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New Aladdin Movie Trailer  Mar 12 2019, 02:58:08 PM

This trailer is definitely a lot better than the teasers. I'm fine with Jafar, because a live-action 50 year old hitting on a teenage princess wouldn't go over well in 2019. He still could be a bit more menacing though, but I'll save my judgments for the film. My other main gripe is the lighting. Some of the scenes look cheap, almost soap opera level. Then you have shots like Jasmine with the rose petals falling around her that looks stunning.

2019-2020 Touring Season  Feb 20 2019, 01:16:22 PM

Has the Spongebob tour already been cast? The OKC website has a photo of new actors for Spongebob and Sandy. They're also pictured on the set, but I doubt they've already started rehearsal.

2019-2020 Touring Season  Jan 27 2019, 05:09:30 PM

Not really surprised, but a little disheartened that the Spongebob tour doesn't seem to be happening. It's weird that whoever is in charge of the social media for the show continues to tweet about an upcoming tour.

The IN THE HEIGHTS Film Adaptation Thread  Oct 29 2018, 12:26:37 AM

Pardon to interrupt the discussion about casting, but I'm just curious if Warner Bros is actually planning on the film turning a profit? I know Lin is really "in" right now, but In the Heights is not nearly as well-known as Hamilton is. They paid $50 million for the rights, and I don't see the production budget coming in at any less than $70 million. The film would need to make more than $300 million at the box office to break even. 

Then again, most of Warne

PLAYBILL Covers of the 2018-2019 Season  Sep 23 2018, 10:51:14 PM

I love The Prom's artwork too. Nice mix of modern/classic art styles.

The problem with Spongebob  Aug 26 2018, 04:10:48 AM
I ended up seeing Spongebob a few weeks ago. I was a huge fan of the show growing up, and I’ve been listening to the cast recording since it came out.

The show itself was as fun as I thought it’d be. The crowd was probably the most enthusiastic I’ve ever seen on Broadway (I think even more so then the crowd was when I was at Hamilton).

The set was amazing- glad it was honored at the Tonys. Especially the volcano of boxes and ladders. The book was hilarious- jammed full of refer

Thursday Matinees  Jul 31 2018, 12:50:18 AM

Hello all,

I'm only in NYC from August 8-10, so I'm looking to see a Thursday matinee on August 9. Phantom really isn't my favorite show so I'm looking for off-Broadway recommendations


Doesn't look like any original musical other than The Band's Visit will win an award tonight

FROZEN cast performs on GMA  Jun 1 2018, 12:42:37 AM
I think the set design is great and I'm not sure an actual huge castle is needed... but man that staging is awful. Elsa's supposed to be building this castle with her ice powers, but instead she just stands there and the ice curtain just appears behind her? If you hadn't seen the movie, you would have no clue that she created the castle by watching the stage version.

Also, why is a 50 year old playing teenage Anna? Her singing was fine to me but she's way too old.

SPONGEBOB Reviews  Dec 5 2017, 02:27:07 PM
Chicago Tribune: "Sponges lack nervous systems. Just as well. Broadway — where the hooks can come out — is no Bikini Bottom when it comes to hosting an optimistic porifera best known as a kids cable television brand, an animated star now bobbing dangerously close to irrelevance in cultural waters that flow far too quickly for a simple sponge to survive with impunity merely by singing out to Squidward Q. Tentacles, Patrick Star and Sandy Cheeks that this is the best day, ever."

I can't e

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN  Jun 29 2017, 12:50:06 AM

Not thrilled by the trailer. The song is extremely generic pop, although sung well, it's almost like the big finale to a Disney Channel movie. "Look out cuz here I come, marching to the beat of my own drum" is the most cliche line I've ever heard. I loved Pasek & Paul's work on La La Land but the rest of their stuff doesn't really wow me.

For some reason I was expecting a somewhat artsy, sophisticated Oscar contender. The trailer really isn't giving me


I was texting my dad throughout the ceremony as he is planning his honeymoon to NYC in September. He already has Come from Away tickets. I told him that Great Comet might interest him and didn't receive a response after they performed, but he was impressed with Bandstand (which doesn't surprise me as he loved American in Paris which is also dance-heavy and old-fashioned). 

I really do think Bandstand's performance will help them survive until the fall at least.


That was an absolutely fantastic choice for the Tonys. Groban gave me chills at the beginning and the rest of it was so much fun to watch.


It's obvious that the voters just overall weren't fond of The Great Comet. It was robbed of Orchestrations and Score.

Thrilled that Come from Away won't be leaving empty handed. 

Hamilton Chicago  Apr 15 2017, 01:05:07 AM

I saw Hamilton in Chicago tonight and it was by far the most amazing theatrical experience I've had. There's a lot that could be said but I'll just comment on the cast for now.

-Aubin Wise as Angelica was the only understudy on  and she killed it. My mom could not believe that she was the understudy. Her "Satisfied" was one of the highlights of the show. She was choking back tears while finishing the song, and I started to tear up then too. 


CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Previews  Apr 3 2017, 02:46:55 PM

Yikes- from the looks of it, they've disabled reviews on their Facebook page. When I checked on Saturday, most of the reviews criticized the sets. Hopefully this means that they've at least seen these reviews and are going to do something before opening night?

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Previews  Mar 30 2017, 01:14:42 AM

Willy Wonka goes undercover to watch TV and talk chocolate with Charlie? And he's bald?

Veruca does a ballet with dancing squirrels before getting shredded to pieces by them? And her limbs and decapitated head are brought back on stage?

The chocolate room is a 10x10 platform on an empty stage?

LMFAO this show has moved to the top of my must-see list

2017-2018 Touring Season  Mar 26 2017, 03:43:30 PM

Anybody have a list or know what tours are closing this season?

2017-2018 Touring Season  Mar 26 2017, 02:22:10 AM

Is the Sound of Music tour going non-equity/scaling down? The promo images for it on the Fox website aren't of the current cast and it's only stopping here for two days. I'm just hoping the sets are the same. Somebody once posted on here that the sets looked cheap to them, but I thought they were grand and beautiful.

2017-2018 Touring Season  Mar 25 2017, 11:12:43 AM

pathman2 said: "Fox Theater in St. Louis:

The Bodyguard 10/3-15/2027

On Your Feet 11/7-19/2017

The King and I 11/28-12/10/2017

School of Rock 1/16-28/2018

The Color Purple 3/20-4/1/2018

Hamilton 4/3-22/2018



Excited for Hamilton, School of Rock, and The King and I but probably won't be getting season tickets as I have zero interest in The Bodyguard or On Your Feet and I am alr

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