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JayElle said: "Dollypop said: "Betty White is set to play Mrs Brice to Loretta Swit's Fanny"

Betty is 98. Don't count on it.

Oh you sweet summer child 


STREETCAR With Gillian Anderson Streams Today 5/21  May 24 2020, 04:39:57 AM
Just finished this. I LOVED Gillian, but could not figure out what Ben Foster was going for with Stanley.

Gypsy as a High School Play  May 23 2020, 01:19:43 PM

dramamama611 said: "Well - to be fair - MOST musicals aren't meant to be played by teenagers.

Very true haha. I guess I just meant because Rose is such a juggernaut that you want a seasoned actress to sink her teeth into.


Gypsy as a High School Play  May 23 2020, 12:01:31 AM
I’ve seen a high school production of Gypsy. The way the strip sequence was staged was very demure and worked just fine. I recall she just removed gloves and panels and accessories. Probably the most we ever saw was some leg with the hat bit. And I don’t think any bit of the story or character arc was missing without having a nude illusion.

I personally found the bigger issue with a high school Gypsy was that Rose isn’t a role for a teenager.

Significant Other - OBC Livestream - 5/14/20  May 15 2020, 09:14:30 PM

I saw this off Broadway. Did she cry onstage during that line about life being a book? I can't remember but last night it ripped my heart out. It was so timely and it just seemed to hit her as she was saying it last night.

I don’t remember the line reading being so emotional on Broadway. It definitely felt spontaneous.


Significant Other - OBC Livestream - 5/14/20  May 15 2020, 12:35:39 AM
The scene between Gideon and Lindsay at the bachelorette party was just as gut wrenching as it was in the theatre. And I was actually more moved by Barbara Barrie tonight than when I saw it on Broadway. As someone said earlier, her line about life being a long book and this being a difficult chapter really resonated in this time.

I was so shocked this didn’t hit bigger on Broadway. I remember thinking the marketing was so terrible. I’m glad it’s getting some love now.

Significant Other - OBC Livestream - 5/14/20  May 14 2020, 09:38:16 PM
The fact that Gideon Glick wasn’t nominated for the Tony he should have won is still mind-boggling to me

Little night music dream cast  May 14 2020, 05:44:04 PM

I regularly think how wonderful Marin Mazzie's Desiree could have been

I miss her

You’re not alone


HELLO, DOLLY! (1969) Coming to Disney Plus  May 14 2020, 05:41:28 PM
Why not both? I’m feeling greedy.

Little night music dream cast  May 14 2020, 01:24:02 PM
So many fun casting opportunities with this show.

For Desiree, I’d love to see Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Angela Bassett, Donna Murphy

For Madame Armfeldt, I’d love Julie Andrews, Chita Rivera, Betty Buckley, Ellen Burstyn, Cicely Tyson, Judi Dench, Shirley MacLaine, Liza Minnelli. It’s a shame Barbara Cook never played the role.

I’d also love to see Benanti as Charlotte and Patrick Wilson as Fredrik.

Why didn’t Kelsey Grammar switch over and play Albin as originally promoted?  May 14 2020, 09:40:19 AM
I also wonder if Douglas Hodge being such a hit in the role of Albin and winning a Tony had anything to do with the swap not happening. Maybe they didn’t want to mess with a good thing. I also remember Harvey Fierstein saying one of the reasons he took over for Hodge was because they couldn’t find someone who wanted to follow him.

Roles they DIDN'T get....  May 14 2020, 09:37:01 AM
John Cariani was Adam in one of the Beetlejuice workshops. There’s footage floating around.

I also believe Jeremy Jordan auditioned for Melchior in the original Spring Awakening. I seem to recall him telling a story where he broke a chair in the audition.

HELLO, DOLLY! (1969) Coming to Disney Plus  May 13 2020, 03:52:05 PM

The only song in the score that That Streisand Woman should be singing is "Ribbons Down My Back" and that song is performed by Mrs. Malloy ( whose singing was dubbed in the movie)

I often fantasize about an alternate reality where Judy Garland played Dolly and Barbra played Irene.


Classic threads on this forum  May 12 2020, 12:23:27 PM
I often return to the Roles They Didn’t Get thread. I’m a sucker for casting trivia

I also loved all the Follies threads around the 2011 revival. Especially the one dissecting Bernadette’s red dress.

Broadway Does Mothers Day, Starring Bernadette Peters (3pm today)  May 11 2020, 09:09:31 AM
Can we get Linda Benanti on Broadway? There’s gotta be a role for her.

Change of heart on particular actors?  May 10 2020, 06:35:11 PM
I didn’t quite get the hype over Heather Headley for a long time. I just thought she was a serviceable actress who had a great voice. Then I saw her in the Color Purple and was blown away at her acting choices and how alive and charismatic she was onstage. She stole that show for me and that was a stacked cast.

Broadway Does Mothers Day, Starring Bernadette Peters (3pm today)  May 10 2020, 06:27:13 PM
Seeing all the Dollys made me giddy. The other highlights were Celia’s beautiful and incredibly articulate story and the Story Goes On.

Classic Musicals that should be remade  May 10 2020, 06:25:34 PM
Definitely a Little Night Music. With the right director, it could be enchanting. And a lot of great casting opportunities.

It’s a shame the live television musicals went out of fashion when they did. Hello, Dolly with Bette would be an obvious choice.

Wasn’t there talk not long ago of some kind of Chorus Line miniseries?

Christine Ebersole stole the show in War Paint  May 10 2020, 04:28:38 AM

I'll say too that everyone here hyped "Pink" so much that when I finally saw it I didn't understand the praise. It wasn't the showstopper I was expecting.

I think it’s a great number on its own, but the book didn’t adequately set it up. I remember seeing the show after having already heard the album and about halfway through the number, I thought, “Why am I not as captivated by this?”


Christine Ebersole stole the show in War Paint  May 9 2020, 09:09:24 AM
I’d say they were equally and distinctly great in an underwhelming show.

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