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THE WAVERLY GALLERY Reviews  Dec 27 2018, 03:09:54 PM

Fourth :) Saw it last night and it was heartbreaking. If you ever have/had grandparents you have/had to take care of in their old age this play will hit home. Brilliant cast - I hope this play gets remembered in the Spring and they get  the nominations and awards.

SEEKING: 1 ticket to Slave Play at NYTW  Dec 23 2018, 11:31:35 PM

There were about 5 or 6 people in the cancellation line at 745 last night. At 8pm I still saw few vacant seats. They didn't start the show until 8:10 because I think they were making sure all the vacant seats were taken or were waiting for the late ticketholders. Wasn't able to track how many eventually got in. Near my seat they sent one from the cancellation line around 8:07 but unfortunately the original ticketholder came in around 8:08. 

Way Too Early 2019 Tony Predictions thread  Dec 12 2018, 01:49:34 AM

Also, how do you guys think will the entry of Oklahoma affect the musical acting races?

Shows that should have made it to Broadway, but never did??  Nov 24 2018, 11:27:17 AM

Here Lies Love with Ruthie Ann Miles


I think the third big standing ovation was during if I had my time again. Then you could hear a lot of sobbing from the audience once 'seeing you' started. And indeed andy had a long pause and got very emotional before 'i'm here.' Such a great show that deserved much longer run. Wishing all the best to the cast and crew!

Way too early 2018 Tony Predictions Thread  Sep 9 2017, 12:40:46 PM

Best Actor in a Play is exciting - Denzel Washington, Mark Rylance, Andrew Garfield, Jamie Parker, Steven Pasquale, Clive Owen, etc


I wasn't initially too keen on watching GHD, but since I won the lottery early last week I then went. The show was such a surprise gem. The staging is so much better than the Tonys presentation. I ended up watching the show two more times last week - one time at the front row (great to see their facial expressions) and at the center mezzanine (great spot for the stage design and choreography). Andy Karl and the cast are so good. It's so sad this show is closing soon as it definitely d

Groundhog Day thoughts!  Aug 27 2017, 01:00:33 AM

I was at matinee today and everyone in the cast went out of stage door immediately after the show and were all gracious in signing playbills / having pictures taken with them. They are all so good in this show.

Most Underrated Show on Broadway?  Aug 24 2017, 12:56:29 AM

Groundhog Day

Favorite Flops  May 29 2017, 01:21:01 AM

Honeymoon in Vegas, American Psycho

Way too early 2018 Tony Predictions Thread  May 2 2017, 05:48:48 PM

Here lies love, with Ruthie Ann Miles

If you could guarantee one 2017 Tony nominee, who/what would it be?  May 1 2017, 02:39:53 PM

Eva Noblezada- Miss Saigon

Here Lies Love on Broadway  Apr 11 2017, 01:00:19 AM

I hope it moves to broadway!!

What shows did you go in with low expectations but ended up really enjoying?  Jun 19 2016, 09:59:23 PM

Bright Star and American Psycho

Bright Star Appreciation Thread  Jun 5 2016, 09:04:03 PM

I watched it earlier too. Such a nice show. Carmen Cusack lives up to the hype. Brilliant cast. Wonderful set, choreography and music. Definitely exceeded my expectations. I hope it has a long run!

Hamilton at the Grammy Awards  Feb 16 2016, 01:40:55 AM

Fun fact -there were more than 80 competitive Grammys; only 8 were given during the show; 1 of the 8 was musical theater album!

School Of Rock Rush  Dec 20 2015, 10:19:14 AM

We were in line 935 Saturday (probably 5th or 6th in line) then when we got to the booth, the attendant said there were no more rush tickets for the evening show. We got three tickets for the matinee show - all separate seats but good seats - 1 front row, 1 second row, 1 fourth row center mezzanine. 

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