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Company Previews ThreadThird preview is also stopped again tonight  Mar 5 2020, 10:42:55 AM
I was told by security last night that there will not be a stage door for the rest of previews. Presumably once they open (or once they’re frozen?) that should start back up again. But for the next couple weeks expect no stage door.

Company Previews Thread  Mar 3 2020, 12:51:22 AM
Going to echo a lot of thoughts posted on here:

Katrina Lenk feels miscast and while she has a lovely voice it lacks any power to make a true impact. Especially when everyone else in this production is firing on all cylinders, she feels noticeably weaker than everyone else.

The highlight for me was Not Getting Married, the staging was absolutely hilarious and Matt Doyle gives an excellent performance.

Patti LuPone was Patti LuPone and I absolutely ate it up. In my o

Sher to direct Intimate Apparel Musical at LCT off-Broadway  Feb 28 2020, 10:01:51 AM
It’s so strange, I feel like I have heard absolutely 0 buzz and seen 0 promotion for this show. I didn’t even know it had already started previews! Definitely not a good sign...

Sher to direct Intimate Apparel Musical at LCT off-Broadway  Feb 28 2020, 10:01:51 AM
It’s so strange, I feel like I have heard absolutely 0 buzz and seen 0 promotion for this show. I didn’t even know it had already started previews! Definitely not a good sign...

Phone rings, door chimes, in comes COMPANY!  Feb 26 2020, 08:31:50 PM
For anyone who saw it in London how obstructed would you expect the obstructed view to be? Is this show largely staged to the center or is there a lot going on on the sides?

Unsinkable Molly Brown!  Feb 26 2020, 04:37:04 PM
Officially opens tonight, excited to see what critics think! Saw this last night and was really blown away. Beth Malone is a powerhouse and giving a performance for the ages. Is it a perfect show? No. But I was still entertained throughout the entire show and I hope this show does well and gets another life.

The Minutes Preview Thread  Feb 26 2020, 09:41:00 AM
Did anyone attempt to stage door this? How crazy was it? I imagine Armie draws quite a crowd

SING STREET Will Transfer To Broadway  Feb 21 2020, 04:26:55 PM

GreasedLightning said: "I seemed to miss the quiet announcement about Gus Halper joining the cast. I enjoyed him in the show at NYTW and was disappointed he wasn’t initially announced for the transfer. Glad to see he’ll be coming back! "

Me too!  Wonder what took so long for them to announce him.  It was a quiet announcement so it didn’t do much for them publicity wise (maybe they were hoping it would?).  But it still feels odd to ann

Six Rush or Lottery News  Feb 13 2020, 12:16:28 PM
Any updates? Anyone know if there’s any rush tickets left, considering trying to go during my lunch break.

Six Rush or Lottery News  Feb 13 2020, 09:25:34 AM

NievesG said: "Any lucky people win the lottery this morning? Nothing today here."

Me and 5 friends entered, all of us lost . Seems to be be a popular one already!

Taron Egerton & Scarlett Johansson in Talks to Join LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Remake  Jan 29 2020, 10:30:49 PM
Intrigued. Don’t know if Johansson has the vocal range for Audrey but it’s definitely better than the Josh God/Rebel Wilson rumor a couple of years ago

Jordan Fisher—DEH  Jan 29 2020, 04:26:52 PM

hicaesar said: "Thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed the show, and that you enjoyed Jordan's performance.

How was Connor Murphy? Alex just left the cast too and I thought he was excellent as Connor. It's a shame you didn't see Andrew's performance... it was truly something special imho. I'm kinda kicking myself for not getting back up to NYC to see it again!"

Didn't see Jordan, but I have seen Dan Macke as Connor (he understu

Six Rush or Lottery News  Jan 21 2020, 08:39:23 PM
I doubt they’re all rush, 3 rows of rush is unheard of. Regardless, shows usually don’t announce a rush/lotto policy until the day before or of the first preview. So I wouldn’t expect any announcement until Feb 12 or 13th.

Is Danny Burstein returning to Moulin Rouge?  Jan 21 2020, 04:18:23 PM

uncageg said: "Cool. I love Burstein so I am good with Olivo being out if he is in!"

Agreed, Olivo is great but her understudy is just as great (I even liked her a little better personally).  Danny on the other hand imo is irreplaceable and while I’m sure Austin is great I just can’t see coming close to matching Danny’s brilliance in that role

Is Danny Burstein returning to Moulin Rouge?  Jan 21 2020, 01:55:35 PM

According to Playbill, he is scheduled to come back tonight


Edit:  Danny confirmed in the comments of his latest Instagram post as well:

Slave Play Rush Tickets  Jan 18 2020, 10:53:15 AM
Today in the rush line someone in a black car was picking up tickets for someone very important (wouldn't say who it was, had to write it down for the box office women) for today’s 2:00 matinee. Wonder who it’s gonna be...

Bob & Carol &Ted &Alice (PREVIEWS)  Jan 17 2020, 09:17:49 AM

The Other One said: "ArtMan said: "Hamilfan2, I'm not sure if you know, but the woman playing the band leader is Suzanne Vega. She had a couple of hit songs in the late 80's - early 90's. The most popular and heavy sampled was Tom's Diner."

Suzanne Vega is in this?! Reason enough to see it, though I have no idea if she can act.

The way she is used in the show she doesn’t really need to act.  She mostly stands

Bob & Carol &Ted &Alice (PREVIEWS)  Jan 16 2020, 11:29:44 PM
Saw it tonight and overall thought it was good but not great. Runs about two hours with no intermission and it definitely feels it’s length at times. It’s more of a play with music than a full out musical and many of the musical numbers feel more like interludes. The music never propels they plot forward in any meaningful way (truth be told, you could get rid of the music entirely and the show would lose nothing). The music isn’t bad, it’s enjoyable enough, I just wish the lyrics weren’t so s

Flying Over Sunset  Jan 15 2020, 03:01:04 PM

Jarethan said: "GreasedLightning said: "ACL2006 said: "Well, if we’re talking their TONY chances...we can rule out going up against the revivals (Company, West Side Story). If we’re talking chances of being more successful than any of theothers... it’s anyone’s game!"

Actually not true. Other than Best Musical vs. Best Revival, they compete against the new shows in every other category.

Idina Menzel a 'Go' for Funny Girl?  Jan 15 2020, 02:57:17 PM

QueenAlice said: "Oh I think its very safe to say that Idina Menzel is a much bigger name now that she was when IF/THEN premiered. That was pre FROZEN hysteria,Adele Dazeem, the endless talk show appearances,etc etc."

Actually If/Then was post-Frozen hysteria as Frozen came out in November 2013 and If/Then premiered in March 2014.  It was actually rushed to Broadway in order to capitalize on Menzel’s newfound name recognition from Frozen.  I actually

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