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Annie Get Your Gun 1999 revival  Aug 29 2012, 09:04:17 PM
Something tells me they would use Idina Menzel or Chenowith.

Report from my Broadway Weekend  Aug 29 2012, 08:58:07 PM
So do you think that Chicago has just gone stale?

Bad Lyrics  Aug 29 2012, 04:18:20 PM
You wouldn't be members of AEA AGMA and SM by any chance, would you?

Broadway and Off-Broadway Composers  Aug 29 2012, 03:37:22 PM
Very interesting question.

Bad Lyrics  Aug 29 2012, 03:19:54 PM
Yes that is the lyric.

Opera Glasses - Where to Buy in NYC? Worth It?  Aug 29 2012, 02:55:57 PM
When I see from the balcony here in Phoenix, I will take opera glasses on occassion. Honestly, though, I have never found a use for them when seeing stuff in New York, and I usually sit pretty high.

Opera Glasses - Where to Buy in NYC? Worth It?  Aug 29 2012, 02:49:27 PM
I want those then. Because honestly I can't figure out how people do it. I saw recording of Phantom made on the night of its broadway opening and I thought "How big was the effing hat this person had to have to fit the huge camera?"

Last midnight  Aug 29 2012, 02:07:36 PM
I've never thought that she actually died. I always figured she went to an alternative world to get away from the pain of the one see.

Anyone ever experienced a major audience emergency/problem in the middle of a show???  Aug 29 2012, 01:38:56 PM

Anyone ever experienced a major audience emergency/problem in the middle of a show???  Aug 29 2012, 01:20:33 PM
I've often wondered about it.

I don't want anyone to die or have heart attacks when attending the theatre. I want everyone to enjoy. But if it were me, dying during a maginificent performance would be MUCH better than an airplane or bathroom floor.

Bad Lyrics  Aug 28 2012, 08:32:15 PM
Lol. He needed a rhyme.

N2N Arizona Theatre Co. / San Jose Repertory  Aug 28 2012, 08:30:25 PM
Um no. Mainly that she fits the role. Even the most talented of actresses may not do well in every role they tackle and are sometimes miscast. I love Kendra all I'm saying is I hope she does well

Bad Lyrics  Aug 28 2012, 06:53:40 PM
Or everyone is NOT wrong and everyone just has different opinions. I mean it's one lyric out of many.

Bug  Aug 28 2012, 06:49:19 PM
I loved the movie and I actually can see it on stage. But I've been wondering myself how it actually played.

Bad Lyrics  Aug 28 2012, 06:43:03 PM
Having a certain opinion doesn't necessarily mean you are a teenager. Not to mention the fact that there is NOTHING wrong with being a teenager. At 32 I wish I'd appreciated how I looked THEN as opposed to NOW!

N2N Arizona Theatre Co. / San Jose Repertory  Aug 28 2012, 06:30:22 PM
I don't quite see it either, but I'm hoping she'll surprise me.

Steve Kazee vacation  Aug 28 2012, 05:02:00 PM

Steve Kazee vacation  Aug 28 2012, 05:01:59 PM
It's so he can marry me.

Child Actors on Broadway (or elsewhere)  Aug 28 2012, 04:27:12 PM
Where Harrison is concerned I could accept it if he just wasn't that good of an actor. To me, both times I've seen him, it's as if he has not received any acting training at all. Which is why I wondered if he is related to someone in the industry.

Child Actors on Broadway (or elsewhere)  Aug 28 2012, 03:34:31 PM
I hate hearing him say "And I've got a date" on the recording. To me it was just "let's make him cute" crap. I felt the portrayal was better in the film such as the film was.

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