it.

Significant Other - OBC Livestream - 5/14/20  May 14 2020, 10:12:18 PM

It really was so good, and it worked really well on screen (IMO). They should make this into a movie with the same cast.

Significant Other - OBC Livestream - 5/14/20  May 14 2020, 08:25:20 PM

Ugh I want to marry Gideon Glick

Significant Other - OBC Livestream - 5/14/20  May 14 2020, 08:04:42 PM

Anyone watching this? Looks like it started properly for once.

SMASH Reunite !!  May 12 2020, 05:18:13 PM

Let's make this one work. Imma be a troll today because I'm drunk @ work

SMASH Reunite !!  May 12 2020, 04:29:20 PM

Wouldn't mind a concert featuring only Megan Hilty singing, hosted by Anjelica Huston (who will throw a drink at all of Marilyn's men one by one).

Kiss Of The Spiderwoman Revival?  May 6 2020, 12:56:04 PM

My current dream cast for this would be starring Amber Gray, with Ben Winshaw as Molina and Raúl Esparza as Valentin.

(sorry about that gasp you just uttered). 

SUNDAY postponed in London  May 5 2020, 09:28:04 AM
Everyday feels like a Sunday anyway...

I need a Hairspray revival.  Apr 22 2020, 06:45:42 PM
Last recession closed it prematurely, seems fitting that we get a remount once everyone can come back to the theaters. It's the absolute best musical comedy of last 20 years.

I'd love to see Harvey but really don't think he has another musical run in him.

Victory Gardens' FUN HOME will stream online for two weeks  Apr 18 2020, 01:39:41 PM

Any word on timeline for this?

1776 Broadway revival cast for 2021  Apr 17 2020, 07:16:38 PM

TheSecretArden said: "Imagine how impactful "Molasses to Rum" could be when sung by a queer Filipinawhose ancestors have suffered directly at the hands of Western colonizers. "

I know I keep harping about this, but the production I saw had a white actress in this role and I couldn't help but think about how strong of a statement that was about need for inter-sectional feminism and how 53% of white women voted for Trump. I agree that the take you're

1776 Broadway revival cast for 2021  Apr 16 2020, 03:26:11 PM

Well good old reliable BWW is descending into chaotic energy before the first preview. What else is new.

billis2 - the production I saw, Abigail and Martha were played by men. I actually didn't like that part in this production because they didn't play it like men - they played it how a female actress would have been directed, and kept drawing attention to the fact that something was amiss with casting. Exaggerated feminine attributes, frilly costumes, meek sw

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