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Person with the most Broadway credits?  Sep 12 2020, 11:53:51 AM

I'm reviving this very old thread because I was looking at the casting of the original run of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and ran across the name of Shepperd Strudwick, whom I had never heard of before.  It turns out he appeared in 30 Broadway shows between 1928 and 1981, getting his first Tony nomination with his final appearance, in To Grandmother's House We Go.

He was also a very steady Broadway performer, typically appearing at least once every 2 or 3 years over

George Rose in My Fair Lady  Jul 26 2020, 12:06:39 PM

Mako's comments mention that, at that time, appearing in a revival was disadvantageous for a Tony win.  That does not seem to be true anymore, but, looking back, that year was the 30th Tony Awards, and only one Leading Actor in a Musical had won for a revival at that point:  Phil Silvers in A Funny Thing Happened... .  

Nowadays, it doesn't seem to matter much, and for 7 consecutive years starting in 1994, the winner in this category was from a revival. 

Bernadette Peters. 2009 Concert.  Jul 15 2020, 01:12:16 PM

Somewhere it said it would be up until 8pm on Tuesday (which would have been 4 full days), but they took it down around 7:20pm on Tuesday.  I think someone jumped the gun.

I thought it was a great concert, but I didn't love the "i'm trying to sell my house" banter.  I'm surprised that she's apparently been using that for years.

The Music Man should do the right thing and postpone/cancel the run now  Jun 20 2020, 08:52:58 AM

For those who have gotten a refund, what did you give as the reason?  Did you just say you didn't want to go because of the pandemic?  And did you get your Telecharge fees back as well?

Drama League's Distinguished performance Award 2020  Jun 18 2020, 05:19:24 PM

Tracy is clearly the largest role in Hairspray, but the largest role of each sex is often considered Leading for awards purposes.  Sometimes that is true, even if the role itself is not that large.  Sherie Rene Scott, for example, was nominated for Leading for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, because she had the largest role for a woman in the show, even though it is a Featured role in many ways.

I would say that, of the roles typically played by men in Hairspray, Edna is the one

Drama League's Distinguished performance Award 2020  Jun 18 2020, 01:03:35 PM

The Drama League is a bit different than the other awards-granting organizations, because the general public can be part of the Drama League.  You just have to pay a membership fee.  So you can get weird winners for Distinguished Performance, like Lin-Manuel Miranda for Hamilton.  Miranda is an extremely gifted songwriter, but he did not even give one of the three best performances in Hamilton, let alone the entire season.  (IMO, all three Tony winners for Hamilton gave be

Hero’s of the Fourth Turning  May 28 2020, 08:39:44 PM

LightsOut90, thanks for the heads up!  The $5 tickets were sold out, but I was able to get one of the $15 ones.

Drama League's Distinguished performance Award 2020  Apr 30 2020, 10:48:40 PM

The Drama League rarely has surprising omissions because so many people get nominated, but this year's list is strange.  In addition to the ones already noted:

- no Joaquina Kalukango

- only one person nominated from The Inheritance (Paul Hilton), so no Kyle Soller or Lois Smith

- no Francis Jue, who was double nominated by both the Lortel Awards and the Drama Desk this year for Cambodian Rock Band and Soft Power

- no one from Soft Power or Girl from the N

Mary Louise Parker  Jan 12 2020, 05:29:16 AM

I think there's a good change Parker will be nominated twice within the same category (which would be a first for an actor).  I believe the only other potential nominees are Audra McDonald for Frankie and Johnny, Zawe Ashton for Betrayal, Eileen Atkins for In the Height of the Storm, Jane Alexander for Grand Horizons, and potentially someone from The Minutes (I don't know how big each role is in that show).  Of this group, I think only Ashton and someone from The Minute

Grand Horizons Previews  Jan 12 2020, 12:00:31 AM

Miles2Go2, thanks for letting me know about Ben McKenzie coming out the stage door.  Hopefully, he'll keep doing so!  And don't worry about the Crate and Barrel thing.  Like you said, in retrospect, it's pretty funny.  And the mistake is not a reflection on him or the material -- it's not like you thought the title was something like, "Boring and Stupid"!

Grand Horizons Previews  Jan 11 2020, 11:43:22 AM

Miles2Go2 (or anyone else), did either Jane Alexander or Ben McKenzie sign or take pics at the stage door?  I am a big fan of both.

Broadway's most recycled song  Sep 27 2019, 09:56:23 PM

Cole Porter's "Friendship," originally written for the musical, "DuBarry Was a Lady," was later interpolated into the revivals of Anything Goes. 

Although the song is not performed, the lyrics for "Friendship" are briefly quoted in The House of Blue Leaves, which was playing on Broadway in 2011 at the same time as the most recent revival of Anything Goes.

BOOH/DOTV  Sep 9 2019, 01:21:01 PM

I saw the show at the Saturday matinee, and Polec was on.  Someone told me afterwards that Polec had been on crutches at the stage door on Friday night.  Does anyone know when the fracture happened?  The guy who told me, who had seen the show several times already, said that Polec was favoring one foot and was usually jumping around more, but I would never have guessed. 

Did anyone here see his understudy (or anyone else's)?

As for the show, I think I wen

Damon Daunno in Oklahoma!  Aug 18 2019, 11:29:11 AM

Thanks, Iowa! I find the whole "we know people are out but refuse to tell anyone" aggravating.  The reality is that most people don't care that much, so why not allow the information to the small percentage who do?  

I also would not buy a full-priced ticket in advance to this show again, with this policy in place.

Damon Daunno in Oklahoma!  Aug 18 2019, 01:34:27 AM

I was at today's matinee also, and I was pleasantly surprised that the whole cast was in, which is probably going to get harder and harder as cast members start taking vacations.  Damon Daunno did the stage door thing afterwards.  He was extremely nice to everyone, and he didn't seem sick or anything.

I wonder if he came back from vacation just for that one show for some reason.  IIRC, when I saw Come from Away, Jenn Collela was on her vacation week but

Ain't Too Proud @ TKTS  Jul 28 2019, 01:03:09 PM

Huss417, where were your seats?  Were they full view?

Moulin Rouge seating  Jul 14 2019, 03:36:21 PM

If you had to choose, would sitting house left or house right be better? 

Burn This Reviews  Jul 3 2019, 06:58:04 PM

I'm thinking about seeing the show this weekend but have a transportation issue.  Would an 8pm performance be finished by 10:35 or 10:40?  The show is listed as 2 hours and 30 minutes, but that can be off.  Thanks in advance!

Understudy questions..  Apr 22 2019, 11:12:35 PM

TanyaF or ebenn77, do you remember who was playing the Second Man at that performance? And was anybody else out? It seems strange that the regular understudy wouldn't know the part by now. 

Is Hadestown notably loud?  Apr 17 2019, 09:54:38 PM

Thank you everyone for your advice!  I really appreciate it!  I got a ticket a bit to the side, hopefully away from any big speakers.  I'm really looking forward to the show!

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