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Who's on as Hannigan this week?  Jul 16 2013, 11:40:21 PM
Danette Holden was on as Hannigan for tonight's performance, as per a cast member's Instagram. No word on how she was, although I expect she was great because I've seen her in other shows and enjoyed her.

Matilda SRO  Jul 15 2013, 05:58:17 PM
The view was actually really nice! I could see the lit-up colored boxed that spell out MATILDA, high above the stage, perfectly. It was basically like standing in the center of the orchestra, just a bit further back. You don't miss anything, really. Another plus is that so many scenes have the actors entering and exiting from the back of the house, so they walk past the SRO slots and you can get a glimpse of them up close for a second or two. I almost got whipped with a jacket after "Revolting C

Matilda SRO  Jul 15 2013, 05:49:19 PM
I got a standing room ticket for this past Saturday evening's performance. I got to the box office at 11:00 am and was told that the show was not yet sold out, but to check back later and I could get a ticket. I was planning on spending all day in Shubert Alley for Broadway Barks, so I went back in every hour or so to check it the show had sold out. When I went at 3:30pm, I was able to purchase the first standing room ticket for the evening performance (behind the left orchestra, slot 3, which i

re: Broadway-themed food (or, What Should I Serve at my Tony Party?)  Jun 8 2013, 07:34:16 PM
I made a chocolate cake for "Matilda" since they're probably going to sweep all the categories they're nominated in. Devil's food cake, chocolate icing, and then I wrote the logo in blue icing that I made out of vanilla icing and blue food coloring.
I added a link to a photo of the cake on my Instagram account if y'all want to check it out. Warning...I have the cake decorating skills of a llama.

Which show have you seen the most number of times?  May 27 2013, 08:05:08 PM
I've seen "Annie" over 30 times, but that's including Broadway (6x for the current revival and 1 for the last revival), tours, regional, and community theatre productions.

I saw "Spelling Bee" 11x on Broadway and once at a school, "Godspell" 11x on Broadway, "Next to Normal" 7x on Broadway, and "Shrek" 6x on Broadway.

Other shows I've seen 2x or 3x each, but the ones I mentioned up top are the ones I've seen the most.

Jane Lynch after evening performances?  May 24 2013, 09:38:02 AM
The majority of the adult cast leave through a separate entrance a bit down the street from the actual stagedoor. I found that one out on accident and got to meet Anthony Warlow after last Thursday night's show.

Chicago Stage Door???  May 19 2013, 11:19:19 PM
When I saw the show on April 20th, Christine Pedi came out of the regular stagedoor. I stopped her and asked if she could sign my Playbill, which she did. I complimented her on her performance and she seemed really grateful to be complimented and asked to sign. A few people standing around us realized who she was and also asked her to sign their Playbills, which she did. Paige Davis is also one to stop if you see her come out of the main door. She's incredibly nice and really gracious to everyon

ANNIE Cast Album Coming in July  Apr 24 2013, 05:17:48 PM
According to one of the merch girls at the theatre this past Saturday, the CD will still be available at the theatre sometime in May.

Going to shows alone  Apr 21 2013, 10:04:43 PM
I go to shows by myself all the time (probably 95% of the shows I've see, I've been alone). I find it easier to concentrate on the action onstage, and I can do my own thing before and after without anyone arguing that they don't want to do anything I had planned. Also, it's nice to talk to the people around me before the show and during intermission. Just yesterday, I saw CHICAGO alone, then I made friends with a girl at the ANNIE lottery and we sat next to each other and wound up exchanging co

Wendy Williams to play Morton in CHICAGO  Apr 15 2013, 11:04:23 PM
Paige Davis is returning to the role of Roxie this Thursday for six weeks only, by the way. I already have a ticket for Saturday's matinee.

What's your dream role or roles?  Apr 10 2013, 10:39:02 PM
I have SO many, so bear with me...

Audrey - Little Shop of Horrors
Beth - Little Women
Crissy - HAIR
"Day by Day" track - Godspell
Girl - Once
Jovie - Elf
Olive - Spelling Bee
Penny - Hairspray
Star to Be - Annie

Annie Lottery  Apr 8 2013, 04:16:20 PM
theatrefan, you need to check your attitude. You asked a question and Clyde answered it honestly. No need to be rude to someone helping you out.

Steve Kazee is leaving Once!  Mar 24 2013, 11:51:49 PM
That was my post on tumblr. =]

Steve Kazee is leaving Once!  Mar 18 2013, 04:49:25 PM
I bought a full price orchestra ticket for the performance on the 24th after finding out via Anne L. Nathan's twitter that Cristin, Elizabeth, and Will would be leaving, and now I'm hoping Steve goes on for his final show. I'd hate to go and not see him perform.

What do most posters on BW do for living?  Mar 12 2013, 09:32:19 AM
I run a daycare in my home on Long Island.

I don't want to play this game....  Feb 19 2013, 06:59:24 PM
I think Lilla is too big to play YC now, let alone play the role next year when she'll be close to 13. Isn't YC supposed to be around 8 or 9? Emily Rosenfeld would be perfect as YC, she's almost 9, already really tiny, and could stay with the show for a while.

I don't want to play this game....  Feb 19 2013, 06:25:37 PM
Jean Valjean - Clarke Thorell
Javert - Dennis Stowe
Fantine - Erin Dilly
Young Cosette - Emily Rosenfeld
Cosette - Erin Mackey
Marius - Corey Mach
Enjolras - Jeremy Jordan
Thenardier - Lucas Papaelias
Mme. Thenardier - Katie Finneran
Young Eponine - Kara Oates
Eponine - Hannah Elless
Gavroche - Zachary Unger

I actually came up with this cast months ago when I was home alone one night...alcohol was involved in most of these choices, I have to a

Blizzard This Weekend?  Feb 7 2013, 07:37:42 PM
I'm going into the city tomorrow from Suffolk County and have a room booked at the Milford Plaza tomorrow night. My question is, is the LIRR shut down? I didn't see anything online just now when I searched on Google and the LIRR website. I have tickets to two shows and don't want to miss them.

New Dog in Annie?  Feb 2 2013, 04:40:41 PM
Casey is the dog that had surgery, as shown in the Search For Sandy documentary, so he could be having health issues again. Or it could be a number of things, as everyone has stated above. He might just not want to perform at all.

Tina Fey just mentioned MEAN GIRLS - THE MUSICAL on E!  Jan 27 2013, 08:58:09 PM
The Morgan James as Regina thing started out as a joke, but I figured if she can bop around onstage for 2 1/2 in Godspell acting like a 12 year old, she can certainly pull off look 17. Plus, she's short enough, and she kind of has a mean girl face when she's not smiling.

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