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Member Name: Steve2
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Gender: Male
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
Occupation: Software Engineer

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What Celebrities Have You Seen at Shows?  May 27 2012, 11:12:01 PM
Jesse Tyler Ferguson today at One Man 2 Guvnors

2 Free Tickets to "End of the Rainbow" Friday May 25th - TAKEN  May 24 2012, 03:51:13 PM
I have 2 tickets to End Of The Rainbow for Friday May 25th at 8. They are first row, Center Mezzanine Row A, Seats 101-102.

Don't want them to go to waste. They are e-tickets so I can forward or I have printouts if you need hard copy.

Don't want them to go to waste!

Priscilla, Queen of The Desert Tour  Apr 11 2012, 08:40:26 AM
It's announced for Orlando next year. Was wondering about the bus and the costumes as well!!!

Priscilla, Queen of The Desert Tour  Apr 11 2012, 08:40:14 AM
It's announced for Orlando next year. Was wondering about the bus and the costumes as well!!!

Nice Work If You Can Get It  Apr 1 2012, 10:02:06 AM
Sorry for asking about seating. I haven't been to the Imperial since Billy Elliot. On the only day I can see this show, I can get either first row Center or Row K side on the aisle. Any thoughts? I don't recall the stage being that high.

Looking forward to seeing!

High Stages at Broadway theatres  Mar 20 2012, 06:57:59 AM
The Palace and the Neil Simon stages are particularly high. I would avoid the first few rows at both.

GHOST first preview?  Mar 18 2012, 03:35:35 PM
Any thoughts on Row C Center Orchestra (or Row D/E Side Orchestra on the aisles)? I haven't been to the Lunt-Fontanne since Addams Family and just can't remember the stage height. Normally I wouldn't want to sit in Row C but if it's between that and Row Q I would rather sit closer (unless the stage is too high).

Most of the first half of the seats in Center Orchestra (except the 1st 2 rows) are Premium.


Sorry! Another Hotel Suggestion Request  Mar 14 2012, 06:07:09 AM
I just booked my May trip at Hotel Mela using Travelzoo discount! It has great Tripadvisor reviews

Tickets  Mar 11 2012, 10:42:41 AM
I am planning my next trip to New York (in May) and can attest to Mr. Roxy's frustration. Was looking at Once, Newsies, Evita, Ghost, etc. There was a time when just a few rows were "Premium Seating" however now at least half of Center Orchestra and maybe 4 seats on each side of Left and Right Orchestra are Premium. But at $263 for Evita and $213 for Newsies that's just a lot of money.

New Poll: Which Broadway Flop Would You Like to See Get a Second Chance?  Mar 3 2012, 05:02:28 PM
I did a search for "Got Tu Go Disco"

A woman who sells disco clothes in a store hates disco music, until her boyfriend convinces her to go to the local dance club, where she becomes its queen.

Once on Broadway  Mar 3 2012, 11:20:48 AM
Looking forward to seeing this.
Can anyone help with seating?
Seems like I can get Row A 1-5 (Left on aisle) Row L (1-5) or Row M (Center). Is Row A too close?

I can't recall being in this theatre. Thanks

Lunt-Fontanne Mezzanine and Stage Question  Mar 3 2012, 11:17:18 AM
Planning my trip to NYC and thought I would continue this thread rather than creating a new one. Seems like Row C center is non premium but much of orch center is premium. I cannot recall how high the stage here. Is Row C too close? I hate paying extra for premium

Haven't been to Lunt since Addams Family and Little Mermaid. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

"Getting Gershwin Off the Ground" in WSJ  Mar 2 2012, 09:41:04 PM
Interesting article on Kathleen Marshall

Once on Broadway  Feb 28 2012, 01:21:32 PM
Looking forward to seeing this during my upcoming trip in May.

Can't seem to find much in the center (Row M) but did see left and right on the aisle: Row A 1-3 and Row A 2-4.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Longest thread?  Feb 24 2012, 11:34:25 PM
"Welcome Anthony Rapp" and "Antonio in Chicago is a Lie" were pretty long as I recall (much longer than 900)

"Sister Act" Seating Question  Feb 15 2012, 09:55:42 PM
Those are great seats. Enjoy the show!

2012-2013 National Tours  Jan 29 2012, 01:51:15 AM
Sister Act, Anything Goes, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Flashdance, Jekyll & Hyde, War Horse, Traces,’S Wonderful,American Idiot, Elf The Musical, Wicked

Hilarious Comments...  Dec 24 2011, 08:30:25 PM
At Bonnie and Clyde this past Thursday. A man says to his companion "I better be humming some of the songs from this show when I leave or I will be angry".

Porgy And Bess 1st Preview  Dec 17 2011, 05:12:27 PM
Am interested in hearing people's opinions as I would like to see next week. Most of the available tickets however were premium except for the front row which was regular price.
I cannot recall from "In the Heights" how high the stage is.
Any comments would be appreciated.

Xanadu Withdrawal  Aug 8 2011, 07:06:31 AM
Yes, I do miss Xanadu.
I was so glad the tour stopped in Orlando last year (saw it 3 times there!)

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