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If Rob Marshall Had Directed.....  Jul 24 2010, 03:45:38 AM
As the director, he and the production companies approve the script. It's not like the screenwriter has the only say in the script.

Robin and the 7 Hoods Photos  Jul 19 2010, 06:55:29 AM
I love the Old Globe!

(That's all.)

Amanda Bynes (Penny in Hairspray) Retires at 24.  Jun 22 2010, 04:44:43 PM
None of the Harry Potter kids have to work again.

Except maybe Tom Felton.

Broadway Bares XX: Strip-Opoly (Keep This Thread G-Rated!)  Jun 22 2010, 07:43:42 AM
That makes two of us!

Amanda Bynes (Penny in Hairspray) Retires at 24.  Jun 22 2010, 04:30:45 AM
She's "retired", whatever that means, but she's not dead!

Any news on the 'Wicked' Film?  Jun 1 2010, 06:37:05 PM
Universal Pictures bought the rights after the book was published.

H.S. Mama Rose is now H.S. Joanne in Company  May 31 2010, 12:20:35 PM
This video is even more of a copy!

H.S. Mama Rose is now H.S. Joanne in Company  May 31 2010, 12:18:51 PM
It looks like this directors the one at fault. She's only doing what she's told to do, and if she doesn't want to mimic these other actors, then she should probably take it up with the director.

Point is, she's a good singer but I don't like her acting in this video.

Didn't anyone here take high school theatre? My high school director wouldn't let us do anything that she didn't tell us to do.

Nicole Scherzinger on Broadway?  May 28 2010, 03:19:14 PM
Either you live on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere...

or you only listen to showtunes and you never watch TV.

Either way, I feel sorry for you.

Avenue Q Character Dead @ 42  May 28 2010, 03:17:30 PM
Gary Coleman lives on Avenue Q, which like LOST, is now a weird version of Heaven. Or Hell. Or Purgatory. No ones really sure.

Is Samuel L. Jackson Broadway-bound?  May 26 2010, 08:14:46 PM
At least they didn't cast a white guy as MLK.

And you're bitching because he doesn't look like MLK? Really? How about we just close MLK so he can play himself.

In the round 'Peter Pan' to tour US  May 24 2010, 06:47:24 PM
A few of my friends have seen this and they said it was fantastic. Great for adults as well as kids. I can't wait to see it.

Avenue Q... without the Puppets... WTF?  May 22 2010, 01:23:54 AM
And Brian is hot!

Avenue Q... without the Puppets... WTF?  May 22 2010, 01:21:35 AM
I guess they spent all the money on paint and couldn't afford a wig for Christmas Eve?


Weird Miss Saigon Videos  May 19 2010, 08:26:47 AM

I know it's from a movie, but the white girl singing "And I Am Tellin' You" to the little black boy in CAMP cracks me up every time.

So, if the 'Ga' is silent...  May 18 2010, 08:10:32 PM
I always thought they made the shoes red because they were bewitched...

So, if the 'Ga' is silent...  May 18 2010, 03:46:24 PM
Here's what I don't get...

I understand that Wicked: The Musical can't use ruby slippers, since the shoes were changed for the MGM movie... but everything else, like Toto, and the Yellow Brick Road, are in the original book and were used in the Maguire novel.

Clean version of David Mamet play?  May 18 2010, 02:57:25 AM
I was chosen to direct a one act play for my high school's Senior One Act Play Festival. The first play I wanted to direct had some bad language and my teacher asked Sam French if we could cut it. They said no.

Which leads me to my point: It's up to the rights holder (usually the playwright, or the publisher if the playwright has passed) to decide what happens.

There's a chance that the director has permission. Your friend should ask the director.

Into the WOODS but using the Wicked Set!!!  May 17 2010, 09:03:20 PM
That's some terrifying artwork.

I love it.

The Hangover--As a musical? (not a rumor thread, just a dream thread)  May 16 2010, 04:48:45 AM
MEAN GIRLS: THE MUSICAL would be amazing. I'll think of the song titles. One could be "So Fetch!"

I hated Juno. I waited until after the Oscars to see it, so I thought it'd be really good, because of the hype... Not so much. The dialogue annoyed the **** out of me and I didn't really like Juno that much. I also don't like Michael Cera that much.

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